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This and that

September is here. Today, where we live, the air is a touch cooler and with the cloudy sky it almost feels like the season is about to change. It reminds me to hang my autumn wreath on our front door. While I enjoy many things about summer,

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Would you like a tour of my sewing studio?

Welcome! Although we moved this past June, it has taken me this long to organize my photos to share the transformation of my sewing studio. With all the homes we’ve live in the past 24 years (14 total) this was the first time I was able to

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Oh, how I hate to say good-bye. I don’t want to say it, but I have to because we’re moving. (Yes, for those of you who have followed my blog for some time……you read that correctly.) We’re moving. Again.  One of the few things in life I’m

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Simply done is better than half begun

It was Friday night “Sit and Sew” night at Scrap and Sew. I had signed up to attend weeks before but now, on Friday afternoon, I couldn’t decide what to take with me to stitch. The two major projects with pending deadlines I am currently facing require too

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And so I sew

I know, I know. My promised updates and photos from my amazing time in Wenatchee, WA and on the Quilter’s Cruise to Alaska are L O N G overdue. My bad. But life has been, well, you know….. B U S Y. I actually haven’t spent much time

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Mystery quilt sleuth’s photos

I just had to share….. You may remember Linda Felton’s Anvils quilt from a recent blog post. There was an itty bitty issue with the quality of  the photos she originally sent, so she was gracious enough to send them again so I could share them with you.

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Two special rewards!

Updated….October 29th Remember my promise? (Click here), then come on back and read all the way to the bottom…. Big-time congratulations to Linda for being the FIRST to send me a photo of her completed Anvils 2009 fall mystery quilt! Although she mentioned she had some camera or

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Life’s too short… on with the show!

I’ve been tossing and turning at night. Losing sleep (seriously). I promised to post photos from all you mystery quilt sleuths who have been so thoughtful and taken the time to email or send me photos of your finished tops and/or quilts. You’ve all been really terrific

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Past mystery quilts revealed

Quite a few of you have downloaded the first installment which includes the supply list for my brand new, free mystery quilt pattern. How exciting! I’m so glad you’ve decided to join me for Fridays with Kimberly! In keeping with the mystery quilt theme, I thought it

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Welcome back!

 I’m so glad you’re here! Gosh, I’ve missed you. (Seriously!) Its been quite a summer, hasn’t it? How have you all spent your summer months? Resting? Reading? Spending time with family? Gardening? Vacationing? Quilting? Do tell – I’m listening and would LOVE to hear how you spent

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