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A change of scenery…..

For all intents and purposes I’ve been absent and flying under the radar recently. After a break-neck, hectic schedule from January through June, my body and soul told me I needed a break. A break from working, teaching, administrative work on the computer and yes, social media.

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It is raining today. A lovely, soft, summer rain. The house is quiet except for the calming piano music I have playing in the background. The kitties are napping. My faithful little dog, Divot, is lying at my feet. It is serene. It is peaceful. While I typically

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Company’s coming

Hellooooooooooo! Is anyone out there? Am I the only one or is anyone else wondering where on earth has the summer gone? Every year in late May I think it will be different. But every summer, I find it almost impossible to post consistently to this blog.

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Wherever I go, I am asked about the exquisite machine quilting on my quilts. I’m happy to share with you that most of my quilts have been expertly quilted by the internationally award winning quilt artist, Birgit Schüller! Read more