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Quilt Camp 2017

I gave plenty of demos throughout the event as the level of difficulty increased with each block.

Shortly after teaching quilt classes at the International Quilt Festival in November, 2016, I was contacted by the Education Office for Quilts, Inc. and was invited to teach at Quilt Camp, 2017. To say I was shocked and excited is an understatement; I honestly couldn’t believe out of all of the amazing instructors available to Quilts, Inc., they would select me for such an amazing honor! Barbara Cline, Terri Winsauer, and other members of the Quilts, Inc. staff and I have been organizing and planning behind the scenes for the past eight months leading up to the big event which was held this past weekend in La Grange, Texas, at the fabulous Creativity Center, on Karey Bresenham’s beautiful property. 

The event sold out not long after registration opened earlier this year and students came from not only areas around the state of Texas but also New Mexico, Oklahoma and Georgia! The retreat-style event began on Friday afternoon and wrapped-up Sunday afternoon. I taught the Skill-Building Modern Sampler Quilt workshop and the quilters learned dozens and dozens of precision piecing techniques to improve their piecing and construction skills using a background fabric, a Layer Cake (40 – 10″ squares) and a Jelly Roll bundle (40 – 2 1/2″ strips.) It was fun to see their blocks come together on the design walls and such a privilege for me to get to know each and every person. By the end of the weekend, we were all friends. 

On Saturday after lunch, we took a short roadtrip into town to visit the fabulous Texas Quilt Museum and do a little “textile therapy” in the quilt and yarn shop next door. Oh my stars, the inspiration seeing all those stunning quilts in the museum (sorry, photos were not allowed inside the museum) and fabrics and yarns in the shop made everyone a little bit giddy! 

I want to sincerely thank Judy Murrah, Education Director, for selecting me to teach at this prestigious and sought-after, annual event. It was truly magical (even in the extreme Texas heat and humidity!) and a weekend I will never forget.


The sunset over the Creativity Center on Saturday evening after a thunderstorm rolled through was breathtaking!

What an incredible opportunity to teach my techniques and methods in a more in-depth atmosphere, at a fabulous, state-of-the art creative center. From what I was told, they have held Quilt Camp every year since approximately 2008; so to have been chosen to teach is an honor, indeed! 

Barbara Cline, myself, and Terri Winsauer. Barbara and Terri are members of the incredible Quilts, Inc. staff.

I will never forget my weekend teaching at Quilt Camp. The location was memorable; but the people I met were truly unforgettable. 


  1. It was a truly wonderful experience and a joyful, productive time! I can’t wait to get my quilt project completed! 😊

  2. Good for you. I wish I could take one of your classes. I like what you teach though Craftsy classes. Maybe some day. Sounds like a great opportunity.

  3. Looks like a great time was had by all. And I know why you were chosen to teach there – you’re an awesome teacher 👨‍🏫!! 😀 Your students were lucky to spend a whole weekend with you. I know that I have been thrilled to just get a single day class with you – a whole weekend would be the ‘bestess’ ever……

  4. I’m delighted that you are so successful, Kimberly. What great work you do and you are so sweet and friendly too. You are loved by many.

  5. What a lucky group of women to have you teaching them all weekend! That is my favorite of your quilt designs. I think I’ve made 5 of them so far. And how amazing was that shop? I’m a knitter as well and to have that much fabric and yarn in one place? I would probably be weak from all the yarn fumes and gorgeous color.

  6. Kimberly, we were so delighted you were available to be our teacher for Summer Quilt Camp 2017. All reports are a good time was had by all. Thank you so very much.

  7. Kimberly, I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed this experience with you as our teacher! I have come away from this with skills I was so intimidated by….like flying geese!! You are so warm and personable and I truly feel like I have a new friend….thanks for being you.

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