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UQSM Show Review Part 2

The UQSM Show was amazing, to say the least. The exhibit hall was bright, modern, clean and perfect in every way. Classrooms were spacious and well lit and the vendor hall held terrific booths filled with quilting materials and supplies plus some very eclectic vendors, too. I stayed in Utah for 8 full days and fortunately my schedule left a bit of room for taking in some of the local sights. If you missed Part 1 of my UQSM Show review, click HERE. In part 2 of this blog wrap-up of my trip to Salt Lake City, I’ll share some of my favorite photos of places I visited while I was there.

After two full days of judging the quilts, I had a day to explore the surrounding area before classes began. First stop? Solitude, Utah. My sister-in-law’s sister owns a beautiful condo in Solitude. I’ve heard about it for years but had never visited. So, up the mountain I drove and spent time walking around this beautiful, hidden gem. Winter skiing is closed and soon the resort will open for mountain biking and other summer sports. But in early May, there wasn’t another soul to be seen. It was so beautiful and quiet!

I found her condo, but unfortunately couldn’t see inside. I’m sure it’s beautiful, though! They have an awesome view of the ski slopes.

The resort is truly pristine. I imagine vacations here would be a lot of fun.

I had planned to hike the path but a few days prior to my visit they had 24″ of fresh snow. Considering my toes would get cold, I only walked until I came to the snow line.

The scenery was breathtaking!

The evening sun on the mountains made them appear pink — it was magical!

I was busy teaching classes the rest of the week. My sweet husband, fondly known to many as “Mr. Kim,” joined me late Friday evening and was ready to do a bit of sightseeing after the show on Saturday. We drove across the mountains and visited the little village of Heber City. This town is special to me because when I was 11 years old, my Mom and Dad took me on a driving vacation across the US to travel out west with many stops along the way. We were driving through Utah when unfortunately we hit a deer and wrecked the front end of the car — right outside Heber City. We stayed in a tiny motel for three days while the car was being repaired. During that time I remember we rode the historic railroad called the Heber Creeper. (Oh, how I wish I had photos from that long-ago trip.) Since this is my first trip to Salt Lake City, I thought it would be fun for us to ride that railroad. 

It was a warm, but blustery day!

I love the fact they honor military veterans! Kent’s ticket was free and mine was 50% off!

It was fun seeing the old passenger cars and experiencing a childhood memory from more than 40 years ago with my best friend.

After the 90 minute train ride, we made it back to the depot in front of a huge thunderstorm!

We drove to Park City and enjoyed a fabulous, romantic dinner at Adolf’s.

But honestly, the best was yet to come. I fulfilled a bucket list item when I sat in the front row of the Assembly Hall and heard the Mormon Tabernacle Choir perform their weekly service, “Music and the Spoken Word” on Sunday morning. My dear friend, Judi Madsen, and I have been planning this for almost a year! She and her sister, Amy, took us to hear the choir rehearse the program and then we stayed as they taped the entire program live.

Sitting there hearing the orchestra and the world’s most famous choir in person was an emotional experience. I cried most of the time.

The pipe organ is one of the largest in the world! It has over 11,000 pipes. And the sound, oh, the amazing, heavenly sound. I was mesmerized!

Afterwards, we toured the grounds and the absolutely amazing gardens. The weather was perfect!

Spending time with Judi and her sister, Amy, was a treat — especially considering it was Judi’s birthday! I love these ladies so much……

After a fabulous morning at the Mormon Temple grounds, Kent and I boarded our flight and flew over the mountains towards home. It was a memorable week I will never forget for so many reasons!

  1. Fabulous!

  2. What a wonderful and breathtaking experience and to share it with people you love is awesome
    Thank you for sharing

  3. Kim,

    Thank you for share

    Terri D’Ambrosio

  4. Kimberly, what a fun trip!!! I had chill’s reading this! Being in Heber City, you were VERY close to Strawberry Reservoir which is where Cathryn and Steve were fishing when the storm crept in and sink their boat. Park City is so cool too! Next time you go to Utah, I hope to be living there!! Love you dear friend!

    • Oh LynnEl — I had no idea I was that close to Strawberry Reservoir. So, you’re still moving to Utah? How amazing! I’ll be back for the UQSM show in 2019!

  5. What a memorable trip- outside beauty to match the inside beauty of the quilts. Thanks for sharing- I can’t even imagine the sound of the Mormon TC live-

  6. What beautiful pictures & so happy that you had 8 full days & gave you & Mr. Kim sometime to go sight seeing. I have never been to Utah but have heard it is a beautiful state. Love all the pictures & thanks for sharing. Have a Blessed Day

  7. It looks like you had a great time,thank you for sharing those wonderful pictures to those of us who have never been there.

  8. I happened to end up looking at your quilt patterns and saw these pictures! Of course it captured my eyes as I am from Utah! I have not been able to travel back there for some time but always love seeing pictures of my beautiful native home! Your patterns are very lovely, also!

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