Sew much gratitude…..

Looking for a cheerful and easy new pattern to make? Check out Roo Shoo, my free pattern in honor of the release of my new fabric line, Rooville, by Benartex Fabrics! Download your pattern here:

I’m sorry I’ve been absent from updating this blog in such a long time. We’ve spent the past five months renovating our new-to-us home in Colorado and I’ve been absolutely focused with tunnel vision to getting us completely unpacked and settled in so we can put the past two years behind us and start a fresh new chapter in our lives.

I can say that as of two days ago, when the remaining portion of our household goods were finally delivered from Australia (a full nine and a half months after being packed up!) we can finally close the chapter on the past tumultuous twenty-six months. I could write volumes on the hardships we’ve endured, but we’re past those things and I much prefer enjoying the present and looking forward to good and happy things in this lovely place we now call home. 

However, I have kept the good stuff with me. The kangaroos, of course, I hold as treasured and precious memories in my heart for all times. I decorated my studio bathroom as “The Roo Loo” with canvas art from photos I took of our backyard Roo visitors, including kangaroo keepsakes I collected while in Australia or that were given to me by thoughtful friends. The Roo Loo is bright, cheerful, colorful, and just the perfect touch of whimsy. It makes me smile every time I see it. (Stay tuned… to come.)

I share most of my daily updates and posts on Instagram (@kimberlyeinmodesigns) and Facebook (Kimberly Einmo and Kimberly Einmo Designs) now. I invite you to follow me if you aren’t already doing so. I’m not sure how many folks actually read blogs anymore, although I love the idea of keeping the blog going because it is like a diary of our lives, in manageable snippets. I keep thinking perhaps I should find a way to print out all the blog posts but that’s a project for another day.

Please forgive the quality of the photo, but this is another FREE pattern you can download on my website called Roo Links.!

Last weekend, with Mr. Kim’s and our sons’ help, we set up an outdoor photoshoot of the finished Shoo Fly quilts made from the blocks you sent to me before our adventure down under. The quilts are huge; there are two of them! I used use every single block that was so kindly sent to me. My dear friend, Carolyn Archer of Ohio Star Quilting, quilted both with the most wonderful kangaroo designs! They are perfect and I simply adore and treasure them. They are my most favorite quilts of ANY I own or have made because of all the words of faith, hope, love and encouragement, and because they came from friends from across the US and around the world! I literally get tears in my eyes every time I read the notes and words you so lovingly shared. Now, I can finally share both quilts — completely finished — so you can see how beautifully they turned out! Aren’t they just the most beautiful riot of color?

More Rooville info

This is the EQ version.

Here is another new pattern called Roo Tracks that I designed for Rooville and it is now available on my website. Click HERE.  

The finished version looks like this!

This pattern is a bit more challenging (rated intermediate + skill level) but so worth the time and effort to make it. I also make it using another fabric line in holiday fabrics. 

The Rooville fabrics by Benartex will be hitting store shelves in less than a month! (Early October). I hope you’ll ask your local quilt shop to carry this line. The fabrics are bright, saturated with brilliant color, and so full of fun and whimsy. I hope you’ll check them out!

A BIG day!

As you may or may not know, my birthday is tomorrow. I must say, I’ve approached this BIG birthday with slight trepidation. I certainly don’t feel my age; in my mind, I feel decades younger! But in my heart I know I’m in the right place at the right time.

My dear friend, Heidi August, stopped by for a visit yesterday and surprised me with gorgeous orchids! (Thank you, Heidi!)

And our lovely friends, Mary and Mike from Australia, were so thoughtful to send me a gorgeous bouquet in a beautiful, reusable pitcher. It was such an unexpected and thoughtful surprise! So I can say that this birthday weekend is off to a fabulous start and I am ever so grateful for all the many blessings in my life!

Along the birthday celebration lines, the good folks at the Electric Quilt Company came up with the super fun idea to have a big sale of my add-on software products this weekend. (They are 40% off!) So, if you haven’t added these to your EQ library yet, now is definitely the time. Isn’t the graphic they designed in honor of my birthday adorable?

Head on over to the Electric Quilt website on September 9th to find out more! Simply CLICK HERE.

I would love to hear a little note or comment from YOU. Please feel free to share a memory or fun thought about how we met or a class you’ve taken with me, or something funny, or even a photo of your favorite furry friend! That would be such a wonderful way to help me march forward into the next chapter of my life. 

God bless each of you, my friends. I am sew grateful for each and every one of you. I hope you have a marvelous weekend from start to finish!


  1. The first time we really communicated, I think, was just prior to your move to Torrance when I warned you about black widow spiders. It was fun knowing you were close by (I am still in Lancaster)…but I think you have finally found a place where you can bloom where you are planted. I loved the kangaroo stories and pics when you were in The Alice, but Colorado does seem a better fit for you. My mother retired to Loveland, years ago, and loved living in Colorado. I know you will, too! Happy Birthday!!!

  2. All the quilts are absolutely gorgeous first met you a when you taught a class for HQU using a layer cake. Loved that so much I made 3 of those quilts . Then had another meeting when you had your grand quilt/sewing sale in Manassas. From then on just followed you on your travels and seeing lovely pictures of things I would never get the opportunity to see . Thanks for always sharing great photos.

  3. Thank you and Happy Birthday!

  4. I have yet to meet you or take a class from you, but I sew enjoy your sew alongside & the live videos you & Mr. Kim did. Keep up the great work! Happiest of birthdays!

  5. Hope the birthday is a blast. Hugs to you both.

  6. I love reading your blogs…so don’t stop. I failed at keeping up with mine and even my newsletters are a struggle to do every month but I keep trying.
    You share a birthday with my Mom (she’s turning 87) and I will be celebrating you both tomorrow. You are both precious to me and I wish you the best years ever ahead of you. Enjoy your weekend, have fun and keep smiling.
    I am so grateful our paths crossed several years ago.

  7. Happy Birthday, Kimberly!! I hope it is truly wonderful!🎂. I “met” you through your Craftsy classes (took all of yours!) and then had the pleasure of meeting you in person in Manassas, VA at a trunk show of yours. Of course, that was years ago now and have followed your adventures ever since. I absolutely love your way of teaching with such a sweet, positive, easy going style. With so many stresses in life, it is really therapeutic to sit down to my sewing machine and learn with you. I’ll be looking for your new fabric line soon!!

  8. Kimberly, It’s great to have a new blog post to read and I’m glad you will continue to write it. You have had some adventures the past few years and I’m so glad that you are loving your new home and focusing on all the good in your world. Love seeing your glimmer posts as it reminds me to look for something wonderful in my day. I adore your new fabric! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and an amazing weekend. Any plans in the near future to do more quilt cruises?

  9. Grateful for you too! Thank you for your inspirations. Double Masectomy Sept 14 9:15 am

  10. Happy upcoming birthday, Kimberly!!! It’s so fabulous that you can celebrate in style in your new-to-you home, with a new line of fabric out, and new quilt patterns. I am so happy for you and Kent, and with both your sons in the area now, and your furniture FINALLY delivered, I hope you are able to stay put for a while!! I look forward to visiting you in the not TOO distant future. We never made it to Dodger stadium together, but Coors field is lovely.

    As for when we first met, I will never forget. Well, more accurateky, when I first heard you speak; I am not sure we spoke in person at that first VQF where you spoke about how you came to design your first rulers. I was very impressed with your friendly smile and enthusiasm and joy. Then when I saw the brochure about the quilt cruise the following February, I couldn’t wait to go so I could take a class with you.

    Since then, I’ve seen you several times: on that Caribbean cruise, in Lancaster, in Vermont, in Des Moines, and most recently, in Japan! Lucky me!

    I don’t have any pets, although I love cats and D GS, but if I could post an animal photo here, it would be me riding an Icelandic horse this past Wednesday!!

    Cheers to you, many happy returns on your birthday, and may you enjoy MANY more!

    Love, Emily

  11. Congratulations on your Roo Collection of fabric as well as your lovely quilt patterns.
    I met you and Mr Kim at Road to CA in 2014? I took your Mystery Quilt class; I enjoyed myself immensely. Ever since then I have followed your career and many adventures.
    I would love to take another class with you, and if I ever move back to Highlands Ranch I’d love to do lunch with you.
    Love to all,

  12. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of my favorite people. Enjoy every minute and have a great year.

  13. My goodness! Happy, happy, HAPPY Birthday Kimberly Einmo!!! Thank you for the gifts of free quilt designs. I’m so glad that you and your family have gotten settled in now in Colorado. And not to discount the wonderful discount of EQ8 software, but I think I may already own your collections! 😉
    The two quilts you created from the blocks are beautiful! I know mine is in there somewhere. Thank you for just being you and blessing us!

  14. Happy Birthday and Welcome Back to the States! Thank you and EQ for the generous Birthday offer. I am so jazzed. My first “real” quiltmaking was one of your designs using your ruler. Blessings on the newest chapter in your life and the quilts are GORGEOUS. Enjoy and God Bless! Kathleen, Stroudsburg, PA

  15. Happy Birthday friend! You taught the first class I ever took, and started me off on my quilting journey. I am forever grateful for your quilting wisdom and encouragement, as well as for your friendship. Shine on, girlfriend, shine on!

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