Through to the other side.

I’m blessed to see “glimmers” right outside our back door!

I can honestly say after 28 months, we’re through to the other side. Can you hear the sigh of pure relief? We are so full of gratitude, peacefulness and happiness. 

Autumn in the Rockies is absolutely gorgeous. We’ve lived in Colorado for only seven months, but this feels more like “home” than we could ever have imagined!

We’re through the hurdles and hardships, the seemingly endless packing/unpacking cycle of moving is complete, renovations are finished, and we’re completely settled into a home we love, in an area of the country we adore, and into a life that suits us perfectly. Repairs to our cabin, which was catastrophically damaged back in those historic blizzards this past February, are almost finished (finally!) and it will go on the market for sale in a couple of weeks. It’s time to say good-bye to our little piece of paradise, but we’re ok with that. Dreams change. And we must change with the times, too. We’re in the process of figuring out what our new dream moving into the future will be! 

Sunsets over the Rockies sometimes look as though the sky is on fire!

In the spirit of being honest and transparent, I freely admit I wish we hadn’t gone through so much in the past couple of years. But life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and ultimately, by leaning into God to get us through those incredibly tough times, He has led us to where we are now. And we feel right smack-dab in the center of His will: right where He wants us to be. If you’re going through some really rough times right now, I want to sincerely encourage you to lean into Him. He will lead you through dark tunnels and into the light!

Enjoying the changing seasons

For the first time in many years, I’ve been able to display Halloween decorations and hang autumn quilts. I pulled out some quilts that I made many years ago — some dating back to when I was a brand new quilter. What fun! 

From my book, Jelly Roll Quilt Magic, my quilt Leaves in the Pumpkin Patch, designed and made by me and quilted by Birgit Schuller.

Autumn Stars, made by me and quilted by Christine LaCroix. This quilt has not seen the light of day for many years, so it makes my heart  happy to be able to display it in our entryway along with some spooky decorations and purple and orange twinkle lights.

I made this quilt in the mid 1990’s, including quilting it by hand. Still a favorite and it brings me so much joy to hang it in my studio during this season.

This was one of the very first quilts I ever made and dates back to 1992. But the colors are timeless and my Dad drew the face for me, so I feel quite sentimental about it.

A Podcast interview

I was recently interviewed by Bethany Peterson, for the American Patchwork and Quilting Podcast. It was so much fun — and I was honored to be their featured guest! You can give it a listen by CLICKING HERE.

Welcome to my studio!

As for being settled, I thought it would be fun to share a few before and after pictures of my studio. We did a lot of work on the house we bought. It has great bones but was in need of many renovations, including the lower level where I have created a cute and cozy sewing nest. The previous owners had used this level as a sports den/media room, but I had other ideas!







We replaced the carpet with luxury vinyl floors, painted the walls white, changed the lighting to bright LED tru-color bulbs, refaced the fireplace, and brightened everything up with bold color by repurposing area rugs and adding colorful quilts on the walls. The ceilings are very low and there aren’t many windows, so this area seemed “dark” prior to the updates. Now it feels warm, inviting, and most importantly, inspiring. It is also very functional. I have plenty of work stations with cutting areas at just the right height, and several different Janome sewing machines set up and ready to sew because I intend to invite friends over for retreats and charity sewing days. 

A few more photos of the main studio:

We added a design wall behind the pressing station. One of the best things about the furniture in my studio is that everything is on castors and can be readily moved for easy access!

Some of my personal favorite quilts hang on the walls to brighten and fill the studio with glorious color! I also have a curio cabinet filled with antique toy sewing machines. Whenever we travel, we look for these small treasures. We have collected them from many countries around the world including the UK, France, Germany, Sweden, Russia and of course, the USA.

It’s a blessing our kitties all love to hang out in the studio to keep me company!

What was once a dark, dreary hallway is now light, bright and bold with super-colorful quilts. But its where this hallway leads that is my most favorite area!

Welcome to the LOG Room!

My military husband named this room. It stands for LOGISTICS (otherwise known as WAR) ROOM. It’s where the battle plans are drawn and tactics are employed. We added lots of cabinets and storage space but the true highlight of this room is the island, right in the middle. It was my idea but the hubster’s design. Let me show you the before:


With only a below-ground, window well for light, this room seemed dark (even with the canary yellow walls) with a lot of wasted space in the middle of the room. The carpet was stained and worn. The only good thing about this room was the bank of cabinets with plenty of storage space.

Funny story, as I was unpacking boxes and trying my best to make this room “usable” for sewing, Kent came home from work one day to find me in tears. I told him it felt so unhappy and unusable; like a dungeon where I had been “banished.” That’s when he sat down beside me and we brainstormed ways to make it a space where I would want to go; to dream up new ideas and plans. He suggested I move my sewing machines into the main living space on the lower level and use this room specifically as a “war room.” I loved the idea and we got to work drawing, measuring, planning, and designing. We then enlisted my newly found friend, Billy Rediess, of The Miter’s Touch, to build the cabinets and island we dreamed up!


We painted the walls a gorgeous orchid color, replaced the worn carpeting with the same wood-grain vinyl as the other room, and added a big screen television, plenty of cabinets and an workspace island I adore! One side is exactly the proper height where I can stand to cut, and the other side is perfect for sitting to work. I added four new rotary cutting mats (24″ x 36″ each) to protect the Corian counters. The cabinets and shelves underneath the island hold clear plastic bins where items such as cork, stabilizers, and bag making supplies are stored. My stash and all my supplies are neatly stored and labeled properly, so everything is easily accessible. Behind the wall in the closet area, my husband hung peg boards where all my rulers are neatly stored. We also added a comfy electric recliner chair (found as a remnant, clearance item at a local furniture store)  next to the window which is perfect for hand stitching! I hung my favorite Roo! and Roo, Too! quilts on the walls, along with other small, bright and cheerful quilts, and a bright, bold, kangaroo rug I acquired while living in the Outback. Now this room is a place where I can’t wait to be and I spend lots of time working in here when I’m not actually stitching on my Janome sewing machines. 

I’ve always told my students or people who attend my “Creative Spaces” lecture that if you can, choose the room with the best natural lighting for your studio. With this house, I was challenged because I ended up needing to take the space with the worst natural light and had to come up with clever ways to make it a space where I felt inspired and happy to spend time creating. So this proves that if I can do it, anyone can! You can use whatever space you have available to you and make it a place where you can’t wait to hang out! 

Welcome to Rooville!

I’m happy to say that Rooville by Kimberly Einmo for Benartex is hitting store shelves NOW!

The main print in Rooville comes in 3 colorways: Turquoise, Black and White.

BLOOMS comes in 5 colors: Turquoise, Carrot, Parakeet, Lapis and Magenta.

PALM FRONDS comes in Carrot, Turquoise, and Magenta

OUTBACK ROO comes in White, Celedon, Lapis, Canary, and Magenta.

LINED FEATHERS comes in Steel, Canary, Magenta, Parakeet and Lapis

FEATHERS comes in Teal and Navy.

LITTLE FEATHERS comes in White, Pistachio, and Black.

If you’re looking for Rooville by Benartex, I know of a shop that is carrying the whole line and is ready to ship! Simply CLICK HERE to go to their website, or do a Google search! If your local shop is carrying Rooville, please let me know so I can add them to my list of shops — and send folks their way! (I’m always happy to support small businesses.) But don’t wait….get your Rooville prints now! Be sure to set aside a fat quarter of each. I’ve designed a new, adorable quilt exclusively for American Quilter Magazine called “Rooville” with the cutest, sweet (and easy) kangaroo appliques, Aussie-inspired, pieced houses, and Ghost Gum Trees! Wish I could give you a sneak peek, but the quilt will be in AQ Magazine on newsstands and in mailboxes by next April. (Gosh, I know it’s hard to wait that long….sigh.)

In the meantime, I have these patterns ready for you to download on my website! Simply click the link for each.

Roo Shoo! This pattern is FREE to download!

Roo Shoo! by KSEinmo


And another FREE pattern for you is ROO LINKS

Roo Links by KSEinmo



Roo! by KSEinmo



Roo Too!

ROO, TOO! by KSEinmo





Incidentally, I loved making Roo Tracks so much that I made another quilt using a different line of fabrics for the holidays. It will be on our bed during the Christmas season! 

Check out both versions of Roo Tracks. This is a truly FUN quilt to make!

Thank you for taking time to read my newsy update. I hope you’re making the most of every single day, and looking for life’s “GLIMMERS” (they are unexpected, bright spots in your day; sort of like the “opposite” of triggers) along the way. You’ll find glimmers everywhere, if only you’ll look. 

God bless you, and happy stitching!

  1. You have had a difficult couple of years and I missed seeing your posts. Glad you are now settled and have a new studio which looks wonderful! Love seeing your kitty cats and I look forward to hearing and seeing all your new creations. Blessings, Mary

  2. Oh joy! I LOVE to hear from you and read your news! If I could jump like the Roos, I would as I am so happy for you. Your new wcrk space is a dream – you made into something spectacular, Inviting, organized and so usable. Thank you so much for the update. I feel blessed to have crossed paths with you. Praying for happy days ahead with glimmers every day!

  3. You have created an amazing space. I am so happy that you are feeling settled in your new home. Your positivity radiates and is truly inspiring.

  4. Your space is wonderful. So happy for you. And so glad you are finally on the other side of the chaos.

  5. What a great work space! I’m so happy you found your forever home. At least we all hope it is for you! Thank you for sharing your life and experiences with us all these years. You are so blessed and I love your posts and the kitty’s and creatures and glimmers you share. Stay gold!💛💛💛💛💛🙏🙏🙏🙏

  6. I can really hear the excitment in your voice as I read your blog. The space is beautiful – I knew you would wow us! Maybe you don’t have so many windows but you have wonderful spaces to hang those beautiful and inspiring quilts. Looking forward to what comes next for you and your family. Can’t wait for our paths to cross again! Hugs to all!

  7. Reading this and looking at the gorgeous pictures of your beautiful new house and your perfect space makes my heart happy! And you are so right…giving your problems to God and letting him help you find you way is amazing! He has certainly come through several times for me! I’m so sorry your experience in Australia wasn’t what you had hoped it would be but you were inspired to make some absolutely stunning quilts and you fabric line is to die for! I can wait to get my hand on that beautiful fabric and start my own Roo quilts! I’m so relieved that you and Ken are back home and have found your place in the sun.! Colorado is like God’s country…so gorgeous any time of the year! Welcome Home!

  8. Reading this and looking at the gorgeous pictures of your beautiful new house and your perfect space makes my heart happy! And you are so right…giving your problems to God and letting him help you find your way is amazing! He has certainly come through several times for me! I’m so sorry your experience in Australia wasn’t what you had hoped it would be but you were inspired to make some absolutely stunning quilts and your fabric line is to die for! I can wait to get my hands on that beautiful fabric and start my own Roo quilts! I’m so relieved that you and Ken are back home and have found your place in the sun.! Colorado is like God’s country…so gorgeous any time of the year! Welcome Home!

  9. What a beautiful space to work and enjoy! Your quilts are wonderful and fabrics are so very rich in color. Moving and facing challenges is difficult for all of us.

  10. What a wonderful work space! You’re truly blessed. I just love the “Roo” themed series you have going on now. Cheerful!! If you decide to do any classes and don’t mind traveling to WV, get in touch with me. WV is a beautiful state.

  11. Watch a lovely space to work and create. Your work is going to grow into new paths. Sometimes climbing that mountain takes lots of tenacity but when God drops you where you need to be the lessons learned for change will be used. Your studio is beyond words and a great team effort to make it yours and see the possibilities beyond darkness. Welcome home.

  12. Your studio is amazing!! Thanks for sharing it. I’m happy that you are now settled and the troubles are behind you. Love your new fabric and patterns. Thank you for the free patterns you provided. They were just added to my list to make. Have a blessed day.

  13. So glad to hear you are finally settled and life is moving forward for you. We are currently in a bit of a difficult place at the moment but with hope and faith we will pull through also.

  14. What a wonderful space you’ve made. I love the Roo rug and colorful accents you have used. So glad you have a wonderful work environment in your new home. God is good, enjoy His presence!!! Hugs to you both.

  15. love this! So much joy and inspiration! I feel a kindred spirit as I’ve moved (tho not as far as you) several times in the last few years but now I am getting a real sewing studio. Thanks for your sweet spirits and it empowers me to keep steady lol. Enjoy!

  16. Thanks for the updates and free quilt patterns. Have you ever been to the Sewing and Stitchery expo up here in Puyallup, Wa (about an hour from Seattle)? It would be great to see you teach in person.

    • Hi Roberta – I have been to that show many times, but it has been many years since I’ve taught there. Maybe I’ll be back someday!

      • Must have been before I started attending the show. We need to have some of the “names” in quilting to come back and breathe life back into the show. Every year there are fewer and fewer attendees and fewer classes. Enjoy your new home.

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