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Scissor love

As I’m sewing a new quilt top for a future class project today in my sunny studio, I’ve been thinking about how much I LOVE using my favorite scissors designed and distributed by my friend, Karen Kay Buckley. There are currently four sizes of scissors available and quite simply, I love them all! 

The scissor fobs not included – sorry!

Each one has micro-serrated edges so they are ultra-sharp and “grip” as you cut so the fabric doesn’t slip. 

I thought it would be fun to have a “sale” on my website of these quilting and sewing “must-haves” so before over-thinking my decision, I told my webmaster to change the prices. You can now buy these fabulous scissors at a great discount HERE. We promise to ship them out to you quickly, and we do ship overseas!

Happy early summer, everyone. 

Now, I’m headed back to my machine to sew……..

  1. Her’s and ginger’s are my go to scissors.

  2. Not sure what this says about me, but I thought they were Karen Kay Buckley scissors even before I clicked on the blog post.
    My LQS closed a year ago this month. I have been missing working there, unpacking orders and seeing the new products.

  3. I love these scissors, too. Great fir cutting fabric as well as snipping threads.

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