A new (old) toy

I’m currently in the process of adding a new post to the “Where in the World is Kimberly?” travel blog, complete with lots of photos from our most recent trip. Please be sure to check it out in a day or two. In the meantime, I wanted to share a wonderful new addition to one of my collections from an antiquing excursion on Portobello Road, in London, last Saturday.

Portobello Road is famous for its stalls, shops, and flea market of antiques:

Some genuine……

and some NOT so genuine.

We love wandering up and down through the crowded stalls and booths just to look at the many wonderful things. But on this trip, we stumbled across what I consider to be a very lucky find! We met a lovely woman in the back of one of those many crowded stalls who had several antique toy sewing machines for sale.

She had this beautiful Essex (English-made) toy sewing machine. I was intriguied. But when she pulled out the wooden extension table, I was absolutely sold!

I have never seen a toy sewing machine with an extension table before, and this one — in it’s original condition — was too cute to pass up. We bartered a bit, and finally arrived at a price agreeable to everyone.

I’ll admit, we had a bit of trouble getting it through airport security because we packed it in our carry-on luggage. But once the TSA agents unwrapped the bundle and saw what it was, they all smiled and laughed.

It now has a home amongst my other toy sewing machines. In my collection, I now have a vintage Singer, a 1960’s mechanized Singer, one from the Ukraine, one from Germany, and my newest acquisition from Great Britain!

  1. I loved all of your pictures, Kimberly! Your studio……awesome!!!!
    This little sewing machine is too cute!! No wonder you couldn’t pass it up.
    Can’t wait to see it all.

  2. Thanks, Carla! I can’t wait for you to come see everything in person. We must set a date…and soon!

  3. Oh, it’s lovely!

    My husband is an antique-er, and has been for years. As a matter of fact, when the kids were little, buying and selling at flea markets/antique shows provided that extra money that allowed me to stay home with the kids. The down side was that all of these lovely peices would

    He stopped for a while, but is now back into it again. The focus is a little different this time around; my daughter has several types of things she collects, and loves it when Dad finds a really nifty piece of furniture that is inexpensive and will fit into her home. Other than the items he gives to her or that we know we want to keep, he hasn’t been selling; he just seem to be aquiring items for a time when he will start selling again — I like to think of it as his version of building a stash. With my renewed passion for sewing, he has become much more aware of sewing-related items out there in the market. I’ve already told you about the sweet 1951 Singer Featherweight he surprised me with on our anniversary. You’ll get to meet “her” at the QHC. I will have to put a bug in his ear about antique toy sewing machines. If you have any info/resources you can send me, that would be great. Once he’s armed with a little bit of knowledge, you never know what he’ll find! As a matter of fact, I think I’ve convinced him to come to the QHC for the last few days. I have the hotel room anyway, and there at tons of antiquing places in that area for him to explore while I am quilting.

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