A nifty-thrify, helpful binding tip!

What do you do with the seemingly endless miles of binding while you’re in the process of sewing it on by machine? For years, I simply wound it around my fingers into an oval “ball” and then let it sit in my lap as I tried to manage both the binding and the quilt under the needle of my machine. Ultimately, the binding would fall to the floor and end up getting stretched, or stuck, or end up in a jumbled mess with a dust bunny or two attached. Blah!

But I’ve discovered a better way!

Simply put that wound binding around the empty spool holder on top of your machine and the binding will  stay neat and tidy, and will feed onto the quilt just perfectly. Voila!

Give it a try. It works like a charm!

  1. What a wonderful idea, so happy to get these wonderful suggestions from you and your readers.

  2. Now isn’t that just too smart!! thank you so much for sharing, I fight with that wound up fabric all the time 🙂

  3. Aren’t you so smart!!! Wow!

  4. Very clever tip! I would never have thought of that.

  5. I see in the picture that you have a PFAFF sewing machine. I have been looking for a new machine and right now I have a Singer. If you have any suggestions feel free to let me know. There are so many out there and not sure at this point. I did drive a 3.0 Quilt Expression to get a feel and I liked it a lot. The other was a 4.0 and had a good feel to it just more bells and whistles.


  6. Kim, What a kool idea, thanks. Hope you are doing well. We are back in TN and doing great.

  7. Wonderful idea! I normally throw it over my shoulder a few hundred times and roll over it with my chair. This sounds much better 🙂

  8. Kimberly,
    I am leading a three day Quilting Retreat here in Leesburg, FL, and I shall definitely pass this binding tip along to the group of 35 ladies! They will think I am so clever, but I will let them know that it was your idea and not mine! I wish I had your new book to take to the retreat, but I have the one I bought on the cruise and will just tell them that you have a new book coming out…or is it already out?
    Hope to see you in Leesburg in November!

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