A summer show and tell

Pat Deck has been busy this summer. Since her sewing studio is air conditioned, she has spent many cool, comfortable hours happily stitching away the summer days. And just look at what she’s accomplished:

Star Chain with bright, cheerful, summery fabrics!

The machine quilting compliments the design and fabrics perfectly!

LOVE the back.

Pat made this stunning Braided Links quilt using the Cherish Nature fabric line for a wedding gift. The teal/brown/aqua theme fits the bride’s colors perfectly. I’m sure the couple will be beyond thrilled with this treasure!

And my friend, Birgit Schuller sent me photos of these glorious BRICKS quilts.
Check out these different colored versions. Birgit did all the machine quilting: 

Birgit’s friend, Moni, created this stunning quilt from the Braided Links pattern,
but she rotated the blocks to create this stunning design. Gorgeous!

Thanks for sharing your photos with me, Birgit and Pat. What a great way for us all to enjoy a virtual show and tell!

(Pssssst! In case you just happened to stop by and read my blog, all these patterns are available in my book, Jelly Roll Quilts & More.)

  1. I LOVE the variations on color for Birgit’s quilts, and the “sehr cool” way Moni rotated her blocks. It’s amazing to me that several people can start with the same pattern and end up with totally different quilts! Even more amazing is the speed with which you can crank out one of these quilts using jelly rolls. I enjoy the piecing process, and am not opposed to taking my time on a quilt, but there is also a lot to be said for instant grastification. That Braided Links top took a weekend. A WEEKEND!!!

    The colorful Star Links quilt gets gifted on Sunday at a baby shower, but (the secret is out) I’m ready to start on a NEW one for my daughter’s first baby, due in February!!! Any suggestions for “gender neutral, modern and organic”?

  2. Great quilts! I can’t wait to get back to sewing and then I’ll pull out your book. 😉 Thanks for the pics!

    • I’m so glad to hear you found some inspiration in the photos! Drop me a line sometime and let us know what pattern you choose from the book once you get started again! 🙂

  3. Thanks a lot, Pat. But, hey, you used a different setting for the blocks in your braided links quilt as well – and I love how THAT variation turned out!!! Don’t you just love patterns that are so versatile that by the twist of some blocks the entire look changes…
    BTW – while I quilted all the quilts that Kimberly showcases in this post (thank you so much for the quilt show, Kimberly), I did NOT piece any of them. Three of the Brick tops were pieced by a friend of mine – LQS owner and coincidentally also named Birgit – while the red one with the corner blocks was pieced by one of her customers as a gift for her son.
    I have another one like Moni’s awaiting quilting really soon…

    Now that I’m back from vacation and with my kids back to school starting next Monday, I hope to be back to quilting, too.

    Take care, Birgit

  4. Hi…Love the Star Chain quilt, Pat! I am working on one myself. I can see myself making this quilt more than once with a different colour scheme.

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