A tea fit for a


The invitation read “Come join us for tea, dahling.” My sweet friends from our little neighborhood quilting group, Laura and Jan, had invited me to a Diva Tea. How intriguing! I couldn’t wait. The invitation also asked me to bring a new pair of flip flops to embellish. Even more intriguing.

Yesterday was the Diva Tea. And what a tea it was!

First, we played. Laura had everything we needed to make yo-yos to add to our flip flops. There were fabrics, beads and embellishments of every kind.

Using these handy-dandy Yo-Yo Makers by Clover is F-U-N. Although I have made yo-yos using the traditional method in the past (without much excitement, I might add) making them using these easy plastic disks is a blast. I love them! Thanks, Laura, for introducing me to this EASY method. And within a short time, just look at the fun-tastic results:


After spending the morning making yo-yos and embellished flip flops, it was time for High Tea. And oh-my-goodness, what a tea it was! Laura and Jan put so much time and effort into making all the adorable party favors and decorations — not to mention the scrumptuous gourmet dishes they prepared to accompany the refreshing blueberry-raspberry iced tea.




Laura and Jan made these adorable party favors! The little fabric purses are really photo albums and the exquisitely embellished paper shoes held chocolate candies.

Laura and Jan — thank you SO much for inviting me. I had the best time and will always treasure the fun and happy memories spent with my friends yesterday at the Diva Tea!

  1. Oh my how do you make those adorable purse photo books? We are having a big party soon and they would be perfect.

    • Hi, Sandy! I will certainly ask my crafty, creative friend, Laura, if there is a pattern to make those photo album books!

  2. OMG, this was WAY too wonderful! I can tell you have found EXACTLY the right group of girls to hang with.

  3. Yo-yo, I’m so glad you enjoyed the Dive Tea. We had fun doing it for you girl’s. I love your flip-flop’s! Thanks for taking such great pictures and sharing.

    • Jan — I’m still smiling thinking about the fun we had. And the food? Magnifique!

  4. The purses and shoes are so stinkin’ cute…we need instructions on how they made them….

    • Hi Kelly Ann — I totally agree — the purses and shoes really are unbelievably cute! I’ll ask Laura if there are instructions or patterns to make them and will get back to you…..

  5. OK, we sheepishly have to admit that necessity is the mother of invention- we made those photo album purses up as we went along. The base is made from heavy cardboard (asked a framer for scraps of mat board- free)- but Michaels often has scraps for sale for a song. They are then cut to shape with a very sturdy and fresh blade craft knife or a skill/ban saw and covered with leftover batting and fabric. The insides are sheet protectors with the holes trimmed off and stitched through the middle. Get an assembly line going. Even 8+ kids can do the glue parts. If any of you still think you want to make these I will draw you a pattern.

    The shoes are made of card stock and are from a re-sized and modified pattern found on the internet. We then went crazy blinging them out. I can rustle up the pattern we used if you want it.

    We are blushing from Kimberly’s enthusiasm, it is always nice to be appreciated. The tea was our gift to our friends to let them know we treasure them.

    Hugs, Laura and her partner in crime Jan

    • Laura –

      You just can’t believe how much I (we!) appreciate all the effort you and Jan went to create such a memorable day! I’ve already worn my flip flops and received compliments when standing in line at Publix! And the party favors — they are completely adorable! I’ve got mine set out right here on my desk where I can see them daily. So far, I’ve been able to resist eating the chocolate candies, but who knows for how long…. 🙂

  6. Kimberly did you see this nice post about your book?


    • I hadn’t seen this before — thank you for giving me the “heads up.” I went to her site and left a comment! 🙂

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