An infusion

After a particularly trying and frustrating few days (for a variety of reasons) my sweet husband suggested we take a ride to the beach to see the sunset. It was cold and crisp and windy….”Good for clearing the soul,” he said. We drove to the beach and all the parking lots, parking spaces and even the beaches were closed because of the pandemic which made it difficult to find any good spot to watch the sunset. Rather than give up, he drove up the Palos Verdes Hill and we found a spot on a cliff overlooking the ocean where we got out of the car to watch the sun set in the western sky. 

And that’s when the nicest, most unexpected thing happened. A lovely young woman and her boyfriend also stopped (not too) near where we had parked our car and she snapped this candid moment on her phone. We had no idea she had taken the photo until she asked (from a proper distance, mind you) if she could send the picture to me. Of course I was delighted by her thoughtfulness and happily accepted her offer. 

The kindness of this lovely stranger touched our hearts and minds more than you could ever know. This picture; no….this gift, is something I will have printed and framed and I will cherish. It is a reminder there are angels among us — during the best and worst of times — ready to swoop in with a smile or kind deed and chase away our worries and frustrations and tears, if only for a few moments. 

Folks, the truth is, I need an infusion. A creative infusion for my soul. For the past two weeks my creative momentum has been derailed for many reasons. I’ve been working hard to meet the needs, wants and wishes of others. I’ve been yelled at by people I don’t even know personally for reasons completely out of my control and in the scheme of life don’t even matter. I’ve taken it all — hopefully with grace and kindness and staying above it by always taking the high road. I realize people are living in fear, worry and stress right now and some folks aren’t handling it very well. They need to vent. I get it. But I won’t ever stoop to a level of belittling others or knowingly make them feel badly. For any reason. I want to be a beacon of light, and love and courage and strength for others when they need it most. 

So in order for me to do this, now it is time for me to walk away from the computer for a bit and take a break from social media. Not too long of a break (just a couple of days); but enough where I can create and design and sew and feed my soul. 

Remember: Choose FAITH. Not FEAR. 

Be kind to one another. Stay safe. Stay healthy. And go create! See you in a few…..

  1. As always , the gracious one.

  2. It is truly a beautiful picture. It was so kind of her to take it. I am so glad you had it framed. Take care and thank you for sharing it with us.

  3. Kimberly, this is first time in 48 yrs that I couldn’t sew!,, I packed up my studio(75boxes) and it all went to storage as we are selling our home of 39 yrs and 17.7acres! Please go in a sew something just because you can! Lol! Thankfully we are well and just like everyone else are not in control of our normal routines! Never would I ever have dreamed is my goal for this week to find toilet paper and Kleenex and paper towel! You’d think this is the armagaedon! Love to you! This will pass! Stay well my friend,!

  4. It’s going to become one of your nicest memories . Take time for yourself , dance to music on the radio, eat some chocolate, drink some wine, read a good book. Do something different for a bit. We are all going to be alright in the end. Sending hugs and kisses, but from a safe distance away.

  5. What a gift you received -that photo is priceless and couldn’t have been done better by a professional. I hope you’ll sit down and cuddle with Peanut and Mr. Kim. Take care of you, your family, and the fur babies. Hugs!

  6. Such a beautiful act of kindness! Thank you for sharing your story. Rest, relax & create! You are so talented. Please don’t let the craziness of others bring you down. And…I wholeheartedly agree with choosing Faith over Fear.

  7. Beautiful photo. I wear a shirt that says in a world where youh can be anything, be kind. I try and live by that.

  8. Beautiful photo of a lovely couple – it shows the love you have for one another. Step back from the computer and live in that special moment.

  9. Beautiful picture of a beautiful couple. This time is hard on all of us but now, more than ever we need to show love and kindness. Love and prayers to you and Mr. Kim. Don’t let the turkeys weigh you down. You are such an inspiration to me and so many others. Sending you a virtual hug. And…wash your hands.

  10. You are taking a well deserved trip. Sunsets at the beach are the best!.Our favorite in on the Gulf Coast at Port St Joe Florida. Years ago I took a class from you at Quilting by the Bay I have never forgotten you and the wonderful book that I have or yours.. I am in Georgia. Do not know if I will get to the beach anytime soon. I know that things will get worse before getting better. I am thankful for my husband and my other relatives. He always lets me sew and do for others and knows that this is my out!. Take care

  11. Kimberly from the 1st class I took from you so many years ago, you have always been the picture of grace and humility. Never talking down to anyone snd being uplifting to others. Always encouraging. That 1st class was really My First Class evah! You didn’t laugh or rush me when I was clearly falling behind the others, you helped me! You inspired me to keep going and broaden my horizons. I’m so very grateful that God provided an opportunity for our paths to cross. Besides gaining sewing/quilting skills, I like to think I also gained a special friend. Sending you a Hug and Prayers. ??

  12. Kimberly, what a treasured photo and a one of a kind made by a kind stranger! Yes, this is trying times and definitely my quilting has been my therapy so go in your own world, relax, creative and have some peace. Stay healthy!

  13. That photo was taken at just the perfect moment . . . what a gift for you and your husband.

    During this desperate, scary time, we all need to be kind to ourselves. Take some time, create, feed your soul.

    Stay safe.

  14. How can you ever thank that couple for such a wonder act of kindness. Our world is in a turmoil right now. Taking a break to cherish our loved ones is so vital everyday, now especially. That photo shows the love between you both, it made me weep. God bless us and keep us all safe from harm and in good health.

  15. Kimberly,
    Thanks for sharing what you’ve been going through and most of all, how you’ve handled it. You’re a lovely person who shows how much you care for others and for the quilting community.
    With your talent, creativity and strength you nail it every day!

  16. Let it be………

  17. Beautiful photo for a beautiful couple.

  18. Hugs and prayers and love times eternity!!! Sometimes we just need to “Be still”.
    We’ll miss you immensely but we understand and respect your choice to care for you and your family!

  19. Kimberly
    If you want a real mission for your sewing machine you could join the army that is sewing surgical masks. I have made three patterns for 3 different health organizations. good that you paused to get centered in life. Now maybe a challenge?

  20. I pray it rains for you soon. You can Dance in the rain, Breathe in the fresh clean air and Allow it to wash away the anxiety of others smothering your soul and creativity. You and I have lived a life full of more order accepting, strength testing and faith relying than the average person. While this has created a hard shell exterior to allow us to “shut up and color” during the worst of moments, you never lost the pure sunshine of kindness that radiates from within and makes us all gravitate towards you. You inspire me and always make sewing an enjoyment. I look forward to your return, soul rested and the weight from others gone.

  21. Kimberly,
    What a beautiful picture of you and your husband watching the sunset and enjoying the moment together. There is a saying I love that goes like this, “Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift, that’s why it’s called the present.” Hope you and Mr Kim enjoy every moment of your lives and stay focused on the present. Prayers and hugs my friend.

  22. Hugs to you and your husband. You are both as wonderful as the sunset.

  23. This is why I love you, Kimberly Einmo! Not only have I learned so much from you in the quilting realm, but I love the way you model love and grace! I wish I knew you in person. I’m certain we would be very close friends!

  24. Oh sweet sweet Kim. I am sorry people can be so mean. Hugs to you. Love the picture. Have a super day. Take some time off for yourself and your soul. You deserve a break.

  25. Lovely picture! ❤️ Wonderful gesture from an angel. I understand how you are feeling. Take all the time you need. These days we are in uncharted territory and what works for one person doesn’t work for another. It IS a time to put yourself first and not worry about a “time” you need to get back to what was. Most people are saying that’s not going to be a possibility for a very long time. You and your family are what is important. I will be keeping y’all in my prayers. HUGS. ❤️

  26. I need an infusion. really have the dooldrums today. So windy and cold here in Michigan I don’t want to go outside. Had therapy on my lower back and waiting for the soreness to subside. I need to choose fabrics for the block patterns that are being sent to a list of ladies from the local quilt shop to help us keep busy during the pandemic. So for now, I will close and get busy choosing the fabric from my stash. Happy quilting!

  27. You are truly a beautiful person Kimberly. Take care of yourself and your wonderful family. We need you to pass on hope to the rest of us. Be safe, be well and stay faithful.

  28. What a wonderful post! I do agree and many things in this post. I myself have distanced myself from social media because of all the anger and fear it was projecting. That is no way to survive this crisis.

  29. Thank you so much for sharing the photo and your thoughts with us. I too, have been in a creative slump during this crisis. I keep my mind and hands busy producing masks for a local organization. You are so right that now we need FAITH that God has got this! Remembering that we do not know his plan but that it be his will not ours.

    Stay safe and keep the faith!

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