A new, FREE Mystery Quilt!


Do U do KMQs? U do, & now 2!

That means, “Do You Do Kimberly’s Mystery Quilts? You do, and now two!”

It’s time to start the New Year off with a fun, new project. We’ve all made “healthy” resolutions such as weight loss, spending less money, getting organized, etc. But how about making a New Year’s resolution to sew a fun, new mystery quilt? Make it a part of your weekly routine to spend Friday’s with Kimberly (that’s me!) by downloading each of seven weekly clues until the mystery quilt is revealed! You’ll love this design comprised of three easy-to-piece, but distinctly different blocks. When they are set together in the quilt, the intricate, secondary design is beautiful and surprising!

To find out more, check my home page at www.kimberlyeinmo.com and register your name and email to begin downloading everything you need to get started. This is a great way to lighten your stash (and isn’t that one of your resolutions anyway?)

Beginning this coming Friday, January 16th, I’ll look for you each and every Friday when the next clue will be revealed. This is one New Year’s resolution that won’t be hard to keep!

  1. Mega awesome, lady!!! LOVE the logo. Can’t wait for a hot date with the FMQC (Friday Mystery Quilt Clue)!!

  2. Hi, Pat! Thanks for the virtual “pat” on the back (no pun intended!) 🙂

    I’m so tickled to get some feedback about the logo. I spent some time playing around with CorelDraw this morning (ok, so it turned out to be about five hours…..) I have the newest version of the software; the trouble is, the last time I had any real “training” to use Corel was about four versions ago! My goodness, technology and the software have really advanced since then. But despite all my technical limitations with the program, I’m very pleased with the way the logo turned out, and I’m very glad you like it too! Hope you’ll make the new mystery quilt. Its a very pretty design and I think you’ll have fun making it over the course of the next seven weeks. See you on Friday morning!

  3. I was signed up for your mystery quilt at the USQM event at the end of April. It has been canceled for safety and I had already purchased my material, so I was wondering if the pattern might become available after all the places you are teaching it and if I could get it. I was also taking Lone Star and would like to get that pattern and the ruler for flying geese.

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