Bon Jour! Plus, a give-away

Bon Jour!

A few weeks ago you may have seen a short little video I posted on Social Media about a new line of fabrics from Timeless Treasures called Bon Jour! I paired those pretty prints with several of my Solid-ish fabrics to create a “curated collection.”

Miss Tater graciously decided to “model” the fabrics.

At the time, I promised to show you the project I had planned for those scrumptious fabrics. 

“Maraschino” from my Solid-ish line goes particularly well with Bon Jour…

…as do Mist, Stone and Black (shown from left to right next to Tater, above.)

I’m so pleased to share “Star Chain” made with these luscious fabrics!


Star Chain by Kimberly Einmo, 55″ x 55″. Sewn by Bonnie Hutchins, machine quilted by Carolyn Archer, Ohio Star Quilting.

The motifs on the “shopping ladies” print are large enough to create fabulous, fussy-cut centers for the star blocks!

The quilting motifs consist of Eiffel Towers, French poodles and swirls which perfectly enhance the pieced elements in the quilt!

And since there were leftover pieces after constructing the quilt top, a pieced back showcasing the prints was the perfect accent. It’s almost as lovely on the back as the front!

The Star Chain pattern, which is such a fun quilt to make, is featured in my book, Clever Combo Quilts and is available by CLICKING HERE. In honor of this special event, the book is on SALE for a limited time!

But wait, that’s not all. I’m hosting a very special event!


I’m hosting a give-away of this pretty bundle of Bon Jour fabrics which contains 17 fat quarters; more than enough for you to create your own beautifully, French-inspired, classically black, white, gray and red quilt!

Unfortunately no, Cheeto is not included as part of the fat quarter bundle giveaway!

It’s easy to win. Simply leave a comment here telling me why you’d like to win this bundle (and an extra entry just for sharing this post!) and a winner will be chosen on Monday, June 14th. That’s it! This lovely fat quarter bundle could be yours!

So until next time, Tater and Cheeto and I say, “Bon Jour!”


  1. I am obsessed by anything black and white with one pop of color. This would be a wonderful collection to work with!

  2. Very cute line, would be perfect for a quilt for my 13 year old granddaughter. Love the pieced backing too.
    Today would be a good day for an Upstate New Yorker to win a prize…yeah Oswego, NY.

  3. I would love to win it because it is beautiful.

  4. I have dreamed of going to Paris, and love fashion. These fabrics are the bomb. Wrapping up in a quilt made of them can take you there and you do not have to leave the spot you are in. They have a retro look and reminds me of my Mother in her sewing days.

    • I would like the bundle giveaway because I like stars and I have never made a red,black, and gray quilt.

  5. Black, white, gray, and red is totally out of my element — I have never done one. Excited about the possibilities! Great fabrics. And although I would love to have Tater and Cheeto I will just have to enjoy all the photos you share! Thanks for an awesome give-a-way!

  6. I would be able to use these lovely prints for a black, white, and red scrappy quilt, my new favorite quilts to make!

  7. The Parisian motifs are reminiscent of my ‘3 days in Paris’. And the colours are stunning.

  8. I love red, white, and black & the cat print fabric is my favorite.

  9. I would love to win this pack of fat quarters to be able to make your guilt. I have done several of your done before dinner and other thins such as the holiday wall hanging. I also participated in the Homemde event with Jennifer Tryon and loved the whirly gig block that you designed. I love your work and look forward to being able to see more on Facebook/YouTube.

  10. This is a beautiful combination and your friendly models complement the colors and beauty. It would be fun to create a quilt with these colors which are not in my usual palette!

  11. This is just beautiful. I would love to win this. It is such a stunning quilt.

  12. I’d love to win this bundle, first, it’s everything French and since I live in .Quebec , I speak French, so it’s just made for me, oui? Next, it’s red, black and white! Who can’t love that? It would be perfect for my bedroom or one of my adult children’s bedroom. J’espère vraiment gagner! Merci Kimberly!

  13. This is just beautiful. I would love to win this. It is such a stunning quilt.

  14. As per your usual, your fabric designing skills equal your pattern creating skills! Amazingly creative work from a wonderful person!

  15. It would be wonderful to make that fabric into a small quilt my my almost 13 year old granddaughter, and maybe she can help make it a wonderful project we could do together. Oh, La la!

  16. Love red/black fabrics. Would be perfect for a planned jacket.

  17. Beautiful!! I love red, black and white quilts. This pattern is awesome for these fabrics!!

  18. Black and white with a pop of red is classic, and I NEED it. Of course, I need everything that you do! I love it! Bonjour!

  19. I loved my first and only trip to Paris and would love to go back! These fabrics bring back happy memories and I would love to make a throw quilt with them!

  20. The fabric colors are absolutely gorgeous! Red, white and black are my favorite colors for a quilt. I have started quilting again and would love to have this fabric collection to make a quilt for my daughter who is learning to speak French. This is a great give-a-way! Good luck to everyone that enters.

  21. lovely fabrics. red is perfect red

  22. I’ve contemplated making a red, gray and black quilt and this fabric collection is perfect!

  23. Fabrics are gorgeous. What a wonderful surprise to win . Cheeto and Tater added to the Beaty.

  24. Beautiful fabric!

  25. This looks like a fun bundle to play with and I have your Solid-ish to go with the beautiful bundle!

  26. Love the theme,and also opportunity to make cat themed quilt, with not so obvious cats!

  27. I would love to win this pack to make a quilt to remind me of a trip that I chaperoned for my daughter’s French class to France back in 1999. Ninth graders, what was I thinking!!

  28. Oh to win this would be awesome! I’m on a quest to make a black/white/red quilt just for me. But alas my fabric budget has had to go to others so I never seem to make the list.

  29. I love the colors and my granddaughter has her room decorated in a Paris theme so a pillow or quilt for her is how I would use the fabric. Thank you for sharing all your ideas and your curated collection with us!

  30. Love the red, black, and white beautiful line and pattern when I win I will dream that I am standing on the side of the road watching Tour deFrance…

  31. Over the past year and a half we have had 4 trips cancel (some international and some US). Making a quilt with this fabric would help make up for the missed river cruise in Europe!

  32. Would love to win, and create something from the skills I’ve learned from you.

  33. I’m taking my first quilting class and I had already decided on blacks/grays/whites/ combos of two with a pop of red. You fat quarters are perfect!

  34. Black and Red are my favs. I would love to make a quilt out of those fabrics.
    I’m sharing on my blog .
    I also shared it on Facebook.

  35. Because I love Cheeto! And my two cats help me quilt . They are rescued tuxedos so I won’t be fussing so much over black and white material

  36. Love your solid-ish line. Paired with this Paris line really makes it pop. Would love the fabric to make my version of this. Love your work and a big fan of it.

  37. I love the fabric colors and images. I wouldn’t mind visiting Paris too.

  38. I love red, it’s my favorite color, and of course I love to win things! I have a tiny black and white with red kimono wall hanging in progress. This fabric would make a cute companion lap qquilt

  39. OMG, the fabrics are beautiful! I am a new quilter in a small town. Finding beautiful, good quality fabric is becoming a challenge more and more. In the past, I was a garment sewer but since retiring, I’ve been bitten by the quilting ‘bug’ bigtime!

  40. Such pretty fabric with a perfect quilt pattern! Your kitties are adorable 🙂

  41. That is such beautiful fabric, love what you did with it.

  42. What a pretty collection. Cheeto is pretty cute too!

  43. Love the black and white fabrics…with some red thrown in for good measure… and the Solid-sh fabrics work perfectly with Bon Jour!

  44. Am about to teach my 12 year old grand-daughter the art of sewing. Awaiting her new machine.The bundle would be a very welcome addition to this endeavor. Thanks for sharing the contest.

  45. Black cats and hearts – be still mine. Black cats will always be my favorite

  46. My daughter in law has Paris as her decorating theme. I would use this bundle to make her something to cheer her up. She lost her mother to COVID and this might brighten her day. It’s a really nice compilation.

  47. I love everything Parisian. How does the song go “I Love Paris In The Springtime” and I love this new fabric bundle.

  48. Would love to have those fat quarters. I could use the skills I’ve learned from watching you to make something amazing.

  49. I love the black,white,gray and red color combination. But this curated bundle really shows it off fabulously! If I win the bundle, I would make a cozy Parisian quilt!!

  50. LOVE the colors!!! Would love to make a wall hanging for a special little girl!!

  51. I’m about ready to start my first quilt, after making several practice table runners. This color combination would be perfect. I love the selection of prints and colors.

  52. I loved how you paired your solid-ish fabrics with the Bon Jour line! The quilted Eifell Tower is the pièce de résistance!The fussy cut couture ladies appear to be designed for your center star blocks!

  53. Love the red with the black and white. Our family has been to Paris a few times. Now our oldest granddaughter is determine to go. Hope to take her some day.

  54. Love to win. Have book and solid-ish fabric. this new bundle would go great. Love your patterns. Instructions are easy to follow. Cheeto loves the fabric too!

  55. My aunt just moved in to a new house and is decorating with a “travel” theme. These would be great for a throw for her!

  56. Love, love, love the fabrics, and the color combinations! I would make your pattern with them.
    I’m attracted to Parisian themed fabrics. I have become a fan of your work , and a follower of yours, ever since my first Mystery quilt class of yours at VQF in 2018.

  57. simply beautiful fabric. Would make a fabulous quilt!!!! Anyone would love to win this!!!!

  58. Kimberly, I love everything you do. To win this fat quarter bundle would be an honor! Are you sure Cheeto can’t be part of the bundle? :o)

  59. It’s been 23 years since I have traveled to France. It’s about time I revisit my favorite place on earth, even of it is under a quilt! ??

  60. I would love to win. I am obsessed with your solidish line and would love the bundle to go with iu

  61. Oh my goodness, Charlotte needs this fabric. She us OBSESSESD with Paris and this fabric is fabulous. I love how you fussy cut those squares!

  62. Cheeto is certainly doing his part to model. #BestCatPhotos #PetsOnQuilts. And, I love your new fabric collection Bon Jour fabrics. They look like great fun to create with and I’d love to make something for a friend who went to graduate school in France and worked there for a number of years.

  63. What a beautiful pattern and beautiful fabric! I would be honored to win.

  64. This would make a lovely quilt for our friends who recently returned from France.

  65. I love the fabric. Winning would be so special for me.

  66. This fabric would be perfect for a gift for our friends who recently returned from France.

  67. Red, white, and black are my absolute most favorite colors, but alas, I haven’t put them in anything as beautiful as you quit. I would love the opportunity to work with those dazzling prints and colors.

  68. I love the fabric as I am French.

  69. This fabric is inspiring! I would love the chance to make a quilt or some bags with the Bon Jour fabric.

  70. That quilt is beautiful as are all your quilts . I would love those fat quarters to make the quilt it looks like a fabulous collection of fabric

  71. I love those fabrics as sorta new with the quilting endeavor. It would be a great set to start a project with. Thanks for chance to win

  72. Red

  73. Red, white, and black are my most favorite of colors, but alas, I haven’t done them up in a quilt as beautiful as yours. I would certainly love the opportunity.

  74. love the colors would love to win

  75. The perfection of Blacks-Grays-Reds and Whites. Perfect combination although if I win–I would love to get one of your gorgeous kitty boys!

  76. One of my best friends is a Francophile!! She has been to France many times. (Alas, not for 2 years because of the pandemic!) I would love to make this quilt for her!!

  77. You are always full of surprises! I love this fabric line! Hope I win !

  78. So fun a little bit of class and a smidge of sass! What a happy quilt this will make.

  79. The fabrics are beautiful and would be fun to use.

  80. It would be a beautiful set to do Granddaughters Grad quilt – love all things Paris 🙂

  81. I love this color combination! It would be wonderful to win the bundle giveaway. Thank you for all your fantastic articles and ideas.
    Bon Jour!

  82. Oh quelle belle ligne de tissu pour ma Frenchie!

  83. Paris motif must be the in thing right now! I just machine embroidered Eifel tower key fobs for a friend’s daughter’s birthday party favor. I was surprised by the red color when I usually see pinks with the Paris motifs. It would make a very pretty quilt for a college co-ed. The cats just added to the new fabric line being shown.

  84. What a beautiful set of fabrics and Cheeto shows them off well. Love your new pattern too!

  85. Wow I love your fabric line! If I won I’d use the in my Paris jacket the I’ve been collecting prints for

  86. omigosh these fabrics are SUCH fun! I love to put whim in my quilts and this fits that for sure! Thanks for the inspiring newsletter!

  87. Love the fabrics. And the quilt is beautiful. I would love to make a quilt for my daughter’s friend. She’s a piano teacher and the black, white and reds would look great with some music fabric.

  88. I’d love to win because I love to win!! But more than that, it would be a joy to work with while remembering my visit to Paris 43 long years ago! Thanks!!!

  89. Who doesn’t love cats? This is a fun bundle of colorful cat-deliciousness! I can think of several friends and family members who would love a quilt made from this lovely collection!

  90. I love the black, white and gray with red. Perhaps a drop of turquoise would work, if I was lucky enough to win the fat quarters. Fussy cutting would also feature in the quilt, too.

  91. I love the combo of those fabrics. make a great quilt for my new office.
    To bad Cheeto doesn’t come with the collection he’s adorable.

  92. I saw Paris as a 12 year old and was smitten! Since my long ago trip I have been to Paris several times. Even my living room is based on an architectural painting of the Eiffel Tower! Paris will always have a special place in my heart. Je l’aime!

  93. Great fabric line. Cheeto makes a great addition to the photos. And with a little planning, may be in Paris next year for a quilt tour…. The quilting is stunning on the display. Thanks for considering.

  94. I’ve visited France a couple times but have yet to make a journey quilt. These striking fabrics would be a beautiful memory. And I already have all your books!

  95. My daughter has been to Paris twice. I would love to make her a quilt with those beautiful fabrics.

  96. Beautiful collection and so lovely in the “curated collection” you put together. It would be a fun make for a quilt to enjoy in my sitting

  97. My Husband and I went to Paris nd fell in love with the beauty of the city. These fabrics are beautiful and remind me of that trip. I earned to quilt with Kimberly Einmo during the pandemic and have fallen in love with it. My Husband calls it “My addiction” and it truly is. I would love to make this quilt to remind us of that visit.

  98. Several of my grandkids have been to Paris. It would be wonderful to design something special for them out of these beautiful fabrics!

  99. I’ll be honest, I just wanna win the bundle to add to my collection of fabrics.

  100. Hello Kimberly. Miss you in Florida. I love what you did with these beautiful fabrics. I would love to win the bundle to get my creative juices flowing.

  101. Beautiful fabric!

  102. I would love to make a New York Beauty quilt and this fabric would be ideal

  103. My son and DIL had to postpone their anniversary trip to Paris due to Covid and maybe a quilt made from these tres chic fabrics would be some consolation!

  104. Bonjour ! I am French and would love to have this cute fabric. Love your blog and videos ?and the Instagram pictures of the kittens. Have a nice summer ! Merci,

  105. Had the privilege of staying 6 weeks in Paris and Versailles many years ago while husband was on a work trip. Then a daughter met her husband while studying abroad in Paris. Would love to have some fabric to add to a memory quilt of those events in our life.

  106. I think these fabrics would make an awesome star quilt!

  107. Would love to win the fabric bundle because red, black, and white are my new crave. I go through stages of different colors being my favorite. Can’t wait to get your new book. Waiting to have my mystery quilt quilted and now working on The Pines. Your rulers really make it easier cutting and squaring up blocks.

  108. I love everything about this bundle! I dream of going to Paris someday, I love kitties, and black-and-white with a pop of color is an awesome combination for a quilt. Thanks for all the inspiration in your post, and for offering this fun giveaway!

  109. I have always loved red, white and black quilts. The one that I made, I gave to a friend, so I would love to have one of my of own. Thanks.

  110. I love working with fat quarters and these are beautiful. Also, I never win anything.

  111. I love black and white quilts with a pop of color. And red is my most favorite pop.

  112. I’m a care giver for my Marine. And when I get the chance to sew I do even if it’s for a few minutes. Ive not seen this fabric before. Good luck to everyone. Thanks for a chance to win

  113. Black, white, and red! Be still my heart.

  114. I just love your fabrics. They excite me, inspire me and make me very happy. Thank you for offering us this great giveaway.

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