Breaking radio silence

I realize it has been a long time since I last posted. Life continues to be uber-hectic, as usual. There have been many exciting (and daunting) opportunities and challenges here in my studio, including book edits for my next book release (hint, hint…) and detailed and lengthy preparations for a video shoot here in my studio next week!

That’s right — I have been asked to present a series of video lessons for and I am simply thrilled and honored! It will be a wonderful chance for me to invite you in to my studio and spend some quality time — one-on-one — sharing how to make five beautiful quilts using my signature techniques or your own favorite traditional methods! I’m really excited about this amazing opportunity and can’t wait to share more about it with you. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for more information. The videos are scheduled to be released in late May — just weeks away!

On the home front, we’ve had some big changes recently as well. As many of you know we bought a house last year and planned to put down roots in Florida and stay for awhile. The key word here is “planned” and you all know what happens with the best laid plans. That’s right, we’ll be moving again — and very soon. This is certainly not something we planned to do, but since my sweet husband is paying the bills and is happy doing a job he loves, who am I to complain? We’re walking in faith and taking each step as it comes our way knowing this is all about God’s perfect timing; not ours. So bear with me if blog posts are a bit few and far between. But I will keep you posted about the video series and of course, my next book (due out later this year.)

Okay, okay….I can’t stand it. I’m terrible at keeping secrets! Would you like a sneak peak?

 So, how’s that for breaking radio silence? Keep checking back for more news, and I’d love to hear from you, too! Please drop me a line in the comments section (below) and send chocolate.



  1. Hi Kimberly,
    I’m so excited about your new book, and your upcoming tutorials on Craftsy! Sign me up!
    I’ve been home recuperating from surgery for 2 weeks (great prognosis-Thank you, God), and I have had a chance to really reread your previous books, and make plans for more ambitious quilts than I have tried before. Life is too short to keep saying “Someday I’ll try that one!”
    I just recently discovered your blog, and with time on my hands, I read some of your previous entries, so I know that your present dream home is fairly new to you, and that you have spent a great deal of time making it your own. Well, with that recent experience, imagine the ideas you will have for your next project/home! Good luck with your newest challenge. Meanwhile, I am still hoping to meet you at the Vermont Quilt Festival, if I am ready to tackle the trip.

  2. Hi Kimberly! Your new book lookes very exciting. I can hardly wait for it. Was it september? Just five months of waiting. I am sure it is worth the waiting. Hugs from Norway.

  3. Lots of news! Where are you moving? We need to catch up when you can get a minute….I don’t want to lose contact with you…we will be moving too. Congrats on so many things! Hope to talk soon.

  4. Wow Kimberly!!! 200 pieced blocks….the mind boggles and the fingers itch. I can’t wait to purchase a copy of this book. Good luck with the move and i trust it all goes well…..moving is always stressful, but with your supportive family and friends this should be less so.
    Sue (Brisbane-Australia)

  5. Kimberly!
    I just saw your beautiful sewing space on Katie’s Quilting Corner! Tell me it is not always so neat and organized! What a lovely setting in which to create your gorgeous quilts. I’m sure you are looking forward to designing a new space in your new home. You’ll have to post pictures!

  6. That new book looks awsome!

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