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Cheeto (aka, Janome Cat) joined our family almost three years ago when he came to us through an amazing foster family through CARE Rescue LA. This sweet, young couple is very involved in rescuing pets in need to help them find their furr-ever homes.

Cheeto with his three siblings when they were found with their Mama at about three or four days old. (Cheeto is on the far right.) Mama was a very large cat….and the kittens all grew up to be big kitties, too.

Cheeto’s foster Mom, Kelly, and I have stayed in touch through texting and social media. This week, she surprised me with an update about Cheeto’s siblings and just for fun, I thought I would share pictures with you all.

Cheeto, just a couple of days old, top left.

Cheeto’s two brothers, Calvin and Farley, were adopted together. His sister, Dutchess, was adopted by another family and named “Freya.”

More kitten photos of Cheeto (such a cutie, and loved by so many!)

Cheeto and Farley

Just look at them now!

These are the most recent photos Cheeto’s foster Mom shared with me:




Cheeto. Three years old and almost 15 pounds of love!

Thank you, Kelly, for sharing these wonderful photos of Cheeto’s siblings. It is so fun to know they are also happy, healthy and loved!


  1. Wonderful pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love seeing the pictures of the cats. Thanks for sharing.

  3. It’s a joy to see theses beautiful and gorgeous big kitties. Thank You for sharing your wonderful pictures and so happy they all found wonderful homes! Hugs, Ann

  4. Ah! I love these kitties!❤ Three & a half years ago we rescued & adopted 2 brothers, beautiful white with grey spots, named them Lenny & Leo. Now, weighing a healthy & happy 16 & 17 pounds.
    They are so sweet & have a few funny habits, too. Thank you sharing

  5. Loved seeing those kitties! Reminds me of my Taffy — she’s long gone now…but remembered.

  6. Loved seeing those kitties! Reminds me of my Taffy..she’s long gone now…but remembered.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful story. I really enjoyed seeing Cheeto’s family and when Cheeto was a young kitty. Omg. All so cute.
    Cheeto is really a handsome boy.

  8. Great post. Thanks for sharing with us. Love Cheeto the Janome Cat. Children’s book should be written about him and sold at Janome dealerships!

  9. Tabbys are the best (we have two)! How nice that you are able to keep up with Cheeto’s siblings. Three of my Ozzie’s sisters live next door so I see them regularly.

  10. Adorable. Fraya looks like Mom. So much fun to see all those photos. Thank you.

  11. They are all grown up and so pretty.

  12. Awe, so cool to see his sibs. Wish he could see our babies families. We knew Bandit’s brother but when his Mom moved, I’m not sure if she left Jake with her ex or what?

  13. That is so special that you have been able to keep track of Cheeto’s family. Each member appears to be thriving and owning their homes.

  14. Oh my goodness, I adore this family and I was so lucky to foster them. They will always have a special place in my heart ?

  15. Thanks for sharing. Rescue is such a rewarding endeavor. Freya looks just like their mom.

  16. I love seeing Cheeto. He looks like my cats, Moses, and Moselle. Moses lived with us for 20 years and he died of a kitty heart attack at my desk. I had asked him to come back before he died. A couple of years later, a kitten who looked exactly like him (and Cheeto) arrived and she was named Moselle. This sounds psychotic but she even smelled like Moses! They were both such faithful pets who followed me all over just like a dog. Moselle would sit on my lap when I sewed and laid on my wrists when I was at the computer writing. Moselle died in our arms a few years ago. My husband is allergic to cats and has put up with them our entire married life (40 years) and so now that he is retired, we are just down to Beulah who is around 20 – not as affectionate and smart as Moses or Moselle. But we will not have any more animals since my husband just retired in November and with our vaccinations, we are traveling a lot to see our 5 kids and their families all over (Indiana, Texas and Nebraska). Boarding Beulah is $20 a day and is getting to be so expensive!

    I love seeing Cheeto’s siblings – seriously, those little yellow kitties are the best.

  17. Thank you for the update. So nice to see a success story.

  18. So awesome to have pictures of the kitties during the different stages of their lives.

  19. So Sweet!

  20. Thank you for sharing the pictures they are truly special.

  21. Oh, our feline pets make life worth living, don’t they? Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos and the story of Cheeto and his siblings!

  22. Beautiful story and pictures. Thank you for sharing.

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