Colorful opportunities

Summer days are winding down and it’s “back to school” time once again. Personally, I love this time of year. Buying new school supplies is always exciting — with the anticipation of all kinds of possibilities and opportunities waiting just around the corner. My favorite thing is opening a brand new box of crayons. I even love the smell. Just seeing all those extraordinarily rich and vibrant colors makes my mind race with excitement at the thought of all the beautiful things I can create!

But something much better than even new crayons arrived on my doorstep yesterday. And inside that large box from Robert Kaufman Fabrics was this:

Yep, for a fabric-lover like me, this is even better than crayons!

Ooooooooh! I simply adore all the amazing, tantalizing, sweet-talkin’, enthralling, scrumptious, spectacular colors!

I wonder what magic can we make together?

  1. Yep…
    Better than crayons…
    And I am tad green….
    Have FUN….

  2. OMG – there is that roll-up we talked about the other day! And amongst all these pretty FQs you should be able to find exactly the right background color for that “other” project…
    I can understand your excitement perfectly well – but then, I’m SO glad that it’S not me who has to find a place to store all these beauties…

  3. What a GREAT package to find on your door step! Looking forward to the new book. Is it planned for September?

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