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Coming Up Roses by Jill Finley

Today, I’m part of the Blog Hop for my dear friend, Jill Finley’s gorgeous new fabric line for Riley Blake Fabrics, Coming Up Roses.

When Jill invited me to be part of this fun, new Blog Tour to launch her newest line of fabrics, I was thrilled to participate. And when I received the package of these pretty precut bundles in the mail, my heart almost stopped! They are so fresh, saturated with sumptuous color, and are oh-so pretty. Instant L-O-V-E. Of course, you all know I’m passionate about precuts; I can’t resist having a bit of each piece of fabric in the line and these are perfect so many different projects! 

I couldn’t wait to use my Electric Quilt (EQ7) software to start playing with design ideas using computer renditions of the actual fabrics! 

Over the years I’ve made hundreds (really!) of quilts from my original patterns, designed in EQ software. I thought it would be fun to revisit some oldies but goodies; some of my favorite patterns from two of my previous books. By constructing them again using current fabrics, new life has been breathed into these patterns and they are fresh, exciting and “new” once again. I just adore this version of Chain Saw, from my book Jelly Roll Quilts & Morewhich has been reprinted by the publisher many times. Talk about a great way to re-purpose a pattern!

Or what about this version of Star Chain? Isn’t it simply lovely? So sweet, elegant, and totally captivating! The best thing is this quilt is comprised of two simple-to-piece blocks which makes it perfect for experienced quilters and beginning quilters with some rotary cutting experience.

Or how about this lovely version of Braided Links?  (Chain Saw, Star Chain and Braided Links are all featured in Jelly Roll Quilts & More.)

And I just had to try these beautiful fabrics in my most popular design, Lone Starburst, which is a pattern featured in my book, Jelly Roll Quilt Magic. 

And here’s a TOP TIP I’d like to share about using Jelly Rolls. Before untying the bow, use a sticky-tape lint roller over the top and bottom of the roll to reduce lint and fabric crumb emissions by more than 80%. (Well, at least that what my engineer husband tells me. Wink!)

I hope you’ll run to your favorite local quilt shop or check online fabric sources and get your own precut bundles or yardage of Coming Up Roses. You’ll simply adore making a quilt or quilted project like a tote bag from these glorious fabrics!


As you can see, these fabrics are “Toby approved.” 


Be sure to visit Jill’s blog right over HERE and leave a comment about this post to be eligible to win a super sweet prize! Thank you so much for stopping by today.  I hope you’ll leave a comment here, too!

  1. I didn’t know that is what EQ7 could be used for. Wow!

  2. Fabulous post! You really went the extra mile showing all those beautiful projects in my fabrics. Thank you so much!!! Your books are awesome!

  3. Just like Mary before me, I don’t understand EQ7. I believe it to be a software but is it expensive? Hard to use? Any computer…I have a Mac? And if you are fairly new to quilting, is this something that should be included in your quilting arsenal? I am always amazed at how many quilts you do? Holy cow, wishing I could just do a fraction of them.

    • Ann, I hope you’ll check out Electric Quilt Software. I’ve been using it since version 3 in the early 1990’s, and it is now version 7. It is so easy to use the the interface is VERY user friendly. Yes, they have a Mac version and the cost is relatively inexpensive when you see how much it can do for you in EVERY aspect of quilting! I honestly don’t ever put rotary cutter to fabric without designing and calculation in EQ first. Check it out — you won’t be disappointed!

  4. Great quilting inspiration!

  5. Kimberly,
    I love seeing some of your classics in this beautiful fabric! I have your books, and my own version of chain saw is hanging over our bed, made in Charlevoix fabrics. I get so many compliments!
    Do you have plans for another book?

    • Oooooh! I’d love to see your version of Chain Saw!!! And thank you for your nice comment; I’m so glad you took the time to leave one here!

  6. Fabulous quilting,love them all!

  7. Love all the different layouts. These would make such fun quilts.

  8. Toby just wanted to check out the camera.

  9. Thank you Kimberly for all the eye candy and fabulous inspiration!!

  10. HI,neat ideas for new quilts! Thanks for sharing on your Blog and this Tour!

  11. I love your designs! Like several other who have commented, I don’t have EQ software, but it sure does look awesome!

    • If you ever get the opportunity to try EQ software — perhaps a class situation or a friend has it installed, give it a try. I think you’ll be amazed at what it can do!

  12. Love your sharing of fabrics, quilting, and EQ as I haven’t tried any but did buy your book.

    Many thanks, love your blog posts.

  13. Kimberly I love how your sparkling personality shows through on these blog posts. I have two of your books and have purchased your companion EQ7 versions, I really enjoyed doing the Night Star 2015 Block of the Month with you, which turned out amazing and I made it into a king size duvet cover for my son and DIL – they LOVED it ! I like EQ more now that I have taken some courses on it and find it much easier to use than I did in the beginning. You are a very encouraging instructor – an asset to the quilting industry.

    • Dear Lidwina –

      Thank you so much for your super sweet compliments! I’m blushing; and I appreciate your feedback and kind words. Truly, I take them straight to my heart. If I have helped make quilting fun and successful for you in any way through the process, then I consider it a blessing to have been able to be a small part of your efforts. Thank you again — so much — for leaving a comment here today! Hugs to you!

  14. Love all of the quilts – got to pull out my chain saw! I have never used EQ — maybe someday but I have this great designer friend I know who makes awesome quilt patterns that I love to make. I wonder who that is? See you soon!

  15. What great colors in the quilts. I will have to get my book out and decide on my next quilt pattern.

  16. Jill’s new line is gorgeous! Thanks for the tip on eliminating a lot of the JR crumbs. Fun layouts & inspiration.

  17. Nice quilt ideas! Did you pick one? Excellent tip, thanks for sharing.

  18. Love the star chain quilt! I have never tried EQ7. If I was more computer compatible I might like it, looks like fun.

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