Creative Energy at the 2009 Quilters’ Heritage Celebration Show!

The 2009 Quilters’ Heritage Celebration Show has officially begun in Lancaster, PA!

I arrived on Sunday evening and spent Monday and Tuesday judging the various categories of the quilt contest. It was a phenominal experience, and although we worked hard and the decisions were very difficult, I thoroughly enjoyed every moment! The quilts entered into this year’s show are incredible and the skill and artistic level of the quilts which were submitted are some of the best I’ve ever seen. They took my breath away!

After two days of judging, the early bird classes began this morning. My full-day mystery quilt class packed a full house with 30 students, many of whom were familiar faces from previous years. It was great to see old friends and meet new students as well. The energy in the classroom was electric and the enthusiasm was evident in all the smiles.

Enjoy a few photos from today’s class. 

A mini reunion of sorts.
These were some of my veteran students with their completed quilts from last year’s mystery quilt class!!

The mystery quilt from 2007! Woo hoo!

My dear quilting-blogging-cyberspace friend and great supporter, Pat Deck!

I received a fantastic surprise after class. My dear friends, whom I haven’t seen since we lived in Ramstein, Germany, arrived with their quilting group from Hampton Roads, VA. It was fantastic to see Donna and Claire! We were able to spend some time at dinner and get caught up again.

I will try to post more updates from the show, so check back often to see what’s new and exciting at the QHC Show. And if you are anywhere in the vicinity, why not make plans to visit the QHC Show in Lancaster. There are a wide variety of classes, although the most fun to be had will be in the classrooms where I’ll be teaching…(smile). The show runs though Sunday, April 6th. See you HERE!

  1. Hi Kimberly, We are here at Cheri and Bob’s and I just read your blog from Lancaster. You look great. We are headed back to Ohio on Monday. Had a great winter in Florida and enjoying Cheri, Bob, Juli and family. Love to you, Norma Maynard

  2. Arrived home to Long Island on Saturday afternoon. Had a really great time. Enjoyed making the mystery quilt.
    Can’t wait until next year to take some more classes with you.
    Thanks again for such a wonderful time and teaching the mystery quilt, now I can teach it to my quilting class.
    Hope to hear from you.

  3. Hi Kim – Just a note that I finished my 9 blocks from your geese class! Don’t know when I’ll get them together for the quilt but will send you a picture when I do!!! Thanks for all of your help during the corset class for my dear friend Carolyn!!!! Nancy

  4. Lucky lady. It is great to see Donna and Claire with you. Barring any job changes, Mike and I plan to go on your Alaskan cruise. Just have to find enough to keep him busy while at sea. I can’t wait to do another mystery class with you.

  5. Betty — So glad to know you made it home safely. I’m delighted you took the mystery class and that you had fun. A day of stress-free quilting is what its all about! 🙂 Do keep in touch and let me know how you’re doing. I’d love to see a picture of your finished quilt, too!

  6. Nancy —

    I’m just delighted you spent two whole days with me in class at this year’s show! I hope you truly enjoyed yourself both days — your quilts were wonderful! I’m especially excited that you had such fun making the flying geese quilt, although your corset lady was absolutely beautiful! Having you and Carolyn in class together was a highlight for me. I hope you’ll come back again next year! Do keep in touch –

  7. Jan — Oh my goodness, it was such fun seeing Donna and Claire again. They both look FANTASTIC! It was like old home week. Wish you could have been there, too! I really hope it works out for you to take the Alaska cruise next year with us! And tell Mike not to worry — the guys have LOTS of things to do while we gals stitch! Kent will be there and he rounds up the interested spouses for fun outings, or cards, or whatever…so Mike won’t be alone or bored. for a minute! It will be such fun…. 🙂

  8. I know that Kimberly is on vacation, but I wanted to leave a post about what a great time I had in her classes. Looking back, I am sorry that I did not take the corset class as well — it looks like there were some wild & crazy gals in that one! I haven’t gotten past the unpacking yet, but the Mystery & the flying geese are on the top of my list to work on.

    Part of the fun of Kimberly’s classes is the way she gets everyone involved & talking to one another. I tend to be a solitary sewer, so it was wonderful therapy for me. Thanks to Kimberly, and to all of the other quilters, who made the whole experience such fun!

    I’m even thinking of submitting one of them for next years “invitational” category, where a student can submit a quilt they started in a class from a prior year. How about if all of us Kimberly Quilters flood the category? Wouldn’t a whole wall of our quilts be awesome??

  9. Dear Pat — I’m back from vacation and feel all rested and refreshed. Thank you so much for taking time to post such a lovely comment on the blog about the classes at the QHC Show in Lancaster! You are so sweet to compliment my teaching style. I can honestly say that I love to teach — to help each and every person in the class exercise her (or his!) creative style and get the energy flowing. I get so excited when I see someone experience an “Ah-ha” moment — and get totally enthused about learning a new technique or going beyond their own personal comfort zone to try something new and different. You were a very big part of that in class, and I appreciate so very much your support and encouragement!

    I just LOVE your idea of “flooding” the invitational category with quilts from the classes I’ve taugh at QHC during the past three years. In fact, I’m going to suggest to Rita Barber, the show founder and organizer, that there be a special exhibit next year comprised entirely of quilts from my classes! Wouldn’t that be awesome? I think I will design a special pin for everyone who enters a quilt from one of my classes — so we can all wear our pins proudly on our show badges! Woo hoo — the creative juices are flowing now…..


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