Cute as a…..

…..button M & M!

Look what the UPS man just delivered? Aren’t they adorably cute (not to mention, delicious)? I couldn’t be more tickled with how they turned out. I’ve never ordered personalized M & Ms before! And yes, that is actually a photo of the quilt we’ll be making for one of the classes on board. How fun is that?

I’ll bet you can guess who they’re for….. 🙂 But this is just the beginning. More surprises are in store. Or should I say on board. Being a K Club member definitely has it’s privileges! So, if you’re interested, click here and check out my next quilting cruise to the Southern Caribbean in February, 2011.

I have to go hide these yummy treats now, or else they won’t even make it to the Alaskan cruise.

  1. Hi Kimberly,
    This is such a cute idea! I never knew that you could personalize M&Ms! Will have to look into this for my business…

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