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Make your sewing life even easier!

See that little scissor button on my Janome 9400? I use it. ALL. THE. TIME. It’s become a muscle memory for my hand and I never need snips to cut threads at the machine anymore thanks to this handy little button. But Janome has taken this fabulous feature one step further. They provide a nifty little foot pedal which will snip your threads making the function completely hands free!

The position of the thread cutter pedal is completely customizable. You can place it to the left or the right depending on the position that is most comfortable for you.

I’ve been so comfortable using the scissor button on the machine that until recently, I hadn’t really thought of using the foot pedal. In fact, it was still packed inside the original box! But I got it out, along with the metal plate and using a cordless screwdriver, I screwed the foot pedal and the nifty thread cutter pedal onto the metal bracket in about 30 seconds. SUPER EASY! And it didn’t take long for me to get into the habit of using my foot to clip my threads at the end of each seam! I absolutely LOVE this feature; it makes sewing even easier, as if that could be possible. (Thanks, Janome!)

My sweet husband would be surprised to learn I actually can use a cordless screwdriver.

Why, yes! I do sew without my shoe or slipper. How about you? Shoe on or off?

Just last night I got my second wind around 11pm and went to my studio and cut and sewed these pretty units using my Solid-ish fabrics for a new project in the works. Sometimes I get my best, most creative work done late at night! Fortunately, the lights on my 9400 are super bright and tru-color which makes it easy to see even when there is no natural light. Brilliant! 

Are you in the mood for a bright, new project? Try my Solid-ish fabrics by Timeless Treasures. They are available everywhere but you can also get them online HERE and HERE. I’m off to my studio, having SEW MUCH FUN!

(Did anyone catch the reference in the blog title to the old DEVO song? Fun fact….that band was from the city I where I was born. Any guesses?) 

  1. Socks….always!

  2. that is so cool

  3. Kimberly, you are so awesome! Hope I see you soon!

  4. My thread cutter never worked on my Pfaff 2140, it would cut but too short, I guess, to sew without pulling the bobbin thread up. My new little Pfaff has a thread cutter and I love it. And my long arm has one. Love it. Use it on both all the time. Do wish my 2040/2140 had better lighting. My eyes have aged in the 16/18 years since I have had them.
    Looking forward to seeing your next creation. Will it be posted when done or do we have to wait for an official unveiling?

  5. Well my goodness. I didn’t know that is what that little pedal was for. I will have to try it. Can you still use the button on the machine when the pedal is hooked up?
    I sew with my shoes on.

  6. I have a less upmarket Janome 6600 it does all of those things, but no foot pedal. However the one thing that drives me crazy is that it gives no hint when the bobbin runs out. Today I was merrily strip piecing an it was only when I got to the end that I discovered 4 unsewn seams. Kimberly, if you have influence, and I am sure you have, could you whisper in their ear for me!

    • Will do! And I love the 6600 — it is a workhorse! Runs and runs and runs and runs…..perfect stitches every time!

  7. Barefoot all the way but when the floor is cold I put my heal on a slipper. Guess it might come from my Arkansas background.

  8. Born in Kent, married to Kent? Could that be? Whip it!

  9. Bare foot sewing … always????. I have the new Baby Lock foot control and love all the ways you can set it. Perfect for the lazy sewing person that I am.

  10. Whenever I use the scissors button I find that when I start to sew my next piece that I have a rats nest at the beginning so I never use it. Am I doing something wrong?

    • Hi Cloe –
      I don’t believe you’re doing anything wrong! But the issue of the thread “rats nest” isn’t normal and should be looked at by a technician at your local dealer. More than likely it will just take a little adjustment and then everything will be perfect!

  11. Barefoot sewer all the way. I didn’t learn to sew in Arkansas, either — Just need to feel that pedal against my foot!

  12. I have a Janome 8000 (no thread cutter). Socks or bare feet ALWAYS!

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