Delicious surprise!

Guess what I found on my doorstep yesterday?



Pat Deck sent me a sweet surprise in the mail — just because! She knows how much I love — no, adore — Wilbur Buds, and she was so kind to think of me when she found them at a local shop close to where she lives.

Pat, you’re TOO sweet! (All pun intended.) Thank you SO much for your thoughtfulness. Seriously, I owe you a big hug and more!

I’m off to nibble the world’s greatest chocolate now…..



PS – Be sure to hop on over and check out Pat’s blog. Pat is really funny and always has something interesting to share!

  1. Glad you liked them! It was actually my way of getting back at you for having introduced me to them in the first place. What an evil thing to do to a friend!

    For those of you who are not familiar with Wilbur Buds, they are an item made in Lititz, Pennsylvania (not far from Lancaster and Hersshey), by the Wilbur Chocolate Company. They look a lot like unwrapped Hershey Kisses, but pre-date the Hershey confection by 14 years; Wilbur Buds were first created in 1893, and Kisses in 1905.

    They should by outlawed because they are so addictive, and the fact that you don’t have to spend time taking the foil off makes them even more deadly. They are great for quilters just for that very reason — no chance of the damned foil messing up your machine! Besides, isn’t chocolate one of the 7 major food groups?

    I happen to think they are creamier than HK’s, but can never decide whether I like milk or dark chocolate better. I will just have to continue testing…..

    Kimberly, you need to come up with a Wilbur Bud themed quilt.

  2. Make that “pre-dates by 12 years”. See, all that chocolate destroys brain cells.

  3. Thanks for sharing Pat now lets see if Kimberly does. I do hope it’s with a delicious Wilbur Bud Chocolate designed quilt!

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