Do you know Jim and Andy?

If not, you should. 

Allow me to introduce Jim Smith and Andy Brunhammer. 

Andy (left) and Jim (right)

These guys are, in a word, AMAZING.

Sea and Sky, by Jim Smith and Andy Brunhammer

To give you a little background, I met Jim and Andy through a local quilt guild in 2010 when we lived in Tampa, Fl. They are such interesting and talented quilters — devoted Janome lovers — and have such a passion for tackling important issues, challenges, and continually stretching themselves creatively. I have followed their careers and artistic endeavors through the years, and helped on occasion when they’ve asked for advice or direction. It is such an honor to be associated with them and I know you’ll be interested in learning more about them, their quilts, and especially their new Hope Project which is a fantastic collection of 50 quilts made with 1000 origami-style, paper pieced cranes! Their work has been exhibited around the world and I’m sure they will continue to gather a wonderful following of quilters and fans as their popularity grows!

Elation, by Jim Smith and Andy Brunhammer

Jim was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1951 and has lived in Hillsborough County, Florida for 37 years. Andrew was born in Wilmington, Deleware in 1961 and has lived in Hillsborough County, Florida for 29 years. Andy and Jim began quilting some years ago when Jim, as a part of his 1996 Masters’ thesis project, worked on the construction of a cottage industry to a corporate concern. Due to the demands of their respective banking careers, quilting, fabric, and thread were the furthest thing from their minds, hands, or time.  

Sleep Jezebel, by Jim Smith and Andy Brunhammer

(To really see the image, step back from your screen a bit.)

Now retired Bankers, and as of 2010 and 2017, Andy and Jim decided to try to spend as much time as possible creating and experimenting with quilt designs, fabrics, their machines, and thread.

Diamonds, by Jim Smith and Andy Brunhammer

Jim’s degrees are in Bachelor of Education – Secondary English and Communication and Master in Organizational Management.  Andy’s degree is in the field of Textile Engineering and both worked on their Master of Business Administration. All their quilt projects are completed in Tampa.  Andy and Jim try to create, design, borrow, and beg their ideas from the past, the present, from those artists much more experienced, and at times from that which takes their fancy.  Jim is constantly saying that he now understands why he took so many trigonometry and analytical geometry classes in the past. Both are always eager and willing to learn with each new quilt project, and now spend as much time as possible honing their skills.

Rainbow Cranes, by Jim Smith and Andy Brunhammer

Not A Partidge, by Jim Smith and Andy Brunhammer

Jim and Andy are currently working on their Hope Project which as a portfolio of Origami Cranes on quilts and wall-hangings. The Project will include about 50 Cranes Quilts designed and created by them both. You’ll find all kinds of interesting reading on Jim’s blog by clicking HERE.

To read even more about the Hope Project, click on these links: 

Origami Cranes – Our Obsession

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Equality, by Jim Smith and Andy Brunhammer

Other exhibits and shows include:

Awards, publications, and other recognition include:

    • Quilts SB – a Fine-Tune Partnership; Meetin’ Place: Jim and Andy Brunhammer – Quilters Newsletter, by Lori Baker, June/July 2016
    • BW 2010 and Tampa Kaleidoscope – 1st and 2nd Awards – “Splash of Color” Quilt & Fiber Art Show – Cabarrus, North Carolina; 2015
    • Cosmo’s Moon – Faculty Award – MQX Quilt Festival; Pacific Northwest; Portland, Oregon; 2013
    • Quilting becomes new careers for Carrollwood guys – The Tampa Tribune, Jeff Berlincke, May 19, 2013
    • Tampa Lightning – Judge’s Choice – Diamond State Quilt Show; Newark, Delaware; 2013
    • EssbeeCon – Judge’s Choice – Mancusco Denver National Quilt Festival; Denver, Colorado; 2013
    • Quilts SB, Tampa, FL – McCall’s America Quilts Together, 2012
    • I Really Love Lucy – Judge’s Choice – MQX West Show; Portland, Oregon; 2012
    • MQX Announces Winners – eyeQ News, Quilters Newsletter by Bill Gardner; April/May 2012
    • Mondrian 1 – 1st Place – Splash of Color Fiber Art and Quilt Show; Concord North Carolina; 2012
    • Colored Windows II – Judge’s Choice – MQX West Show; Portland, Oregon; 2011
    • Coral Steps – 1st Place – HMQS; Salt Lake City, Utah; 2011

I feel incredibly blessed just to know them and call them friends and I know we’ll continue to see great things from this dynamic quilting duo! 

  1. I am a huge fan of Jim & Andy’s work! Follow them on FaceBook, and am constantly amazed and inspired by them.

  2. Two amazing person who I will always be grateful for allowing me to know them and work on few video projects.

  3. Wow! Incredible work. Will have to give a look on Facebook.

  4. Wonderful showcase for your work. Loved the exhibit at the JBK library and was bowled over by the creativity. Best of luck in future showings as I’m sure there will be many.

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