EQ users rejoice! NEW Blockbase+ and a GIVEAWAY!!!


Cheeto helped us draw a winner at random (okay, we used a random generator) and the lucky winner is Judy Valentino! Congratulations, Judy!

I’ve been an avid user of Electric Quilt software since 1992. The first version I used (almost thirty years ago!) was version 3, and I’m now using the most current version which is 8. While all the versions have been amazing through the years, I’m thrilled with how version 8 is so easy to use and user-intuitive. I’m also very proud to be an EQ Artist!

For many years, I’ve also relied heavily on BlockBase software. Simply put, I don’t design any of my quilts without using this fabulous quilt design software duo! I’m thrilled to share the news there’s been a major update to BlockBase, called BLOCKBASE+! I’ve been happily beta testing this amazing software upgrade for the past six weeks and let me just say, IT IS AMAZING!

Whether you are already an avid Electric Quilt Software fan or whether you’ve never used EQ quilt software before, if you’re interested in using the best quilt software on the market, you NEED Blockbase+. Looking for more information? Here is everything you need to know:

BlockBase+ is taken directly from the pages of Barbara Brackman’s Third Edition of the Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns book and brings over 4,000 quilt blocks to your computer screen. Barbara’s decades of research is available to you in this organized and user-friendly software for Windows® and Mac® computers. Packed with complete publication information for each block, robust search features, exporting and printing capabilities — it’s the perfect quilting tool for all skill levels!

You can take a “scroll” through 4,264 blocks organized in categories of One Patch, Non-Square, Fans, Wheels, Stars, and many more! Zoom in on a block to see it in full detail. Learn the original published names for each block and from what source each was first published. Some blocks have multiple names and sources. BlockBase+ comes with advanced search features, too. If you have the Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns from Barbara Brackman (another must-have in your studio!), you can use the search feature to find a block based on the Brackman ID listed in the book. Or you can search by keyword, source, or category (skill level, piecing style, etc.) to scour the database for blocks based on specific criteria.

BlockBase+ is a block-printing powerhouse! Choose to print a picture of the block, templates, rotary cutting chart, or foundation pattern – in any size! Each printing style comes with customizable settings so your printout fits your needs. Enter the desired finished size and seam allowance, then print! Use the interactive print preview to move and rotate pattern pieces on the pages. Add new pages if necessary! Include a 1-inch scale square to ensure your printouts are true to size! Not ready to print and sew? Save your customized preview as a PDF file to come back to later.

Every block can be exported as a low or high resolution PNG or JPG file to use in documents, on the web, or just to show your friends the next block you plan to sew. If you have a fabric cutter, BlockBase+ can export SVG files for use in fabric-cutting machines. Choose the size and save the file for your cutter. Choose a block to view in 7 pre-designed quilt layouts. The selected block will display in a simple click-through dialog so you can preview that block in different settings. You’ll be amazed by the secondary designs created when some of these blocks are repeated in a layout! 

Electric Quilt Software not required, but EQ8 owners can link BlockBase+ to their EQ8 if they wish, which is how I like to use these two powerful design tools!

And just in case you don’t have these amazing, special EQ software “add-ons”, you’ll definitely want to check these out. (I still can’t quite believe there are three add-on programs with my name on them!) You can get them HERE.


How about a giveaway!!

The good folks at the Electric Quilt Company are going to gift a copy of BlockBase+ to one lucky winner from a drawing I will hold on Friday, April 2! All you need to do to enter is leave a comment telling me why you’d like to have BlockBase+ on my Facebook business page, Kimberly Einmo Designs! (And while you’re there, would you please “LIKE” my page? That would be just amazing, thanks!) Or simply leave a comment here on my blog. We’ll compile all the names and let Cheeto pick a winner! 

But in the meantime if you can’t wait, hop on over and grab a copy of your own! BlockBase+ is a MUST HAVE in every quilter’s design arsenal! 

  1. I would love an updated version of BlockBase. Anything that makes my life easier and clearer right now would be a blessing. Thank you for the opportunity. ?

  2. I have two quilts patterns that I want to publish, and have been using a free source online to create the patterns. It sounds like BlockBase is a far superior product to what I have been trying to use, and I would love to have a copy!

  3. Hi Cheeto! Pick me pick me! I have EQ8 and have found that to have plenty of blocks but it can’t hurt to have Blockbase too!

  4. Well, I LOVE a good contest! May Cheeto be guided to pick my name on Friday! LOL!

  5. What else can I say but “Wow!”

  6. I used EQ to design my granddaughters wedding quilt. Was a great tool to use combining some Row By Row rows I had collected and designing the paper pieced Bee blocks for the center motif.

  7. I would love to design my own quilt! With blocks I’ve created!???

  8. Hi Cheeto, what a handsome boy you are, I hope you pick me for the BlockBase.

  9. I would love it if Cheeto would pick my name. I make quilts for our Prayers and Squares ministry at our church. Having an unlimited (over 4000) different designs would be wonderful.

  10. I would love to try the software. I have a MC10001, outdated compared to the new machines, but I love it and would love to add some BlockBase+ software to my quilting adventure.

  11. I’m looking forward to using BB+ to be inspired with some new-to-me blocks as well as read a little history about them (date, various names, etc). I currently design with EQ8 and look forward to assisting those in the fb group, Electric Quilt Users, with this updated BB software. Thank you for hosting the giveaway!

  12. I have never used Blockbase but really think it would be a fantastic help for my quilt designs!

  13. I would love to be able to design my own quilts.

  14. I would love the chance to win. Looks like a fabulous program to help make quilts for my family. Thanks for the chance

  15. I believe having the Block Base + would enhance and expand my quilting capabilities. It would be exciting to use this software. Thank you for the opportunity to win this.

  16. Cheeto looks ready to pick a winner. Hopefully it’s me. Great giveaway

  17. I love to research quilt blocks. I had the old version and would love to win the newer version.

  18. Me, me, me, little man!

  19. This looks amazing. I need to explore more and create. Cheeto help me out, Buddy

  20. I promise to use cat fabric in my blocks. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  21. I’m ready for an easier program. I got the Barbara Brackman book and need to update my EQ. Cheeto please pick me

  22. I just installed EQ8 and will be learning how to use it. Can’t wait! Would love to have Blockbase to add to it! Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Blockbase+ would be a perfect addition to me, sounds like it will be simple to understand and designing a quilt would be a great experience at this time.

    Thank you

  24. can’t wait to start your pineapple punch! got my fabrics last week.

  25. Block Base would help me with new technology

  26. I have always wanted software to do different things to my blocks. This would help out alot. ??

  27. I have Barbara Brackman’s latest version of her encyclopedia and would love to have Block Base + to go with it. Thank you for the opportunity to win a free version of this software.

  28. This sounds like just what I need to help me design my quilt tops and backs.! Using up my stash is a goal since last year, but sometimes I need the right block to make it work. This would be lovely!

  29. Block Base + would be something new to explore. I would love to give it a try.

  30. I would love to win Blockbase, I do quilts for kids and would like to design my own patterns. Pick me Cheeto!

  31. Would definitely love to have a copy of the new Blockbase.

  32. I would love block base,,,always learning
    Thank you

  33. I have not used EQ. Blockbuster would make an addition to my planning abilities. Thanks for the chance

  34. Block Base is new to me. I would love the opportunity to explore this software. Pick me Cheeto.

  35. I have never used this software it looks very interesting.maybe give myself a birthday present in April and try it out. Hope all is well with you

  36. This sounds wonderful! I would love to win one. Cheeto you’re such a cutie! Pick me

  37. The sky is the limit with Block Base and EQ 8 and I would really enjoy the creative boost!

  38. It would be so nice to win BlockBase+. Good luck to all

  39. I would love the opportunity to try block base software in designing a quilt. It looks amazing and the possibilities are endless.

  40. I love EQ8, Blockbase and Barbara Brackman’s new Encyclopedia of Quilt Blocks. Blockbase Plus software makes the resource portable for RV camping trips and I would love to win. Thank you for the opportunity.

  41. Blockbase + would go nicely with my EQ8. Recently retired, so not ready to buy.

  42. Cheeto I would love to design my own quilts and have a very handsome guy by my side. Could use Mr. Kim also.

  43. Now that I am refitted and have more time I would love to design my own quilt blocks!! What fun!!

  44. Hi Cheeto! As we all know, lots of things are better with a kitty helper, especially quilting.

  45. I often make up my own quilt designs and being able to see what the finished quilt looks like would be awesome!

  46. I would love to win this give-away. I love to plan my own quilts. In addition I’m a co-program chair for my guild, and we have mystery QALs where my co-host and I pick the main blocks to be used. Blockbase + would be a great help.

  47. Would love to use block base to design my own quilts. Much better than graph paper. Thanks for the giveaway.

  48. I remember when EQ first came out but I wasn’t into software. It looks like a great program now. Like the pic of Cheeto!

  49. This software sounds awesome!!! I have never heard about it probably because I’m new to quilting, but I’m developing into an avid quilter taking lessons from my local quilt store. These lessons have given me the confidence to take bold steps trying out intermediate and advanced quilting techniques. My next class will be on Altering a Quilt Pattern. Once I have that technique down I will be super ready to dive into applying myself in using the Electric Quilt software, BlockBase+. Thank you for this opportunity to enter the giveaway drawing!

  50. Block Base + sound amazing! Having read your blog I now need to get this software to expand my quilting knowledge and inspiration. Thank you for posting. Cheeto, I would not mind if you picked my name.

  51. I never knew there was a software program where I could build my own quilts! I live in Canada and it hard to order a book with quilt patterns and instructions. If you can find one the shipping costs are really expensive. To be able to design my own quilts? Especially since I think I’ve mastered my Janome Contental M7! What a dream combination!

  52. I have been an EQ user since EQ1 and have found every upgrade just gets better and better. I’m hoping the next upgrade of EQ software will support exporting designs to SVG file format. I have enjoyed using the original Block Base since it was released but sadly lost my key code and haven’t been able to load it to a newer laptop. But I’m hopeful to get Block Base + and it would be wonderful if I were lucky enough to win a copy. Thank you and Cheeto for coordinating such a giveaway.

  53. Hi Kimberly and Cheeto! I would love to have Block Base!! I’m just getting into quilting and it look AWESOME and I’m sure it would be loads and toads of help for a newbie.

  54. I got the book for my Christmas present from my husband. I like it so msuch. This software would be great for check different color combinations. If I get it than I will have to get a fabric cutter (one thing leads to another).

  55. I would love to own Blockbase+ During the pandemic since we cant meet in person I have been creating sew-along programs for the ladies I was teaching in person. The Blockbase would make my options so much better 🙂

  56. I would love to own Blockbase. I have an obsession with quilt blocks. I love to look up where they came from and all the fascinating details. I would spend hours and hours with this. Thanks for a chance to win.

  57. Kimberly, you’re just the best educator and so helpful with any and all questions. I don’t have a Blockbase but would love to win one ?. Always looking forward to learning new things!!

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