FREE Mystery Quilt!

Today’s the big day: I’m launching my second FREE MYSTERY QUILT from my home page at!

I hope you’ll join me each week for Mystery Quilt Fridays with Kimberly to download the clues until the mystery quilt is revealed towards the end of February. You’ll love this new mystery quilt, and this is a great opportunity to stick to your New Year’s resolution to do some serious stash busting this year. So pick out your prettiest fabrics (you know, the ones you bought for a special project but have been saving…..) from your stash and get busy cutting. Hint: be sure not to jump ahead and sew basic units, even if you think you know where they will be going in the quilt.

Now, click on over to my website and download the supply list, fabric requirements and basic cutting instructions. I’ll see you there!

  1. Very cool. I am gathering fabric. If I want to increase the size of the quilt & add a block to each row, will the pattern work out?

  2. Hi, Kimberly,
    I would like to participate. Will you send me the required fabric list by email?

  3. Pat —

    Great question, I’m glad you asked. Due to the fact that this particular quilt (and overall design) has three distinct blocks, it doesn’t lend itself well to “expansion” by adding a single row across and down. You’ll be able to increase the size of the quilt by adjusting the width of your borders, or adding a pieced border (from the leftover strips), or even by adding another outer border.

    Hope this helps!


  4. Carolyn —

    Check your inbox! 🙂


  5. Thanks. I thought so. I had to go out & buy some fabrics to go with those in my stash that I knew I wanted to use. Fortunately one of my local fabril shops was having an MLK weekend special of 25% off — essentially, buy 4 yards, get 1 free. Of course this is the same shop that offers stash busting classes, so I suppose the sale was a little like selling German Chocolate Cake for 25% off at a Weight Watchers meeting. In any event, I’ll be making up my little chart & cutting my fabric today.

    Speaking of MLK Day, that same fabric shop is doing an “in service day” on Monday, the day most of us here in the USA have a holiday. They’ve opened their store to kids and adults who want to help make charity quilts together. I thought that was a wonderful idea. My sister’s company is sponsoring a voluntary in service day as well. She will be bringing her youngest son & 3 of his friends. All of them are seniors in high school and are very much into doing community work. As a matter of fact, their high school requires each student to do 30 hours of community service each year; that requirement has turned into a genuine desire for many of the students. Their high school is a private Catholic High School (although because of the excellence of the school, many of the students are not Catholic) , so what better way to to encourage students to live their faith?

  6. Pat — Your analogy of German chocolate cake at a Weight Watchers meeting made me laugh out loud! Thanks for the chuckle. And I think the day of service is a fantastic idea! My boy and I are going to be doing some things here in the neighborhood tomorrow including picking up trash in the park across the street, etc. Hope you’ll all find a way to do your part, no matter how small!

  7. I am interested in your Mystery Quilt (summer solstice). Is the pattern available?

    • Hi Kay!

      Unfortunately, that mystery quilt pattern is not for sale at this time. I’m still teaching it as a class for different events around the country. However, it will be available beginning in October — when it will be featured in my next book!

      • Kimberly:
        Thanks for your reply, I will look forward to October, what book will it be featured in?

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