Full Circle

Earlier this year I created a fun little quilt from some gorgeous Danish fabrics I bought at a charming quilt shop in Germany last year. My personal challenge was to effectively use the chartreuse fabric I bought by incorporating it with the sweet pink and lovely blue fabrics from the same manufacturer from Denmark.

I finished the quilt top and sent it to Birgit Schuller in Germany who offered to quilt it for me. She not only quilted it beautifully, she took it to the shop owner (also named Birgit) to share the quilt with her.

Take a peek at the pretty quilting which accents the design perfectly….

For a closer view….

And just look at the back!

Birgit will be bringing the quilt back to me when she and her family visit the US in just a couple of weeks. I am so excited to see it in person and put the binding and label as the finishing touches on the quilt. It really has come full circle! Now, if I could just decide on a name. Any ideas from you readers out there? I’m open to suggestions! Please leave me a comment below.

Congratulations, Birgit!

For some truly exciting news, Birgit’s quilt, Licorice and Lace, won BEST OF SHOW at this year’s Vermont Quilt Festival! Not only did it take the top prize, it also won the top awards for Best Quilt Outside USA and Best Machine Quilting (Track Machine)!  And just so you know, she made this quilt entirely from one Jelly Roll plus one background fabric!  How exciting is that?

Well done, Birgit!

  1. With the story and the quilting I think Full Circle is a great name.

    • I LIKE it! It never even entered my mind to use the name of the blog post as the name of the quilt. Thanks, Susan! 🙂

  2. Kimberly, would you please stop to make me blush? It’s entirely enough that I cannot quite realize what has happened at the VQF. I’m all excited about all these ribbons, that’s for sure…
    As for your little Danish quilt – looking at the pictures now, I had the impression of windmills neatly arranged in lines in one of those offshore windparks that you find off the German North and East Sea shores. So my name suggestion is “Offshore Winds”.
    Can’t wait to hug you in person soon. Until then, I’m sending lots of cyber hugs your way.

    • Birgit — I like Offshore Winds, too! Both yours and Susan’s name suggestions are terrific options. I just adore how you quilted the quilt and can hardly wait to see it in person. Hurry up and get here! 🙂

  3. First, congratulations to Birgit. She is sehr amazing und sehr talented (sorry, that’s about as gut as my German gets). She really is a rising star in the quilting world!

    Kimberly, your quilt is beautiful. I can see it on a bed in a crisp, white room. Birgit’s quilting is just right as well — lovely, but not overwhelming. The windmills are perfect.

    • Thank you, Pat, for your congratulations to Birgit and also for the compliments on the quilt. You are such a sweetheart to always stop by and leave a comment on my blog, You have no idea how much I appreciate it!

  4. Its a beautiful quilt. And I love the name suggestions. I would like to add one of my own as well. Thinking of where the fabrics come from and what the design looks like I suggest “Danish Pastries”. Yum, yum! 🙂

    And a huge congratulations to Birgit! Well deserved.

  5. Thank you so much for all the congratulations, ladies & gentlemen! That’s so nice of you!
    See, Kimberly, that’S what you get, when you ask for name suggestions – you get so many ideas that you’ll have a hard time to decide on one. Most probably you’ll end up having to make more quilts so that each of these great names will be used eventually!
    BTW, I finished quilting your Star Flower/Flower Star quilt top today! Can’t wait to hand over all these treasures really soon…


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