Home Again….

You’ve heard me say many times how much I love traveling around the country (and the world) to teach classes and share my love and passion for quilting with quilters everywhere. And I do love it. But my goodness, I’m happy to be back home for a little while. I spent about four consecutive weeks “on the road” with just a couple days at home in between basically, to do laundry and repack my suitcase. I’m not complaining, mind you, and the good times far outweigh the hassles. But here are a few “realizations” I came up with while I was gone:

  • I simply can’t have a bad day when I’m teaching a classroom full of excited quilters. Their enthusiasm and excitement is palpable!
  • The generosity of willingness to give and share is never more evident than amongst quilters.
  • Sleeping in hotel rooms can be fun, but there’s nothing quite as wonderful as your own bed and shower.
  • I missed my boys and I think they missed me!
  • I missed my sweet dog and all three cats, too!
  • I don’t like going through TSA lines at the airport.
  • (Put an exclamation point on that last bullet!)
  • I really don’t like schlepping heavy suitcases when I travel.
  • I get frustrated at the mountains of paperwork and email that I get behind on when I’ve been away.
  • I  have really missed having time at home to be creative and actually piece and quilt something. Anything!

It took me almost a week to get caught up on administrative things and get myself organized. I’m ready to dive in and create. I’m itching to MAKE SOMETHING — and I have lots to do for the next book! (Hint, hint.…)

One thing I did do this past weekend was to sort through and organized my fabric stash, which is currently stored in one half of our basement rec room. This took about three days to do properly; but now that it is done, I feel terrific about it! I know where everything is located, what I have to use and what needs to be used; and what I still need to get in order to make the next round of quilts I have designed. But its a start.

Did you hear that? It is a contented sigh of relief……

Now that I’m home again.

  1. Just discovered your blog. Plan to follow you. Agree completely about getting back home and having your own family and “things” around. Looking forward to a class via computer.

  2. Kimberly – your weeks away must be crazy! But, so much fun too. When it all comes down to it though, there is no place like home! I hope you have so much fun creating and piecing (I love that part of quilting) – I can not wait for your next book. Take care!

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