I can see clearly now!

This post has nothing to do with quilting. And everything to do with something that is nothing short of miraculous!

I can see without my reading glasses! No surgery required. Yep, it’s true and it’s wonderful. I think I love my optometrist. He’s my new best friend. He told me about these amazing new contact lenses which allow me to see clearly for both distance and up close. I can thread a needle, check my bobbin tension, stitch a perfect 1/4″ — all without my reading glasses. And when I’m in a store, I can see all the numbers on price tags and read labels on canned goods. All without my reading glasses. I can read a book or newspaper.  I can read a map. I can help the boys with their homework. All without my reading glasses. Did I mention how amazing this is?

Well, I’ll be out of touch for awhile, because I’m getting ready to travel overseas. I’ll be seeing the fantastic, amazing members of the Rheinland Pfalz Quilt Guild in Germany and visiting with the many talented, amazing Czech quilters at the 4th Annual Prague Patchwork Meeting. And I’ll even be spending some time with a few wonderful, amazing friends in Germany and France. I can hardly wait.

In the meantime, Happy Easter, everyone. See you back here in a bit. And when I return, I’ll have lots of photos to share and a major update.

Now that’s what I call amazing!

  1. Hi Mimi — Oh I wish you could go, too! I am so looking forward to going back to the Czech Republic again. Can’t wait to shop for some crystal (and garnets, maybe?) and see all the wonderful things in that beautiful city. I just hope it doesn’t rain. According to the weather forcast, it is supposed to be quite cold. Brrrr. I’m ready for Spring, but I’ll take whatever I can get there! Will miss you —

  2. Kimberly! Thank you! I know this post was especially for me!!!! 🙂 You are awesome! I have made an appointment and can’t wait to see if these contacts will work for me too! If they do, you are my hero! If they don’t, you are still my hero!! Have a great trip and enjoy your friends that you have all over the world! Maybe by the time you return, I’ll have quilted my two quilts we made from your classes you taught here in Central Illinois!!! 🙂 Miss you! Enjoy!

  3. Wish I was on this trip with you, please give Carla and Ruthanne a hi from me. Does RPQG have a new website – I still look at the old one but it is never updated (hint, hint). My family got one quick weekend bus trip to the Czech Republic – shopping, river cruise and Christmas market (went the weekend after Thanksgiving). Have fun.
    BTW – Chain Saw is in the mail to Mary Flynn. And the shoppe’s and guild’s mysteries are in the works. I love my blocks from Step 2 of ICE Train to Am. We had our guild meeting and 4 more people signed up – new total 45 members. Sure hope there are a lot of quilts to show you when you come.
    Happy Easter.

  4. I think the contact lenses are nothing short of a miracle. I have another brand, but love them. And they are too quilt related. Think of how much better your quilting life is now. I asked my optometrist how they work, and she didn’t know (trade secret), but we both agreed it must be magic. I still need my readers in low light situations, so you may want to pack some as a back up, just in case.

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