I’m teaching classes for VQF@Home!

I’m very excited to share that I’ll be teaching at VQF@HOME — the virtual Vermont Quilt Festival for 2021!

Since we can’t be together in person this year, I was asked to teach four classes for the Vermont Quilt Festival online — and I’m excited to share these special classes with you! Although I’d much rather be together in Vermont in June, meeting via ZOOM does have it’s advantages. So why not choose to look on the bright side with me and sign up for one, two, or all of my workshops (plus a lecture!) and let’s have some retreat-at-home-style fun?

First, you should check out the VQF@Home website.  You’ll be able to find all the supply lists and information about the available kits on my website after May 1st by clicking the Student Portal.

These are the classes I’ll be teaching:

On Friday, June 18th, Spinwheel Star & Flying Geese

CLICK HERE to learn more. 
There will be a full kit with fabrics to make the complete top (including binding)
available after May 15th on my website for just $55!

On Saturday, June 19th, Fractured Flying Geese

CLICK HERE to learn more.  
There will be a partial kit with fabrics to make the top
available after May 15th on my website for just $30!

Fabrics #s, shown from left to right: #1, #2, #4, #3, #5, #6, #7

On Sunday, June 20th, VQF 45th Anniversary Sapphire Mystery Quilt

CLICK HERE to learn more.  
There is no kit for this class, but I have provided the information
for the fabrics I used for my mystery quilt here. 


  • Fabric #1 LIGHT — Background, SOHO White  / 1½ yards
  • Fabric #2 LIGHT — Fleur – C8450 White  /  ½ yard
  • Fabric #4 MEDIUM — Solid-ish – Kim-C6100  /  1 yard
  • Fabric #3 MEDIUM LIGHT — Fleur – C8449 White  /  1¼ yards
  • Fabric #5 MEDIUM — Fleur–C8451 Blue  /  ½ yard
  • Fabric #6 MEDIUM DARK — Solid-ish – Kim-C6100 Ocean  /  1 yard
  • Fabric #7 DARK — Fleur – C8448 – Navy  /  ¾ yard

NOTE: This is one pattern where I DO NOT RECOMMEND choosing ANY obvious directional fabrics! You will not be able to control the orientation of the direction of the prints in the blocks, so choose non-directional prints instead for a stress-free mystery quilt class experience!

Snowflake Stars Quilt

On Monday, June 21th, Snowflake Stars

CLICK HERE to learn more. 
There will be a partial kit with fabrics to make the top available after May 15th on my website for just $35, and a full kit of fabrics to make the top, including background and binding for $90!

Plus, I’ll be presenting my popular CREATIVE SPACES lecture on Thursday, June 17th!

So please plan to join me for a “virtual” Vermont Quilt Festival retreat this year. It will be really fun — and we can make all sorts of fun plans to meet in person next year, in 2022, in Vermont!

  1. Great news. Fun lineup of classes and lecture

  2. Hi Kimberly, I’ve signed up for 2 of your classes at the VQF this year! So very excited! Would you mind sharing what the name of the fabric you used for the background on your Fractured Flying Geese quilt…I love all the multi colors which I think makes all the “Star” pop. I’m signed up for the Mystery quilt as well and am so excited about all the blue and white fabric! I would love to order ahead of time to have my fabric ready, would you mind posting fabric requirements for the Mystery quilt please? Thank you and I’m really looking forward to meeting you in person in October and the IQF in Houston!?

  3. I am so looking forward to VQF. I signed up for two of your classes plus the lecture, and so many other classes! I will be hopelessly behind on projects but who cares? Too much fun!

  4. I am so excited about this. The only thing that could make it better would be if we could meet in person. Anyway, I’m taking three classes: Fractured Flying Geese, Mystery and Snowflake Stars. What a start to a great week of vacation.

  5. Karen, I have a question. Earlier 2021 you spoke at Piecemaker’s Quilt group. Hempstead, Tx. January or February.

    You showed us a small picture and spoke of your new pattern. It was part snail trail and morphed to another edition of a common block. Kind of a storm at sea look.
    Turquoise and navy (?).

    Have you had something similar publish in last months? Is that soon to be published? It was expected to post or release soon. Please advise if it is out or when it’s expected to be available. I’m waiting for it!!

    • Hi Dawn! Whoopsie — sorry, but I think you were trying to leave a comment for another instructor named Karen. I didn’t speak to the Piecemaker’s Quilt Group this year.

  6. I’m ready to order my kit so it arrives in Alaska in time for me to get it cut. I can’t find it online.

  7. So excited to be participating in your VQF zoom classes! It will be great fun!

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