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Hello, everyone!

Thought I would pop in here to share an update about a couple of fun things I currently have in the works. 

First, remember those Shoo Fly blocks I requested when we found out we were moving to Australia? I want to sincerely THANK YOU everyone who so generously sent in a block (or blocks!) Many of you also wrote beautiful handwritten notes, or sent small gifts (some even sent handmade gifts for the kitties, which were greatly appreciated!) As the blocks arrived, I carefully stored everything in a bin and shipped it to Australia in April. Well, I have just spent the last week going through each and every letter, card, and note to carefully log names and cities/states or countries in a dedicated binder. I am creating a very special label with all the documentation for each of you about every block! And I have saved every single note, letter or card and they will be lovingly stored in that same binder to accompany the finished quilt(s). 

So, how many blocks did I receive?

I was shocked to discover when I counted and recorded them I have a total of 235 blocks!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sending those blocks; I am truly humbled and overwhelmed by your generosity and for the amazing messages of love, friendship and encouragement you shared by writing on them. I spent time carefully heat-setting all the ink and if by chance you didn’t happen to write on your block, I carefully recorded your name, city and state so I can see your block and remember each face and friendship I have made. Your words touched my heart and I shed many tears while reading through them. 

I have enough blocks to make two very large quilts and that is exactly what I will be doing! I will post photos of the process. My dear friend, Carolyn Archer (Ohio Star Quilting) has agreed to quilt them for me! I can’t tell you how much these quilts will mean to both Mr. Kim and me because of the love and sweet wishes you have shared. These will be called our “Blessings quilts!”

Guess what time it is?

It’s time for another Janome DONE BEFORE DINNER project! 

Mr. Kim and I will be recording the next FB video tomorrow and I’ll let you know when it will be posted on the Janome FB Sewing Machines page. But I want to give you a “heads up” so you’ll have time to gather some empty feed sacks; the kind made from recycled material. I love to reclaim, repurpose, and reuse and with this project I’ll be showing you how to make something really useful — and truly fun to make! You can use any farm animal feed bags, like large dog food sacks. Stop at your local feed store and ask them for any bags they have opened and are getting ready to toss. Seriously, that’s what I did right here at the local feed store in Alice Springs and they were more than happy to let me take as many feed bags as I could find in their refuse bin! Or, ask your neighbor with the big dogs down the street. Ask at the local shelters or big box pet stores. Be creative! Just be sure to wash the bags out and dry them thoroughly before using in this project.

And that’s not all….I plan to host a GIVEAWAY of one of my finished projects, so stay tuned to find out how to enter to win. I can hardly wait to share with you!

Stay tuned for information about my next Janome DONE BEFORE DINNER FB LIVE event. I’ll post the date/time as soon as I know what the schedule will be!

Until then…. G’day, mates!

  1. Looking forward to to seeing what you have done with the blocks received. Also to a “Done Before Dinner “ project.

  2. Looking forward to to seeing what you have done with the blocks received. Also to a “Done Before Dinner “ project.
    Also looking forward to the adventures of the “roost.

  3. I am looking forward to seeing the quilts that you are making from all of those blocks. I expect that they will be quite colorful!

  4. Thank you for giving us an update on the churn dash blocks! The numerous blocks received shows how much you are loved, and I look forward to seeing your “blessing” quilts when you complete them! May HE continue to watch over you both and bless you! (And the kitties too!) 😉

  5. You make my day. I’m recovering from my right foot surgery so I haven’t been sewing. Going to try to use my stop and start button Love reading your messages to us.

  6. So enjoy your enthusiasm for all things quilting! So glad you love your new life in Australia! Remember Jesus loves you!

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