I’m thrilled to introduce my new line of fabrics
by Timeless Treasures Fabrics! 

Solid-ish is a line of thirty clear, color-drenched, printed fabrics. From a distance, they look solid but the closer you get, the more texture you’ll see with teensy splashes of color peeking through! They’re “solid – ish.” These are the perfect addition to every quilters’ stash. They blend brilliantly with other print fabrics, they work effortlessly as background fabrics, and yet they confidently hold their own as the starring fabrics in ANY quilt! 

Solid-ish comes in thirty vibrant colors and will be available in your local quilt shop starting in November — right after their debut at Quilt Market in Houston in just a few weeks! It’s been so hard not to let it slip as I’ve been working on these for so many months. All the planning, hard work, and anticipation have truly paid off. The good folks at Timeless Treasures were absolutely wonderful to work with and these lovelies are exactly what I envisioned in my mind’s eye. I just know you’ll love them as much as I do. 

Just look at the glorious selection of colors!

Don’t you agree they are positively luscious?

Solid-ish will also be available in precut 2 1/2″ strip bundles, although I don’t have any of those in my hands yet. Still waiting impatiently here for those to arrive but soon, very soon….

In the meantime, Solid-ish is 100% “Toby approved!”

I’m doing a happy dance here in my studio; happiness is seeing my name on the selvage! 

So, now you know what was in all those boxes I posted on Facebook a couple of weeks ago! 

How about a Solid-ish giveaway?

The label on the dark blue fabric is OCEAN.

If you’d like to be one of the very first to have this gorgeous bundle of 30 fat quarters of Solid-ish, simply leave a comment here and tell me which one of these color is your favorite. I’ll choose a winner on Monday, October 9th. Check back here to see if you’ve won! If you win, you have to pinky-promise to make something with them, okay? (wink!)


  1. Fabulous!

    • I like the lemon and those colors of fall.

    • The gold would look great in my quilt.

    • Lime, my favorite
      Love the textured look

    • GORGEOUS!!! Love the purples. So happy to see this happening for you, can’t wait to see what else comes down the poke for you

    • They look luscious! Can’t wait to see them “in the flesh”. Orange, if I have to pick just one.

    • These colors are downright YUMMY!! Love the purple and the orange. I want some of that special selvage ???? Hope all is well with u & the guys.

    • I like them all, but particularly the orange, almost like cinnamon. Looks like that might be Toby’s favorite, too.

    • Wow, they are luscious Kim. Really pretty. They are going to be scooped up. I love the ocean one and you are going to be closer to the ocean soon !!
      Congratulations. Kathy McNeil

    • Congratulations Kim! Love these colors…perfect for my fabric kits. It’s hard to choose a favorite but the cherry ???? is delicious.

  2. I would LOVE the OCEAN color for a start!!

  3. They are all gorgeous but my fave is mint!

  4. Mint is my favorite – it was so hard to choose one! I love these so much Kimberly.

  5. I love this line. I think the Grape is my favorite – very “rich” looking.

  6. Congrats on your new line of fabric which is just beautiful. Trying to pick just one favorite is definitely a tough decision but the lemon fabric is just terrific and I know I will be adding that to my stash as well as a few others. I am keeping my fingers crossed and will keep an eye on your blog to see who the winner is.

  7. Sky or sapphire or ocean. I can’t pick just ONE!!! Thanks Kimberly.

  8. All of them! But Magenta is the best.

  9. Vibrant, beautiful colors.

    Any of the Blues are my favorite. I’ve liked Blue since I was a little girl.

  10. Beautiful fabric; I think Dream might be my favorite

  11. I’m Sky to Azure through and through, however, not in spirit.:)

  12. Congratulations Kimberly! Love your new fabric, the colors are all wonderful. It’s hard to pick a favorite. I’ve changed my mind several times already, but at this minute my favorite is citrus.

  13. Since I love to skydive… “Sky” does it for me! 🙂

  14. Wow! These are gorgeous! It would be hard to pick just ONE favorite color! My eye keeps moving towards the Lagoon, Stone, and Jungle!

  15. Lemon it is!!

  16. Kimberly, I can see Cranes. All of them. Jim

  17. Love it! Sapphire! Suzie and I are about to finish the many year in the making blue/white quilt. I could see that in the “special” binding we are planning. Congratulations on another “first”. We knew you would be designing fabric at some point.

  18. I would pick the gold but love them all……


  20. I LOVE them all !!!!!!! (If I am forced to choose one I guess I would pick lagoon) but I like them ALL ????

  21. Seriously? You expect me to choose just one?? I love that Fushia, but Lagoon is gorgeous, and Sky is to die for. If I must, I’ll go with Lemonade. Congratulations on the launch of these gorgeous blenders! I love the depth and texture. These are gonna be a go-to line for so many quilts. Can’t wait to see your samples!

  22. I like cherry ????

  23. Your fabric is just beautiful! Can’t wait to get my hands on some to put into my quilts. I love the magenta and lagoon and after I realized I had zoomed in on them it made me giggle. In the past few years I’ve been loving pinks and greens since I had raised only boys, something I know you can relate to! Lol Anyway, congratulations on the fabric line!!

  24. So excited to see what was in those boxes. Congratulations Kimberly on this and on the move to the West coast.
    So many colors to choose from but I think I wouldf first pick fuscia. Love love love this new line.

  25. Love the lime! Actually I love them all!

  26. Oh Kimberley, these are beautiful. Having to pick just one is a big ask but for me it will be the orange as I love Autumn colours.. I am sure these will become a staple in everyone’s stash. Good luck.

  27. Congratulations, they are beautiful. Love them all, buti I will pick lime.

  28. Congrats, Kimberly!! That Lagoon is divine!!! Can’t wait to see them all in Houston!

  29. I’m all about pink, so Fuchsia has to be my fave. Plus, I love the little peeks of another color!

  30. Mint is my favorite. I have been looking for the perfect ocean background for my Hawaiian ???? applique quilt. I think I found it!!! Love that Carribbean blue water.

  31. They all are gorgeous but I think I like sapphire the best

  32. Congratulations, Kimberly!!!
    It’s hard to choose just one! maybe Lagoon… or Lemonade?
    I think I will need them ALL!!!


  33. Lagoon is my favorite but I already have a table runner just waiting for Gold!! Can’t wait for these to hit the quilt stores!! Congratulations, Kimberly. They are beautiful!!

  34. I love all the blues! But then I like the greens and purples too. It’s really hard to pick out a favorite. They are all beautiful.

  35. All are beautiful! If I have to choose one, mint it is! Congrats on a great line, can’t wait to feel it in my hands.

  36. Blues Dream

  37. I love the citrus….or sky….or orchid…..I LOVE THEM ALL!!!

  38. Look at this awesome collection of blenders! Sapphire is my favorite!

  39. I love them all – I hope they arrive in Canada soon, if I had to pick a favourite it would be citrus, in truth I wouldn’t leave the others behind they would all come home to be admired.

  40. The Azure is dreamy! Congrats on your new line ❤️

  41. Love Grape and all of them!

  42. I have two favorites…too close to call….JUNGLE and WINE. They are all so
    beautiful! Congratulations on a job well done!!

    • OH MY!! It should be ROYAL, as I am from near Kansas City, Missouri…Kansas City ROYALS!

  43. Wonderful addition to our fabric choices. I’ll need any and all but will pick lagoon for a favorite.

  44. These are fabulous! I love all of the purples!

  45. Your fabric designs are as creative and inspiring as your patterns and teaching style. Like so many others, I like them all but would be partial to royal blue. Just as you are impatiently awaiting the jelly rolls, I am impatiently awaiting the arrival of your new creative fabrics in fabric/quilt shops. Thanks.

  46. Your fabric designs are as creative and inspiring as your patterns and teaching style. Like so many others, I like them all but would be partial to royal blue. Just as you are impatiently awaiting the jelly rolls, I am impatiently awaiting the arrival of your new creative fabrics in fabric/quilt shops. Thanks. I doubt you will receive this comment as every time I try to submit a comment I get a message that I have already sent that comment! Gotta love electronic media!!!

  47. Oh my gosh, you have a fabric line. Congratulations! How to pick a favorite in such a lovely group of colors? My favorite is Lime!

  48. Wow — that’s tough. They are all beautiful. I guess I would have to say “Lagoon” is my favorite.

  49. Oh…. the Rust….. or the Orchid…. or the Ocean….
    Whatever you pick…. they are ALL just out of this World!!

  50. Oh these are so super gorgeous and EXACTLY what I need!!! I can’t decide if my favorite one is Lemonade or Grape. Maybe I need to see them in person to come to a decision?????

  51. All just simple and beautiful. My pick is Lagoon.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    Bev Leischner

  52. Truly stunning! Solid-ish is a winner! Ocean is remarkable. 🙂

  53. Toby is absolutely right! How long can we pet them before we have to cut them? They are beauteous.

  54. Hi Kimberly,
    Congratulations on your new fabric line. They are all gorgeous!! It’s hard to pick just one favorite. Orchid would be one of them. I can’t wait to make a quilt with it. One with black background and an array of all the colors would be beautiful.

  55. Congratulations! I love the orange and the rust!

  56. Cherry!!! It screams Christmas is almost here!

  57. Of course you knocked it out of the park as they say,,,just so beautiful ,,,rich ,,love them all
    Blue tones ,,great
    You are a inspiration to so many through al your knowledge

  58. I love sapphire, and that there are shades of color so you could do a graduated pattern.

  59. I love the Grape. But, they are all fabulous colors. I love the design.

  60. Ohh dear they are all so beautiful!! I do love the Geape color though. Wonderful, can’t wait to see them in person and start designing a quilt!

  61. Love all color however the cherry color is my color

  62. How to choose just one? Oh my goodness! These are just stunning. I think my favorite has to be Sapphire. I love blues and violets. You’ve designed an instant classic and I need to get my hands on some of these. Maybe by the bolt!

    Thanks for all you do for the quilting community.

  63. Kimberly, they are absolutely gorgeous! Now I know why I haven’t been purchasing lots of fabric lately. Something told me to wait! I love them all, and it’s hard to make a choice. However, if I could only choose one it would be lemonade because it is so different and refreshing! I have just the perfect pattern in mind — Fire and Ice by … who else … Kimberly Einmo!

  64. Congratulations on creating a beautiful line of exquisite fabrics! Can’t wait to add them into my stash and quilts! Definitely hard to pick a favorite – but since I’m a blue sort of gal who loves the sea… I must go with Ocean!!

  65. Hard to choose but I’d say Magenta!!!

  66. Wow that’s a tough one, I love them all, so much rich texture. I love greens and blues so I’ll pick lagoon.

  67. Sapphire, but it was not an easy decision as they are all scrumptious !!!!!

  68. They are all beautiful. Lavender
    Hope to see you in Houston

  69. Lagoon speaks to me. I love them ALL, Kimberly! Simply gorgeous!!!

  70. The lime is lovely, but then I love all things green. These would be perfect for my next applique project.

  71. Ok, because it’s almost Autumn, my favorite season because of all the colors of the leaves, I choose RUST as my favorite, but they are all beautiful!! This is so exciting! I don’t know when you sleep, Kimberly!!

  72. Wow that is a tough choice. If picking for me I would choose ocean to remind me of diving but my next big project is a wedding quilt for a granddaughter that I am designing using EQ with a theme of bees. That being said, I think lemon would work best with this project. Can’t wait to get my hands on the fabric. Congratulations on a great fabric line.

  73. Congratulations on this new endeavor, Kimberly! These fabrics are beautiful and I love all of them, but I would pick Mint for a Guild challenge that is in the planning stage. Thank you!

  74. I’ll pick Sky. They all look beautiful.

  75. Wow, these are beautiful fabrics and oh so hard to choose one as a favorite. I think I would go with sapphire as I absolutely love that shade of blue. Great job on your fabrics!

  76. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I love all the colors but if I had to choose only one it would be Lavender.

  77. Is the fabric color saturation go all the way through to the back of the fabric, similar to a batik?

  78. Orchid is my favorite, but it took along time to decide. They are beautiful. Congratulations!!

  79. Wow!!! The colors are of pure beauty.

  80. Love them all…it’s so hard to pick. But, lately, i’m in love with teal, so I pick Lagoon.

    I have to say, that for those of us who are more traditional quilters and are used to working with prints, moving to solids is hard. Your new line is a great way to help us move to more solid fabrics. Thank you for developing this line of beauties!

  81. Lagoon! And can I just add that I almost squealed when I saw all the colors!!!Gorgeous!

  82. Lagoon is my first favorite.

  83. Sky, royal, ocean, sapphire. I would like to buy a yard of each. How can I purchase before it sells out.

  84. Oh I’m thinking my LQS will have to have these. I can’t decide between Sapphire or Lagoon!

  85. They’re all delectable… simply irresistible!!! I want them all!! My personal fav is magenta????????????

  86. Lagoon gets my vote!

  87. I knew those were fabric boxes! My favorites are always Solid-ish! Love the name. To pick just one color????, so hard. There’s Ocean, or Royal, maybe Azure. Hmmm….so difficult. Ok my favorite as I am a September baby is……Sapphire!
    I can’t wait to see these fabrics in person. Congratulations on this new venture! You deserve only the best!

  88. Love them all, but I pick citrus.

  89. These are fabulous! Of course I love all the colors, but if I had to choose for my stash I would say the Wine color. Congratulations on a great needed line of fabric, and thanks for the opportunity to win ❤️❤️❤️

  90. Congratulations! These are wonderful. So happy for you. All the colours are gorgeous and I love pink and red so the magenta and cherry are calling me but I think I’d choose the azure. It reminds me most of the ocean back home in Nova Scotia. Thanks for the chance to win!

  91. O my goddess! Congratulations on your new line!!!
    What a beautiful array of colors! How can you just pick one? I chose them all!!!

  92. They are all beautiful, but my favorite is a tie between Magenta and Royal. Just can’t choose between them!

  93. Gold! I am having visions of a sunflower quilt, one I have been wanting to make for a while, in these fabrics! Love!!

  94. Bea Colors. How to choose a favorite? I like blues, maybe sapphire.

  95. Ooohhhh…my two favorite colors and they are right next to each other in the photo…can they be renamed to one colorword? royalwine? haha wine and royal blue. yumm

  96. Love them all, but since I have to pick one, I choose lime.

  97. They are beautiful. I can’t even decide. But because it’s autumn I’m going with the fall colors. Yum!!!!

  98. I am so loving all of these!!! But I think I have to go with ROYAL blue. It’s just gorgeous. Thank you for hosting a giveaway.

  99. Love Lagoon and all the others.

  100. Gorgeous fabric, Kim! Congratulations! I love the violet and also jungle. It is so difficult to choose. Thank you for the giveaway.

  101. Very hard to choose but for now my favorite is azure. Can hardly wait for these to be available!

  102. I love all the colors. I would love to have all of these, because I design quilts, purses and dolls and aprons, pillowcases,, etc. purple is my favorite color, which looks good with all colors!!! ????????????????????????????

  103. What a beautiful line! My favorite is the lemon! ❤️

  104. I think for me it’s between the cherry and the wine colors:) Beautiful fabrics!!! This couldn’t happen to a nicer lady!! Love ya!!

  105. I love all colors in your fq set! But, purple is my favorite!! It looks good with all colors!!! ????????????

  106. oooooo. how pretty! I love all the colors but especially the greens!

  107. They are gorgeous! Congratulations! Blue is always my favorite. Any shade will do

  108. Sorry but very hard to choose, congratulations, you did a beautiful work. If I have to choose one colour it would be orchid

  109. I’m a green girl and my favorite is Lime, but I love the grape also. I love tone on tone fabrics!

  110. Usually armed kinda gal, but lovin’ the jungle!

  111. So pretty!! I love a turquoise so I’ll pick LAGOON.

  112. Oh my goodness. How do I make a single choice. Okay: Stone

  113. They’re all gorgeous but I love yellow’s so the lemon.

  114. I love all things blue so will have to pick sapphire. Beautiful colors.

  115. Most definitely Violet with lavender as a close second!

  116. Sapphire. But, they are all beautiful

  117. Sapphire is my favorite. Just beautiful. But so are the rest of them.

  118. Oh wow these are stunning
    I love mint and that is about the color my studio is painted

  119. How to choose!! Sapphire to start then orchid & Lime & Orange and …..on I. Can’t. Wait. !!!!!

  120. Have to choose just one??!! I’ve narrowed it down to 3. Don’t make me choose! 😉
    Wine, Violet and Ocean

  121. They are all fabulous, but I’d have to go with Orchid.

  122. All the fabric colors are beautiful! My favorites are Magenta, Orchid, and Fuchsia.

  123. The greens make my heart sing, but my beautiful granddaughter’s eyes are a combination of the Sapphire and Dream, so I have to go with those. I’d be thrilled to have any of them in my collection, and I look forward to finding them in the store!

  124. I love all of them but my favorite is mint !!
    Do you we will find them in France ??

  125. I like Dream the best. It was very hard to pick just one color, they are all beautiful. A quilters dream come true. Congratulations on the fabric line. Looking forward to seeing all these beautiful colors in person.

  126. These are gorgeous! I will definitely be wanting to win the competition! My favourite colour is fuscia. Fingers & toes crossed! Thanks x

  127. Too many yummy colors but I would have to go with Lavender

  128. I could not choose a favorite but I’m hoping a shop near me carries this live because I’d like one of each!!!!

  129. Beautiful! Congratulations. Partial to the Orchid and Lagoon myself.

  130. So fabulous! Lime, ocean and Jungle are my faves.

  131. Love all the colors but I would have to say since I love the Rust, Wine & Cherry since these are the colors I don’t have. Know whoever is the winner will be getting a good deal..

  132. They are all so pretty but guess I will have to say I love the sky blue one. So cool to have your name on a fabric!!

  133. What a fabulous collection of fabric! I’am a solid and batic fan, so this fabric is a real pleasure for my eyes. I really love the oink and fuchsia colors.

  134. The Lavender would have to be my favorite, However all of the colors are beautiful!!Thanks Pattie

  135. All are beautiful but Sapphire is my favorite!

  136. Altho I’m a red person, I think I like lagoon best.

  137. Today, Citrus is my favorite…but how to choose is a dilemma. Tomorrow I might change my mind. Would love to just win them all so I could contemplate each one.

  138. Violet and all those purple tones are calling me! They would be perfect for a houses on the hill quilt

  139. Absolutely fabulous line of solid-ish colors!! If I have to pick one it would be lagoon first and cherry second, but love them all. Thanks for a chance to win!

  140. Orange!

  141. It is a beautiful line of fabric. Hard to choose between the greens( which is not my usual choice) or the yellows. Well done

  142. Love these colors and can’t wait to purchase them at Houston Quilt Show.! Perfect for the class I have signed up for as well by Kimberly “Fire and Ice”.

  143. Citrus & Lime! Let’s make Margaritas!

  144. I love them all. You sure have a winner with all those beautiful fabric colors. They are wonderful. Hard to pick just one color. I guess I will pick sapphire, it’s my birth stone. But I do love all those colors.

  145. Hi Kimberly – what an awesome line of fabrics – congratulations. I can’t wait to get my hands on all of them. I can’t seem to choose which is my favorite so I will just have to get them all. Christy

  146. Absolutely beautiful! I think my favourite is Lagoon but I really love them all! I have the perfect project on my bucket list for these. Hopefully I will be able to purchase them as I never, ever win anything lol.

  147. Hi Kimberly – what an awesome line of fabrics – congratulations. I can’t wait to get my hands on all of them. I can’t seem to choose which is my favorite so I will just have to get them all.

  148. Congratulations, can’t wait to use your beautiful fabric! Love the bright green!

  149. Lagoon! These are all gorgeous!

  150. Your colors are wonderfully happy. My fav is “stone” because it will make all the others shine shine shine.

  151. I love them all – orchard and lemonade stand out for me. Congratulations

  152. They are all gorgeous, but I love Citrus. Congrats!

  153. What gorgeous fabric , it is a toss up between the Mint and Lagoon . Can wait to see them in person .

  154. I would be hard pressed to choose just one color…..but I am thinking the grape. Love the line…..beautiful.

  155. I love them all but fav is Sapphire.

  156. I love the Grape, and after changing my mind 30 times, I still think the Grape is my favorite; but, that was a tough choice as they are all beautiful! Congratulations on a wonderful set of rich colors. I want them ALL!!!❤️

  157. Blues are my favorite.

  158. Beautiful fabrics. Grape is my favorite.

  159. My favorite color is in the green family so I would pick mint or lagoon. Beautiful fabrics!

  160. What beautiful colors! Really love the citrus!

  161. I love the Rust the best and then the wine. That bundle would make a gorgeous quilt!

  162. What gorgeous colours. I love them and sincerely hope they will come to South Africa. Otherwise I have to come!! I am a red fan so it is cherry,also my fav fruit.

  163. They are all fantastic! I could use any number of them in several quilts as a background, but right now I need the Mist the most.

  164. Rust is a favorite of mine. Just like me . . Old, red and rusty❤️

  165. I cannot tell a lie! Mint, Lavender, and dream! I cannot pick just one!

  166. I LOVE them all! But if I have to pick one color, I like orchid. I could see using all the colors in an appliqué project! Beautiful, happy colors!

  167. It really is difficult to choose a fabric because they are gorgeous!!!! I’ve changed my mind a few times writing this…. But I’ll say “Royal” right this moment! Love them! Love to win them!

  168. I just finished a wall hanging in purples, teals, and shiny golds. So that’s my new favorite combo tight now but changes with the projects!

  169. I really like greens and yellows but my favorite is citrus. Beatifull fabrics.

  170. Natural would be great for a background.

  171. These are great blender So! I love the Royal and the Sapphire!

  172. Mint looks amazing

  173. I can’t believe you released these colors the day after I was searching for something just like this. I recently made a quilt for a friend and loved it so much I decided that I was going to make one for myself in Magenta. Exactly what I was looking for! Congrats on your new line.

  174. Love all the colors! But my favorite is Sapphire blue.

  175. Oh my gosh! I LOVE THEM! I would have to say Grape is my favorite. I’m a purple girl. Even my hair is purple. Hoping to see them in my LQS!

  176. Beautiful fabrics. My favorite is the magenta.

  177. It’s a tough choice. I will pick Lavender although I am planning s quilt with them all!

  178. I love these, Kimberly!
    Of course my favorite is the purple, but I love them all !!!

  179. OMG! I have to pick “ONE” favorite color? You make it hard on a person that loves colors!!! But I’d have to say that the ROYAL-ish BLUE was the first to catch my eye at first glance! I love your fabric line all the colors are pleasing to the eye! I would love to win this bundle! Thank you for the give away

  180. I love them all, I am pink girl and I like magneta.

  181. It is hard to choose,but I could use the lemon right now

  182. Wow! Beautiful perfect for today’s quilting and sewing projects! I love all of them. I cant wait till they are on the market. My favorite … if I have to pic one it would be grape, oh maybe citrus, oh the mist is nice too. No no grape yes grape is my fav…… at this very moment!

  183. They are all beautiful. But, grape does it for me.

  184. Congratulations on the beautiful fabric! I love the orange and rust ones! So fallish! But I really love them all!

  185. Kimberly,,they are just beautiful! I like the lavender to pink!

  186. Gorgeous!! The lime color looks scrumptious!!

  187. Magenta … but ask me again in 5 minutes and it will be another! Love them all!

  188. I love the rust. but they are all beautiful. Each on has it’s own unique attraction.

  189. Most is intriguing me. Congratulations on your line of fabric. Looking forward to seeing this in local shops.

  190. Dream is my favorite. I love blues and yellows!

  191. Saphire is my favorite.

  192. How can I choose? OMG, they are all awesome. I would have to say my absolute favorite would be lagoon. Congratulations Kimberly, this is incredible news!

  193. Cherry is gorgeous, and I would absolutely make something with them.
    Congrats on your new collection; it’s beautiful.

  194. They are all fabulous! I think lagoon and magenta are tied for my fave! Congrats on your new line.

  195. They are all luscious. Lime is my choice.

  196. They are all gorgeous! I know exactly what I would make from all of these awesome colors. And it was hard to choose just one color. I finally chose fushia.

  197. Well look at you! Designing your own fabric now!! I’m so very happy for you! It really is very exciting and neither of us would have guessed this career path those many, many years ago back in Orlando! I’m so proud of you and all you have accomplished. Congratulations!! And by the way, with Christmas right around the corner, I like the GREEN!!

  198. They are beautiful, Kumberly! I’m lovin’ the LIME.

  199. I’m picking the color with no name showing! Could the name be Ocean? It was in the Blue grouping..Ask Divot to choose my favorite.

  200. I love your new tomal collection. I like “foam” as t would be a great nitrate background. All the best with this amazing collection

  201. Such beautiful eye candy , I love them all so I would love for you to surprise me by choosing a color for me it would be just like a Christmas surprise.

  202. Those are really beautiful but I pick blue.

  203. Que bellezas de colores, me gustan todas, es una impresionante coleccion.
    Ojala las vendieran en Guatemala.

  204. What a beautiful color set that I would like to use in a quilt product I have in mind for.
    I like working with a great number of colors.
    This is an amazing collection that you have come up with.
    Congratulations, on your new collection.

  205. Wow! Congratulations, Kimberly! I’m so happy for you. They are all lucious, but if I had to pick just one it would be Lagoon.

  206. Wait a minute! I have to pick only one??!!If working on my red/white 1/2 sq triangle quilt, it would be cherry. If working on my niece’s green/white hour glass, it would me lime. If working on my paper pieced pumpkins it would be orange. Etc. Thank you for the chance to win the fat qtr bundle!

  207. How can I pick? Love the orange, and the blues!

  208. I think lime is great. All the colors are wonderful. I see a Kaleidoscope quilt and then Colors Bloom and lots of quilts with these.

  209. I love the blues and greens but all are delightful! I love to foundation paper piece an these look perfect for a project I have in mind! They are gorgeous

  210. They are all so beautiful! Congratulations Kim! I would be happy to win!

  211. They are together beautiful, but my favorite are always every shades of red …so I would pick magenta

  212. Your fabric is beautiful, Kimberly. Can’t wait to get my hands on some!

  213. I love all the colors. They are all so vibrant. Hard to choose, I could do so many things with the different colors. But my favorite color is green, so if I had to choose from the different greens,it would be lagoon or jungle. Love,love,love them all.

  214. Congrats!! I agree hard to pick, but just love the magenta! Thanks for a chance to win some!

  215. It is a beautiful line and very hard to have a favorite but I choose grape.

  216. I love the violet the best – although the sapphire is great too. Although maybe the lemon. Can’t decide which I like better — they are all great! Thanks for a wonderful selection! Looking forward to seeing them in the stores.

  217. I’m so excited for you. You go girl!
    Anymore secrets up your sleeve? Lol

  218. Absolutely Gorgeous Colors! This bundle is a stash must (said with hearts & stars). Favorite color, hmm… just one??? Okay, Lagoon. I have a pattern in the works and these would work perfectly with it – marking my calendar for November. Congratulations on this fabric line, Kimberly!

  219. All so beautiful! I need the full set!
    Lemonade is my favorite! ????

  220. Lagoon! (Azure too) . Oh my Kim Solid-ish indeed is every quilters blenders, or solids dream. I can’t stop with one…, rust I’m seeing all the complimentary colors i adore too. THank you for sharing and congratulations on the release of your collection. I appreciate the opportunity so much.

  221. Its so hard to pick just one! I normally gravitate towards the blues, and I truly love the Azure , Sapphire and Ocean. But I think I’m going with Lagoon as my favorite.

    This line will become a classic. It reminds me of the fossil fern collection … one we all used many years ago. The almost solid depth you have achieved is amazing. I love these Kimberly 🙂

  222. These are beautiful. Just what I need in my stash.

  223. All of them are gorgeous. Mint if I have to choose one.

  224. How can you pick… all of the colors are beautiful! But if I have to pick one it would be grape. I already have an idea of what I would do would those!!

  225. These are wonderful! I love the lime.

  226. WONDERFUL Collection! Grape is my favorite, but it was very hard to choose.

  227. I hope Suzzies will be carring them , I want them all they are beautiful

  228. I love Lagoon as a color and a word.

  229. Sapphire ….or is it Lagoon…

  230. Great range of colors always looking for a solid for accents all are beautiful but maybe Lagoon would be great to add to stack

  231. Love the grape!!!!!

  232. Before you ask the question, and as I’m looking at all the colors picture with the names attached, I’m thinking…”I like them all; it might be easier to say which is my least favorite!!!” Low and behold, you do ask which is my favorite. 🙁 I will say my least favorite would be Rust and (Forced to choose.) my favorite is Citrus.

  233. All are beautiful, but I am partial to those pinks and purples!!

  234. They look great – LIME is my fav!!!

  235. Love the colors. So vibrant. Lots of favorites but if I have to choose let it be orchid.

  236. Congratulations! What a beautiful line❣️ I’m in love with the “cherry” color! Looks good enough to eat. Haha. ????

  237. Congratulations on your line and may I add on bringing a fine selection of Solid-ish colors into the market. Perfectly needed. Sky is so my fav, as its periwinkle-ish hue is hard to come by. Promise, cross my heart, that if I win the collection, there will be a lovely quilt made, one for me and one for you to promote the line. Every color! ????

  238. LI’ve the purple lavender. New to quilting but have been dreaming of a lavender quilt for about 3 years. Would go well with fabric a gave gathered

  239. First, Congratulations on such a beautiful line of fabrics. You should be beaming with pride…they are ALL truly beautiful. How do we pick just one…did you? But, we all have our favorite color(s) and if I had to pick it would be Lagoon. I’m about to head to the ocean for a much needed vacation and the colors are exactly what I envision as I look out into the water on a bright sunny day. Exciting for us the quilters as it must be for you.

  240. It would be hard to pick just one. Just came back from quilt guild where Carolyn Archer spoke. She had a stack of fat quarters and one color was better than the next. Fabulously fresh vibrant colors. If I could only have one it would be grape! Can’t wait to see them in my LQS.

  241. LEMONADE reminds me of my fav drink…strawberry lemonade!

  242. Out of this gorgeous set of fabrics, Orchid speaks my name.

  243. What a beautiful, bright and happy color pallate! I can’t wait to use them in a bargello quilt!

  244. Love those vivid colors. Especially the Orchid

  245. Kimberly ~ This is so exciting!! Congratulations! I don’t know how you manage to quilt, you are so busy and always on the go and publishing books – and now your own line of fabric! Way to go!! It’s hard to pick a favorite, but I am leaning toward the mist – stone fabric because right now i tend to like a gray background in place of white.

    Again, congratulations! If I win, I will sew – it might take a long time, but I promise some results!!

    God bless you in all your endeavors!

  246. Lagoon! These all look so pretty and versatile!

  247. Love these colors, so vivid. My favorite is Azure, it looks just like a London Blue topaz

  248. They are all beautiful! U live the lavender.

  249. I love solid-ish fabrics much more than solids!
    Love all the colors, but really drawn to the royal blue!

  250. Well I probably lost the chance on winning. They all are beautiful so I don’t have a favorite.

  251. They are all so beautiful! Thank you for your design talent and generosity! I especially love the sapphire color. And I’d definitely use them up. I’m thinking that the colors would play beautifully together in a small lonestar with floral applique.

  252. Lavender is my favorite. LOVE them all!

  253. What a great collection – all beautiful colors. I think I like the Sapphire blue the best. Very pretty. Thank you for a chance to enter your giveaway.

  254. Hard to choose just one, but “Jungle” caught my eye as soon as I saw it. On my screen it has a dark-ish green tone blended with a smidge of blue-ish. Not sure if that is an accurate description because different screens portray colors differently. At any rate, that’s the one that jumped out at me so I’m calling it my favorite.

  255. Your fabric colors are fabulous. I love them all but picking a favorite would be aqua.

  256. I love all the colours in this beautiful range, but if I had to pick one it would probably be lagoon, followed closely by saphire, fuscia and rust.

  257. Pick a favorite!?! How can you pick just one favorite when they are ALL so beautiful!!!! Okay, so I guess that my eye was most often drawn to Magenta. (But truly, I love them all!)

  258. Oh, the lemonade is luscious! but they are all so pretty!!

  259. There are several that are my favorite, but sapphire is my most favorite. I am in Rome and I want to make a quilt that shows the colors of Rome. What better to use than your fabric and your book about vacation quilts that I bought from you.

  260. I nearly weeped at the beauty of these fabrics. These are exactly the style of fabric I love to work with. I love to use them with black fabric. I am not someone who is into prints at all. I could not possibly pick a favorite one as I love them all. Congratulation on your beautiful fabric line.

  261. I think, no I’m AZURE that your colors are GOLD medal winners. When you DREAM, the SKY is the limit.

  262. Absolutely mind-blowing and riotous colors. Just makes my mouth water. I envision all the beautiful flowers I can applique. Wow!~

  263. I love this line. It is exactly what I prefer and is so hard to fine. Also, when I was little I had an orange cat named Toby.

  264. Great job Kimberly. I am so happy for you and all the accomplishments you have made over the years.
    These colors all look great. I am a purple lover so would have to pick lavender or orchid.

  265. I like Mist, I could use it as background on numerous projects!

  266. Wow, congrats. I know a certain book I have of yours that would love those fabrics. I know I’ve missed the deadline, but just wanted to say well done. Take care.

  267. Son todos preciosos, pero si tengo que elegir me quedo con el lavender

  268. Hmmm, I love them all…such rich lucious colors. But if I have to choose, OCEAN. Thanks for allowing us to see your new line.

  269. How can you choose??!! Great fabric line. Positively luscious LEMON!!

  270. I just saw the add in love of quilting. I can’t wait to get this line and make the pattern. Funny oct. 9 was my 60th birthday and I missed the give away.

  271. Dream is my favourite – if I can only pick one. The whole line is just beautiful.

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