It can happen to you

So, I did a thing.

I allowed myself to be distracted and I cut off the side of my finger with my new, extra sharp blade, rotary cutter. 

It was such a careless, painful mistake; one that I constantly warn my students not to make, and I always encourage quilters to be extra careful. But I guess it can happen to anyone; myself included. So, I have had to keep my hand elevated for the past 24 hours and it still has not stopped bleeding. A trip to the ER may be in order but I hope not.

So, word to the wise…..BE CAREFUL using those ultra-sharp rotary cutters!




  1. So sorry this happened to you. Heal quickly.

  2. Oh NO Kimberly. 🙁 How long will you give it before you’ll get medical intervention?

  3. Get medical help quickly before an infection takes hold.

  4. Been there done that! Hurts like the dickens! Worst part is not being able to cut or sew! Hope it stops bleeding soon!1

  5. Kimberly, sorry this happened! That is very painful! Hope it begins to heal quickly!❤

  6. I know how you feel! So sorry ?. Make sure you take care of yourself.

  7. Been there, done that. 6 stitches later bleeding finally stopped! Even took the rotary cutter to the urgent care center just in case it was a novel tool! Take care, wish we had a lunar pie as feel better food!

  8. After I did that with my left index finger, surgeon told me that I should have come in sooner. If bleeding doesn’t stop within a few hours, go to the ER!

  9. Oh no! Hope it has stopped bleeding. Maybe a clinic could help you out!

  10. Ouchie! Years ago when my mom was teaching quilting, she would also warn her students to close the blade…she said it so many times my young impressionable boys would often repeat the same thing as they watched me quilt. One Sunday in church my friend arrived with her hand all bandaged. When I asked what had happened her response was…”Don’t tell your Mother!” I knew exactly what happened!

    Poor thing! Please take care! Saying a prayer for speedy and complete healing.

  11. Oh no, I am so sorry. I have only done tiny nicks so far, but so painful. Heal quickly and watch close for any sign of infection. Hugs!

  12. So sorry! Hope you get healed up fast.

    I did that 4 years ago. I had to go to ER. The nurse instructed me on cleaning and bandaging the wound. Took a good month before it looked better. Still have a dent at the tip of my finger and the nerves are deadened.

  13. I hope you have gone to the Er…if it has been bleeding this long you should have it looked at. Take care and please stay safe.


  14. When I took off the end on my index finger with a new potato peeler, I went to the mini-clinic the next day, concerned my pressure bandage was insufficient.

    They had an interesting foam based bandage that was sprayed on and harden like a thick scab…I was told to just leave it alone until it fell off. Worked like a charm with no pain when bumping the finger tip over the next 10 days or so.

    The downside was the ridiculous cost as my insurance wouldn’t cover the visit.

    However, you might ask your pharmacist if the foam bandage is available over the counter.

  15. It can happen so fast! Maybe a trip to the dr or the emergency room would be a good idea.

  16. If still bleeding, please go get it checked. RN asking. Prayers!!

  17. OUCH!! Healing vibes sent your way.

  18. Ouch! I did that once! Went to the local Immediate Care center and had it treated…. Couldn’t get it wet for several days, but it healed fine. Surprisingly, no blood on my fabric. You really should go have it looked at!
    Happy stitching….

  19. So sorry. I did it to myself too and recently purchased great pair of protective gloves on Amazon.
    Hope you heal soon. Thank you for this warning

  20. So sorry this happened. Get better soon.

  21. Yep. So easy to lose a finger.

  22. I did that in one of your classes in Houston!! It took a couple of days to stop bleeding. There is no skin to cover the wound. I eventually put a liquid bandage on it. ?

  23. Hope you have stopped bleeding Kimberly! Please have it looked at as infection can be brutal! And- air getting to the open layers of skin causes increased pain. They can coat it with Durabond to keep air out. As it heals – purchase a Klutz Glove and wear it on your non-cutter hand. The cutters can jump the ruler to easy, even when not distracted!

  24. Ouch! I did something like that when I left the blade open and carelessly racked my finger across it. Now I close it every time.

  25. Oh, no! I cut my finger on a holiday weekend and after I rinsed it in cold water and pulled the cut flap back over my finger, I laid on the kitchen floor with the finger wrapped in a paper towel and held my arm straight up in the air. David called the doctor and she said if it didn’t stop bleeding in TEN MINUTES I should go to urgent care. It stopped and I was so glad not to need that visit. If you are still bleeding now, please go get it looked at!

  26. I hope you can avoid going to hospital. My first time, I was cutting left handed. Which I have done for awhile now, when needed. Sliced into my index finger. Nurse friend grabbed me into the kitchen.
    Then, in December, while trimming off batting and backing, using my favorite cutter where the blade only comes down when you put pressure on it as you roll, well I learned that if you hand slides off the ruler as you are adjusting it and the quilt, and snaps back into the cutter, it can be enough pressure to slice your finger.
    And I used to wonder how people cut themselves. I’d have to say it can be quite easy.
    Take care.

  27. Big owwie! Go to ER. Let them seal the wound. Antibiotics might be in order.
    Prayers for healing being sent. Hope you didn’t bleed on your fabric 🙂

  28. Whenever I teach a class, I remind my students to use the 1” mark on their ruler as a reminder not to cross that line with their finger! Of course, as you said, it’s when your mind wanders or you get distracted that accidents happen! So sorry for your painful slice! It happens so quickly.

  29. Oh, feel your pain. Have done that as well (to the outside of my little finger, still warped after several years) I didn’t go immediately to Urgent care – waited until the next day.

    TIP: when you have uncontrollable bleeding, dump a little bit of corn starch in a small bowl and dip the appendage in! Stops bleeding immediately. Still have issue of what to do with gigantic hole in your finger (or foot when I dropped my razor sharp Ghingers into my foot – that one took stitches).

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