According to the dictionary, the word laden means “burdened; weighed down.” It seems the best word to describe the tree limbs and branches covered with snow!

After two days of continuous snowfall, we are living in the most beautiful, picture-perfect, wintry, Christmasy wonderland. Stuttgart and the areas surrounding it got anywhere between 6″ to 8″ of snow within the last 48 hours. The snow is wet and heavy, and has piled up on top of trees and branches like fluffy white frosting on a cake. I’m amazed how it has stuck to the limbs without falling off yet.

I apologize for not blogging about “quilty” things in recent days, but the truth is I haven’t done much (if any!) quilting this week. The boys and I are in full get-ready-for-Christmas mode, and we’re having a wonderful time. Last night, Andrew and I went to hear Josh play in his first high school Christmas concert at school. The chorus and concert band did a fine job playing a wide selection of music. With the snow coming down outside the gymnasium and the sounds of the season ringing loudly inside, it was impossible not to feel in the holiday spirit. And just look at what a handsome young man Josh is in his tuxedo!

I promise there will be lots of quilts and other things to share in the coming days, but for the meantime, forgive me if I share yet a few more of these stunning, snowy pictures from Sindelfingen.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

The view from our living room window.

The view from our living room window.

The woods near our home appear magical and mystical!

The woods near our home appear magical and mystical!

The lovely park across from our house.

The lovely park across from our house.

  1. Love the pictures. It looks so beautiful…as I enjoy a balmy, 70 degree sunshiny morning in NC. I’m kidding it really is beautiful and looks so much like Christmas. We will miss not getting to see you this year 🙁

    Josh looks great in his tux. He is getting so grown up!

    Love you.

  2. Too bad you don’t have music on your web site — I can hear snippets of “Winter Wonderland”, “White Christmas” and “O Tannebaum” in the background. What stunningly beautiful scenes!

    Josh looks very handsome and proud of himself in the picture. You know what? Blogging about quilty things, like the dust bunnies under the sofa, can wait; it will still be there tomorrow. Sometimes there are more important things to do. Take it from me, your kids grow up all too fast, and these precious times will be gone in the blink of an eye.

    My daughter is always telling me about all of the things that she remembers from her childhood, and how meaningful they are to her now. Interestingly enough, the things she remembers are the little things that I never thought were all that important at the time. You just never know when you are making a memory!

    Peace and joy to you and your family — and to your vast, extended quilting family!

  3. Hi Cheri!

    I really am loving the snow BEFORE Christmas, but come January, I’ll be wishing I was in that 70 degree balmy weather with you! 🙂

    I sure wish we could all be there to celebrate Christmas with you guys — I’m sure it will be a wonderful time with all the babies. Children make the holidays so extra special.

    Love to you all —

  4. Pat — You are SO right; the work, quilting, and even the dust bunnies will wait. Spending time making memories with the kids will not. Not a stitch was sewn this weekend, but the boys and I decorated the Christmas tree, made our traditional “nuts and bolts” (our family’s special recipe for Chex Mix), and did a number of other fun, seasonal things this weekend.

    I wish you peace and joy to you and your entire family this Christmas!

  5. Ok, you had to mention the Chex Mix. What’s the Einmo recipe?

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