Meet Birgit, part 2!

I’m thrilled so many people (over 200 at last count) stopped by to read about Birgit Schuller in my last blog post. As promised, I want to share some more photos with you all; this time featuring Birgit and her machine quilting room and sunny sewing studio!

The entrance to her room with her Millenium longarm quilting machine; where her extraordinary quilting magic happens!

 Birgit gave us a tour and graciously explained her process for creating award winning quilts.

 Rulers, templates, and tools are hung neatly on the side of her quilt frame for easy access.

 A class sample and work in progress is on the frame. Birgit looks completely at ease!

 Birgit made my original mystery quilt design, Rhein Wein but added a few extra blocks to create an asymmetrical design in a square size, which I love. Her quilting on this quilt is exquisite!

Another of my mystery quilt designs, Halls of History.  Birgit made her version literally sparkle with intricate machine quilting. When viewed up close, you simply can’t stop looking at all the amazing details Birgit has stitched across the entire surface of the quilt!

 Birgit’s sunny studio. Arranged for efficiency and comfort, everything she needs is within easy reach. The windows to her backyard not only offer plenty of natural light, but allow her to keep an eye on her two wonderful children as they play.

Another view of Birgit’s studio. She has a professional grade iron close at hand for convenient and quick pressing. And a clear view of son, Colin, as he practices in the back yard.

Thank you, Birgit, for allowing us to take a tour of your machine quilting room and sewing studio! What fun to see your creative space and get a peak into the how you put everything together to make your award winning quilts.

If you’d like to contact Birgit, here is her contact information. I’m sure she’d love to hear from you!

Creative BiTS

Birgit Schüller

Schachtstr. 5

66292 Riegelsberg


phone: +49 (6806) 920 447

fax: +49 (6806) 920 448

email:  zib.stibevitaercnull@relleuhcs.tigrib


Webshots: (not quite up-to-date right now, but soon!)

  1. I could not stop looking at the quilting on those 2 quilts, particularly Halls of History. The number of different motifs is astounding, and her use of rotating motifs in the border is something I never would have thought of. It makes that quilt a real piece of art. Obviously her garden is an inspiration — how many different flower patterns are in those quilts? But everything blends so well! It’s not a set pattern here, then another there — it all flows so beautifully. The quilt block patterns themselves are not intricate, however Birgit has taken the pattern and brought it to a new level. It is obvious that the two of you are on the same mental wave-length. How wonderful when the quilt designer/maker and the quilter are so much in sync with one another that the resulting quilt is greater than either artist’s work alone! The piecing design and the choice of colors provide one part, the quilting provides the other. What’s the saying” The sum of the parts are so much greater than the whole?”

    I was also amazed at Birgit’s work spaces. I want space — lots & lots of space. Here you have an artist who does exquisite work in small spaces. She has carved out what she needs form whatever space was available & really made it work. I also like her trick of using a bunch of pants/skirt hangers to hold up the quilt for display — pretty nifty!

    Thank you so much for sharing Brigit’s work with all of us! She is delightful!

  2. Pat —

    Thank you SO much for summing up so eloquently everything I would have liked to have said! I’m so excited you took time to really look at the photos — close up — because that is the only way to truly appreciate Birgit’s work. I know the two of you would really hit it off if you met each other. And who knows? With that “six-degrees-of-separation” theory, it is not so far-fetched that we might all have the chance to meet together someday!

  3. Thanks for sharing all the pix and info on Birgit- she is quite the rising star!

  4. Robin — You said it! We are fortunate we’ll be able to say “we knew her way back when!”

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