Momentum update

I just had to take a few moments to pass along my heartfelt thanks to all of you who I heard from through comments left on my recent blog posting “Momentum,” and also from those of you who contacted me by private email. Your words of support, encouragement, and empathy were just what I needed to get me through a tough time in my life and help to bring me a bit out of the doldrums. Many of your messages of hope brought me to tears but I always feel better after a good cry, so this was a good thing. I’m feeling so much better with each passing day.

On Sunday evening we enjoyed one of our favorite activities together, “family movie night.” We watched the 2008 release, Fireproof, starring Kirk Cameron. (Remember him from his days as a teen heart throb on Growing Pains?) Have you heard about this movie? It was awesome — we all loved it, and I highly recommend it to everyone. It is uplifting, inspiring, and filled with hope. Even our boys loved it. It is rare to see such a good family-friendly movie with a great message. If you haven’t seen it yet, run to your local video rental place or put it as #1 in your Netflix queue, or borrow it from your friend, but find a way to see it. I guarantee you won’t regret it. 

The sun shone brightly today, and I actually got busy this morning and afternoon and accomplished quite a bit of work on the book manuscript, including writing the pattern directions for two of the new quilts. This was the most productive I’ve been in quite awhile and it felt really good. I’m excited about these new designs; they are new, exciting, original and innovative. They will also be fun and easy to make, so I think you’re going to love them. I can hardly wait to share more about these new designs with you!

But suffice it to say while I’m not yet working at my usual pace, I did make good progress today and I can tell the momentum has begun and will continue to build. And it feels good. I feel like “the old me” is returning. I owe much of this change to you all. Thanks for being the great support system you are!

  1. There is another great movie that is created by the same people who created Fireproof. It’s called Facing the Giants. If you haven’t already seen it, put it on your list for another family movie night.

  2. Oh, Fireproof is on my Netflix list! Can’t wait to see it!! We all loved Facing the Giants….that’s a great movie too.

  3. You always bounce back and we are glad you do!

  4. Pat — you are so right! We LOVE the movie FACING THE GIANTS, and have watched it many times. Josh (14) has played football for the past three years, so this movie was even more meaningful to us all.

    Can anyone watch the “death crawl” scene without sobbing?

  5. I don’t know if I’ve completely “bounced back” yet — we’re still facing some pretty major “giants” yet; but I’ve chosen not to worry about the future and instead let God face them for us.

  6. I have a tiny TV (it was my darling daughter’s when she was in college) and a cheap DVD player in my sewing room, right next to my machine. I use them to play quilting videos or schmaltzy movies that I know my hubby wouldn’t watch while I am sewing. What’s really strange is that I got the movie Facing the Giants on a whim; I’d run out of all the movies that were even remotely appealing & took a chance on it. I had no idea that it was a Christian-focused movie, and probably would not have gotten it if I knew that it was. Normally just not my speed. Talk about doing a 180! What a great movie. The fabric got a little damp from the falling tears (I’m a crier), but I thoroughly enjoyed the film. As it turned out, I must have needed the message that the movie delivered because it raised my spirits and gave me a kick in the butt. It’s a gem.

  7. Pat — You said it! This movie is a GEM!

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