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I’m happy to tell you (if you haven’t discovered already) there are new pictures from our trip to Europe I’d like to share on the PHOTOS tab above. Check them out!

I just want to mention a few things about my teaching at the Prague Patchwork Meeting a few weeks ago. It was a completely awesome experience! I taught at the PPM two years ago, and was invited back again this year. I loved it before, but it was even more amazing this time, if that’s possible. The facilities were awesome, and the classroom was one of the nicest, brightest, largest classroom I have ever taught in!

Standing next to Anna Sterbova. This gal is an amazingly talented art quilter - and also an outstanding translator! I'm so proud to call her my friend.

Jana Lalova is a dear, sweet, talented lady. I've so enjoyed corresponding with her for the past three years. And she is also a very talented translator!

But the absolute best part was being with the people. The students were positively amazing! They came prepared and ready to learn. Thanks to the help of Anna and Jana, (my most excellent translators) the language barrier, well,… wasn’t a barrier. I truly love the challenge (and fun!) of communicating with ladies from so many different nationalities. Because if there is one thing for certain, it is this: 

Quilting is a universal language.

You've never seen so many gorgeous pineapple blocks in one place in all your life. And these Czech quilters were all having Oprah "ah-ha" moments using the Easy Pineapple Log Cabin Ruler!

 And Patchwork Transcends All Language Barriers

The ladies were all eager to learn how to make Jelly Roll Magic!

Did I mention? I’ve been invited back to the 5th Annual Prague Patchwork Meeting next April! I can hardly wait.

Lucky me! 🙂

  1. You (and the ladies) look like you had so much fun!!!!!!!

  2. Yes, we did! Can’t wait to see you again in Prague!

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