Mystery quilt sleuth’s photos

I just had to share…..

You may remember Linda Felton’s Anvils quilt from a recent blog post. There was an itty bitty issue with the quality of  the photos she originally sent, so she was gracious enough to send them again so I could share them with you. I just knew you’d enjoy seeing them.

s Anvils mystery quilt top

Anvils Mystery Quilt, by Linda Felton

Close up of Anvils Linda Felton

Love, love, love the colors. Very classic and modern, don’t you think?
(Did someone write that the colors reminded them of Frank Lloyd Wright, or was that me thinking it?)

Halls of History mystery Linda Felton

Linda Felton’s 2008 mystery quilt.

Close up of Halls mystery quilt

Glorious, exuberant colors! Love ’em!

s kitty

But I think this is my favorite photo of all. Linda, what is your “Quality Assurance Manager’s” name? This is just too cute!

Thanks for sharing these awesome photos with us, Linda. I put a package in the mail to you yesterday, so keep an eye out for your friendly postal carrier. Oh yes — and there’s a little something extra tucked in for Kate as well. 😉

  1. I was the one who thought it looked like FLW- is there narrow binding in places or is that the fabric?

  2. Good morning, Robin! That’s right — you were the one who pointed out it resembled something like FLW, and I totally agree! I think that is just the fabric, but it really does look like narrow binding. Thanks for sharing your insight with us!

  3. Now that the photos are better, I can really see the fabrics. I LOVE that line of fabrics — so fresh! Kimberly, you’d better stop calling our cats Quality Control Managers. Pretty soon they’ll form a union & we’ll all be in trouble trying to meet their demands (like they are not demanding already?). If you even need to distract your feline QCM while you attempt to do some actual sewing, try taking a piece of tape, and looping it over on itself, with the sticky-side out. Then put it on the bottom of the QCM’s front paw. See, NOW you can work….

  4. Pat — you make my day every time I hear from you! I’m not sure if that “tape” trick is a wee bit cruel and unusual…..or just plain hilarious! Wait: let me go give it a test try. I’ll let you know….

    “Here Kitty, Kitty…..”

  5. OMG! You guys are just hilarious! Kimberly I just love your blog! I read more than I post but I just couldn’t resist today!

    Poor Kitty’s…..but wait I have one too…you know I’m just going to HAVE to try the same thing!!!

    Pat – I saw you on Kimberly’s Facebook friends list and see you live not far from me (I’m out near Coatesville). I remember something about you having your own blog and that we should check it out, if so …can you re-post the link?

  6. Howdy, Darlene! It just tickles me pink that we made you giggle today. And thank you mucho for saying you love the blog. That makes me feel good all the way down to my piddies (toes…)! Do check out Pat’s blog — here is the link:
    And stop back and drop me a note more often — I really love hearing from you!

  7. Hey, Darlene–come on over. I don’t post nearly as often as I should, but you are most welcome to stop by. I may even post some more evil kitty tricks (grin).

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