NEW Craftsy Class GIVEAWAY! UPDATE: Giveaway winner!

I’m hosting a fun, new giveaway!

Cooking up Craftsy

I’ve been cooking up something wonderful with Craftsy again!

And no, it isn’t a new cooking or baking class. Although I did have fun in the Craftsy kitchen when I was in Denver recently. (Shhhh! Don’t tell that I snuck onto that awesome kitchen set when I was there. It’ll be our little secret.)

I’ve got a brand new, totally fun class getting ready to launch VERY soon. Oh my goodness, I’m so excited about it I can hardly stand it! And guess what? Would YOU like to be the very first to own this class on the day it launches? Then enter this cool giveaway contest here on my blog for a chance to win!

It’s super simple to do. Leave me a comment here on the blog and try to guess what type of class you think I’ll be teaching. Here’s a hint: It is different than the other classes I’ve taught on Craftsy. I’ll enter your name in the drawing!

Want more chances to win? Well, that’s simple, too! If you have a blog and you post a link back here to this blog post, just leave me another comment telling me you blogged about it and I’ll enter your name again.

What’s that, you say? Still want more chances to win? Well, I’ll post a link to this blog on my Facebook page. If you “SHARE” the post on your FB page, leave me a comment on my FB page and let me know (plus I’ll be able to see if you shared the link, too.) And I’ll enter your name for yet another chance to win my new class!

Easy as pie. Or cake. Or, an exciting, brand new Craftsy class!

I’ll choose a name on Monday, August 18th and post it here with a new blog post. And keep watching, because as the launch date gets closer, I’ll post more information and some special “sneak peeks” of the class projects right here. And best of all, I’ll host ANOTHER giveaway for a chance to win my new class here again very soon. So, let me hear from you today!

In the meantime, if you aren’t familiar with Craftsy or my classes on Craftsy, I invite you to check them out. And for a little more incentive, simply click on the links for a special 50% discount for each of my three classes! What’s not to love?

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Monday, August 18, 2014


We have a winner!!

Thank you to EVERYONE who left a comment and shared my announcement on Facebook. I appreciate it so much!!! We put everyone’s names in a hat and I let my son, Andrew, choose a name this evening.

Drum roll, please…….

The winner is, Kelly Casey! (Kelly, please contact me so I can give you the details.

Not to fear, I’ll be having another giveaway SOON. And of course, there are more hints and details about my newest class coming in the near future, so please stay tuned!


  1. Could it be about Modern Quilts?

  2. I think it will be fabric related. Maybe another mystery class like Lancaster PA.

  3. EQ, please be a class on EQ!!!

  4. Since you keep mentioning cake, and there is such a cute picture of you with a cake, could it be a modern quilting class using just layer cakes and background fabric?

  5. I’m sure you have come up with something absolutely gorgeous as you usually do. I have guite avfew layer cakes in my stash, hoping that’s what we will need. Can’t wait for a new class with you!

  6. anything quilty!!

  7. I think the new class has something to do with layer cakes. I can’t wait for the big reveal!

  8. You are always in tune with what quilters want so I think you will show us how to jump on the Modern bandwagon. Can’t wait!

  9. crazy quilts?

  10. I’m currently taking your Magical jelly roll class and your tip on sewing four patches have changed my life! 🙂 I think you’re going to do something with layer cakes and maybe a honeybun or I could be just hungry.

  11. Perhaps its a quilt class using layer cake rather than jelly rolls. You do very nice work and i have some of your books.
    Thanks for the chance to win one of your classes.
    Regards from Alberta,

  12. Is it a class using precuts for quilting?

  13. Modern quilts with negative space. Hope you teamed up with Judi.

  14. The consensus seems to be layer cake related due to the visual clue. So I’m going to go far afield and say how to applique cake blocks. : ) Using scraps. With beads.

  15. Machine embroidery?

  16. I am hoping it’s EQ too, but it would be difficult to have both Craftsy and EQ going at the same time. You travel a lot and take wonderful pictures — maybe some sort of landscape quilting?

  17. I think it will be a wonderful modern quilting adventure from your newest book – and if that happens to be paired with use of layer cakes, then all the better! I can hardly wait – thanks for the chance to win! And congrats on the new class launch – lucky US!!

  18. Don’t really care what it’s about, I would take any class you taught. I love your classes on Craftsy.

  19. a layer cake quiltalong!

  20. I think it is a quilt using a layer cake……or applique

  21. I think it is a layer cake class with a modern spin. I have all three of your other classes and I am excited to learn more from you!

  22. Landscape quilting?

  23. Is it modern quilting using layer cakes?

  24. I am going to guess modern layer cakes.

  25. I will also say modern quilting using layer cakes. Layer cakes are fun and modern quilting is big right now. Love your classes!

  26. Hope it’s pre cuts maybe layer cakes or charm packs. I’ve just finished your jelly roll class and I am inspired, just waiting for my flying geese template to arrive

  27. I’m guessing something modern with layer cakes or a new way to make a log cabin with layer cakes, or something wonky with layer cakes. Oh heck, anything neato with layer cakes!

  28. Hi Kimberley, I think your class will be about easier ways to use other pre-cuts like layer cakes etc. I enjoy all of your classes. Thanks for making another one.

  29. Whatever it is, I cannot wait! But I’ll bet it think it will relate to modern quilts. You improve my skills with each class I take from you, Kimberly, and I am eagerly anticipating this one!

  30. I think you are going to teach a class on making aprons.

    Or making a quilt out of family aprons! Hey that would be cool. Collect an apron from your mom, gram auntie etc and instead of a t-shirt quilt make an apron quilt!

    I don’t have a website to put under the email address…

  31. My guess is a combo of layer cakes and jelly rolls.

  32. Oh,I’m super excited to attend another class with you! Yay! I can’t wait!

  33. All of your classes have been about traditional quilt blocks using modern methods. If this class is different from what you have done in the past, I guess it will be about quilting by hand.

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