Oliso Iron Giveaway!

Giveaway Update: 

A name has been chosen and the lucky winner is Susi Jestel! Susi, email me at moc.omnieylrebmiknull@ylrebmiK to send me your mailing address and the fabulous Oliso Mini Project iron will be shipped directly to you from Oliso! (THANK YOU, Oliso, for sponsoring this amazing giveaway!)

I’m sure you know how much I absolutely adore using the Oliso Smart Iron in my studio. I have the original, sunny yellow one and love it! If you’ve never tried using an Oliso or you’re unfamiliar with these amazing irons, you definitely need to try one. You can leave these irons sole-plate down on your ironing surface because after a couple of seconds, they automatically rise up to a safe position. They are super-hot, produce great amounts of steam, and will work hard for years. 

But recently, I’ve become kind of obsessed with the Oliso Mini Project irons! These handy-dandy, compact irons can handle much of the hard work of the larger irons and are perfect for doing smaller jobs like fusing applique pieces, pressing seams, and so much more! Plus, Oliso has now made these amazing pint-sized powerhouses in four beautiful colors: yellow, pink, turquoise, and orchid! While they don’t have the auto-rise mechanism, they come equipped with a silicone solepate you leave right on your ironing surface to set the iron on when not in use. That silicone soleplate protects everything underneath!













But do you want to know one of the things I really love and appreciate about these amazing irons? They are DUAL VOLTAGE, which means, I can take them with me to Australia and use them worldwide with just a plug adaptor. Yippee!

I’m sure you all know how much I love the color BLUE, but honestly? My new favorite color is Orchid, although all the colors make my heart sing! The Oliso folks really know how to reach the hearts and sensible minds of quilters by offering their amazing irons in four gorgeous colors! In fact, I’ve decided I NEED to have the Orchid in the full-size iron in my studio!

To find out more about these irons, to order one or more (they are currently on sale!) simply CLICK HERE.

Did I mention a GIVEAWAY?

My good friends at Oliso have offered to send a Turquoise Mini Project Iron to one lucky winner (you must live in the US or Canada ONLY). Simply leave a comment here on the blog as to why you’d like to be the one to receive this Mini Project Iron and one very lucky winner will be selected on Tuesday, January 11th! If you share this post, you’ll get an extra chance to win!

What a fantastic way to start the new year. Good luck everyone!

  1. I love making small quilts and this iron would be perfect to press the 1.5” hst for my little quilts. Much easier to handle with the small blocks.

  2. Oh, what a delightful gift this would be to add to my sewing area!

  3. I would love to have the Turquoise Mini Project Iron! I have recently gotten back into quilting and sewing. This mini iron would be a great to have in my sewing room. I would be able to press seams at my sewing machine instead of having to get up and move to the ironing board. This is a great give a way, good luck to all that enter.

  4. Hi Kimberly! An Oliso mini iron would be a perfect addition to my sewing room. I have often said when pressing seams that a mini iron would certainly come in handy right now. What better mini iron than an Oliso!

  5. I’ve always wanted an Oliso iron and the mini would be ideal to take to classes or use chair side.

  6. I’ve been wanting to test out this mini iron for awhile now. Pressing seams is just so important and having enough heat to do so really makes a difference! My thought is that if I’m doing piecework I can use a smaller iron and then use a larger iron for more of the bigger ironing of yardage and quilt tops. Very exciting! Love your new orchid iron <3

  7. I I’ve had my Yellow Oliso Iron for about 5/6 years. Never a problem. A min would be a wonderful “by my side” and travel iron
    Thanks Kimberly. You’re the best.

  8. It would be wonderful to be able to take the mini Oliso on a quilt retreat.

  9. I would love mini iron to use for pressing small pieces. Also love the bright cheery colors.

  10. This would be great to have right next to the machine to set those seams and make better triangles

  11. Love turquoise. This would be sooo handy.

  12. I would love to win the mini Oliso for all my mini quilting retreats with my friends!

  13. I don’t have a mini project iron and an Oliso would be the perfect one for my sewing room!

  14. I would love to win this iron. I am new to quilting and this would be a great Addition

  15. If I win the Oliso mini iron, I’ll bring it to our four Quilts of Valor workdays we have scheduled for our Friendship Quilter’s in Elizabeth, Il. Many of our members have made your gorgeous Pleasantville Row by Row that we had as a quilt challenge two years ago.

  16. My B-day is Jan. 17. This iron could be “ Happy birthday to me?“. Yay!

  17. I really need this as my other mini iron just died?!

  18. I have never owned an Oliso iron, but have used them during classes. I am in the market for a small iron that I can pack and go and use for travel sewing opportunities. My experience with Oliso has been positive while in various classroom settings and I would enjoy using this mini project iron.

  19. I currently have a Rowenta mini project iron, which I thought would be a good thing. However, if I push too hard while pressing, the folding handle collapses. I’m tired of getting my fingers pinched!! Help me Oliso!!!

  20. I would love to win this compact iron. At 81 years old, my other iron seems heavy and I would like a lighter weight iron. Blue is my favorite colir.

  21. Hi Kimberly!

    I would live to win an Oliso Mini Iron….love the color! I would use ut for retreats and travel but also in my sewing room! Oliso irons are great!!

  22. These irons are the perfect size for appliqué as well as paper piecing! Love the colors

  23. I would love to have the mini for retreats as I drool over them when I see more and more people using them at retreats a perfect size.

  24. I’ve never tried one … they sound WONDERFUL!

  25. I love my big Oliso iron. She needs a little sister.

  26. I have been intrigued by the Oliso irons since I first saw them on Love of Quilting – no scorching! Since I recently gave my small iron to my granddaughter (who has just started sewing), I’ve been looking for a replacement. I think I’ve found it! Thanks ?

  27. I have wanted this mini iron for so long and never just treated myself. AND turquoise is my favorite color?

  28. Would love to win this oliso iron to take with me to classes and retreats. Would love the bigger one as well for home quilting.

  29. I would love to win. I just had to part with my mother’s iron because it stopped working and it really made me sad because she’s gone now. My favorite color is turquoise too. Thanks Kim!

  30. I have never used an Oliso and would love to have this mini one.

  31. I would love to have the mini Oliso to help me with my quilting projects and ironing those seams would be divine with the mini!

  32. Have always wanted to try one. Love the array of colors.

  33. Love Turquoise and smaller iron! Perfect combination for appliqués and smaller pieces.
    Thanks for a chance to win!

  34. Sadly not available in Australia. So my Sunbeam Steam Pro Traveller – dual voltage has to do

  35. What a wonderful size iron. Lovely colors.

  36. This Oliso Turquoise Mini Project Iron would definitely improve all of my sewing projects. Plus, it’s cute, so it would be fun to use. And I love the matching Silicone Soleplate… clever, safe, and handy.

  37. I have been watching Kim for months and she shares her product info with us all the time. I would love to have an Iron like this! thanks for the giveaway!

  38. I travel to different countries and this iron would work perfect for my projects. I also love my large Oliso iron!

  39. I would love one of these to use in my motor home when traveling and for sit-and-sews on the run, retreats…. I even have the perfect heat proof carrier ready for it!

  40. I would love to win the olio mini because my other mini iron just stopped working. I only had it for one year ?
    Plus the oil so colors are so pretty !!!

  41. I absolutely love my big Oliso! I haven’t gotten the mini yet. Would be awesome to have one.

  42. omg oliso is the perfect iron. I love the fact that they made a mini iron so that way you can have it next to your sewing machine on your wool mat.

  43. What a lovely blog about one of the tools so important to us as quilters! I would love the Oliso mini to enable my quilting work to be more portable, whether within my home or in my travels. And I love turquoise! Thank you, Kimberly, for this post and the giveaway!

  44. I would like to be selected as I love my original size Oliso. What a workhorse. It does the job perfectly. and the color is adorable.

  45. It would be perfect for my paper piecing projects! And… I love all things miniature!

  46. I’ve had my eye on one of these for a while now! It’d be so useful to have a mini iron I could travel with (mainly between Texas and Canada) to work on my applique quilt projects. I just love all the colours!

  47. Love how colorful the irons are and would love to win!

  48. I’ve been looking at these irons. First they had yellow or pink, neither color works for me. Then, I saw the turquoise and orchid. How to choose? And I love the silicone plate. 2022 would be a good year for a new iron. I hope to go to my retreat in April after missing the last two. ??Perfect place to try out a new Olivia iron. Please??

  49. I could really use a small iron to use as a travel iron and for using at quilt retreats.

  50. I just celebrated my 68th birthday and having a great iron that’s not too heavy would be a wonderful way to start the year! TYIA!

  51. They are so cute! I kill irons regularly and could definitely use a new one ???

  52. I would love to have this iron. Kimberly you have taught me so much about quilting. Thank you.

  53. Would love to try this iron.

  54. I need a mini iron for those small pieced quilts I like to make. I don’t have a mini iron! I would like to keep one right next to my sewing machine – just to make it so quick to get back to sewing. And I know they would make the seams lay nice and flat!
    Thank you for the opportunity to win, Kimberly! I love that you can use it when you move too — I can even bring it with me when visit my brothers in Europe maybe!

  55. I have full size Oliso irons in both my home sewing room and my Winter home. I would love to win a mini!

  56. I do alot of paper piecing, would love a small iron to keep close!

  57. It would be wonderful to have a mini iron that worked 100% of the time! Would love to try one out.

  58. Oliso Irons are fabulous. they provide effective and safe pressing on all types of fabric.

    I would love to have the mini iron for use at retreats and classes.

  59. Have heard so many good things about this iron and would love to have one in my favourite colour…turquoise.

  60. I would live a mini iron. They are awesome and work beautifully. The turquoise is such a lucky color too.

  61. I would love to receive this cute little iron for my quilting/ sewing projects…. I love the beautiful colors!!!!!

  62. Prefect item to use while making BOM with Kimberly Einmo prefect rulers ? would love the orchid one ☝️

  63. Prefect to use while making BOM blocks and Kimberly Einmo rulers? Would love an orchid one ?

  64. I have been thinking of purchasing a small iron to take along to retreat. This Oliso mini project iron would be perfect!

  65. I would love to try one out. I was just to the store and saw other mini irons and the larger Olivos, but had no idea Olson made the mini as well.

  66. Oh my, this is wonderful. I would love to have this cute turquoise mini iron right next to me as I stitch tiny pieces. It’s just the right size for those minis❤️Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  67. Would love to have a new iron and especially since my anniversary is the 11th of January!

  68. I was just to the store today and saw other brands of the minis, but not the Olson. Would love to try one.

  69. I have never won anything and this is actually something I would use on a daily basis.

  70. I would love to try the Oliso mini iron. I sew a lot but have never tried one of the irons.:

  71. I would love a travel iron – when I get to go to classes and retreats I usually borrow a friend’s since my “real” iron can double as a boat anchor.

  72. I will be fully retired at the end of February and with my new Janine M7 this would help me make great use of my retirement time to quilt. I tend to burn my fingers with a full size iron when pressing quilt pieces that are small, as they are at the beginning. Thank you for considering me. I enjoyed your trunk show in Cheyenne, WY last year. Thanks for coming and inspiring.

  73. Discovered uour wondeful iron at a quilting retreat. Now i would love one to travel to future retreats.

  74. I retreat a lot with my good friends. This would be an awesome iron to take with me!

  75. That turquoise color is lovely. I’d love to win.

  76. I have an aliso full size and love it, I have been wanting a mini iron for awhile and winning one would be awesome. I am a recently retired nurse and now I just want to quilt. I have enjoyed everything Kimberly Einmo

  77. Just because it’s so cute

  78. This lovely mini iron would be just the thing on the ironing surface next to my sewing machine. It would save many times up and down to the ironing board.

  79. What a great gift! I would love to be the lucky winner as I am new to quilting and getting back into sewing. My craft room is small but it’s busting with projects, this size iron will fit perfectly in my space, thanks for the opportunity!

  80. It’s so cute and would be handy!

  81. Would love to own the turquoise Oliso mini iron. It would be great to pack on trips as it would take up a lot less room. Thanks for the opportunity to win it.

  82. I would love to have this iron because it looks light weight. I go to the local senior center one day a week to sew with my fellow quilters. We make quilts and give them to charities. So it would be very portable

  83. The mini Oliso iton, would be a wonderful addition to my quilting studio especially when working on paper piecing projects, or another mystery quilt by K.Einmo!!! And did I mention that the teal iron color coordinates beautifully with my quilting decor.

  84. Love classes at the Pigeon Forge TN quilt show and local retreats and this small iron would be a valued addition….I wouldn’t have to borrow everyone elses. 😉

  85. I do a lot of wool applique and this would be such a fantastic addition to my supplies. Thank you for the opportunity to win this

  86. I would love to win the mini Iron I really could use it

  87. What a perfect iron to take to classes! It would also be perfect next to my sewing machine! My friend has a full size and she loves it. She’s always telling me how great her iron works. Do, I’d live to have one for us to use when we are quilting at my house. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  88. I would love to win this iron. I have heard great things about it. How it gets really hot, the steam feature is awesome and of course the sole plate it comes with. Then I won’t knock it over on the carpet and ruin the carpet. Yes I have done this! Thanks for this opportunity to win!!

  89. I’d love this little iron to have in my secondary sewing room (living room). And who could resist the color!? Not me!

  90. I am not entering the contest because I have the regular AND the mini and I love them both! Good luck, all!

  91. Love this. I have a full size Olisimo and want 1 of these!! I still have to finish my Kimberly Einmo star that I started at the class you taught in Cheyenne WY last fall and as shown in your pic, this would be perfect!! I have taken 2 classes from you, & I brought my quilt (your pattern) to class to show you!! Think of you preparing to move to Australia. Good luck!!

  92. This would be fantastic for pressing my small craft projects and pressing ‘in the hoop’ embroidery machine projects.

  93. I would love to have the mini Oliso iron to take to quilt retreats. One of my friends has One and loves it!

  94. This mini iron would be perfect when I am piecing quilts oe sewing baby clothes!

  95. Love my big Oliso, and would be thrilled to try the small one! Pink would be perfect! Thank you, Oliso!

  96. After my mother-in-law & father-in-law passed away in 2020 we remodeled and moved to their house, so I could help take care of my husbands special needs sister. Since we moved, I can not find any of my little irons. I think a few of my totes of sewing things were taken to the auction with my mother-in-laws things, so I sure could use one of these sweet little irons.

    Thank you!

  97. My husband dislikes it when I hog the big iron. I would love to win a Oliso Mini Project iron especially in turquoise.
    I would a chance to win a small iron of my own for my sewing room.
    I just want to say “Mine Mine Mine” to my hubby!

  98. Never owned this brand would love to try this iron.

  99. Charlotte definitely needs one of these mini ones! And the teal is the perfect color to match everything we have lol. I find the mini irons are much more user friendly for younger quilters!

  100. I’ve heard so many great things about Oliso irons. This would be so great for travel, classes, or retreats. I would love to receive this gift.

  101. The mini Oliso would be perfect to work on my crazy quilt. I could set up a mini ironing station next to my sewing machine.

  102. I try to borrow this sweetie from my friend when I teach kids and challenged adults basic quilting classes. It is so simple to use, easy to tote with all the other supplies I need, and sturdy but lightweight enough for those often clumsy little hands. Thank you for all your classes and for hosting so many interesting programs.

  103. Would love to try the oliso mini iron I have never used one. I have heard they are a great iron

  104. I would this Oliso Mini Iron! I have a standard Oliso and travel to my mom’s quite a bit to sew. Also, it would be handy when I go to classes. I just love how it irons!!! Thank you for the give-a-way.

  105. I would love to have that iron with the point for so many of my projects. Plus it is so pretty.

  106. I always wanted an Oliso but after trying a regular size Oliso found it was just too heavy to handle. A mini would be perfect for sewing projects!

  107. This would be a great opportunity to test this iron for myself

  108. I have never used an Oliso iron but it looks like the turquoise mini would be perfect to carry with me on my quilting adventures. And it is my favorite color!

  109. I would love to have this iron to use it at a small table with a wool mat that sits next to my sewing machine. It would use it to press my seams as I sew.

  110. I would love to have a little Oliso iron which I would use next to my sewing machine. I’ve always wanted to have an ironing station next to my machine. Plus, I also do machine embroidery and this size would be great for doing in the hoop machine applique projects! And, I love the variety of colors as well as the great features of the Oliso irons.

  111. I love to sew 3/4″ strips together then subcut and resew them to make 1/2″ finished blocks. The mini Oliso iron would be great to press these mini blocks. Not to mention Oliso makes great colorful products.

  112. This would be an awesome iron to take to retreats!

  113. I love the orchid also! Ha! Who am I fooling! I love all 4 colors. I have a pink one that I love. Problem is, I have two 9 year old granddaughters and they both love to iron fabric but I only have one this size. It’s perfect size for little hands. A second would be so nice.

  114. I would use the small iron with my wool pressing mat beside my sewing table. It would be so much easier to press small elements of a block without having to hop up and cross the room to the ironing board. Also, it shouldn’t turn over if the table is jostled accidentally. Much safer with a dog in the house! Or small child!

  115. I’d love a mini project iron because my eddycrest sewing table has this really cute pull out for ironing and this iron is the perfect size. Oliso are really quality products and it would help me make things for years to come. Thanks for the opportunity.

  116. I would really appreciate winning this iron. I do a lot of applique work and paper piecing projects, so this iron (with my small pressing mat) is the perfect size to be next to my machine. It also is very cute!

  117. Goodness, wouldn’t this make my quilting life easier. I’ve never used an Oliso or a mini iron but I know it would definitely make my quilting life that much easier.

  118. I really need to try this iron! I have burned out 3 mini irons in the past year. I love having one beside me when I am piecing blocks for quick seam presses.

  119. Wow! The number of entries is incredible! I think this iron would be so handy to use for all my Quilting adventures and knowing that I will have my own iron in classrooms and for nighttime back in the hotel.
    I would love to brag about how I won it?

  120. That iron is adorable and I love the silicon pad that comes with it! I’d love to use it next to my sewing machine when I’m piecing quilts.

  121. I just love my big one, so having the mini would be perfect when I’m doing my tiny projects! Thanks Kimberly for this chance to win one!

  122. This small iron would be perfect for my small space. I love to sew and love making quilts so this very cool iron would be so special!

  123. I love this iron. Have used them at retreats before. And it’s my favorite color ?. Mahalo Kimberly!!

  124. They’re just the cutest little iron and the colours are so full of brightness. It would put a smile on anyones face. I’ve see the big ones in action, so I can imagine working with the smaller one would just super. Keeping my fingers crossed that my wish comes true! Thanks fir the opportunity ?

  125. I’d love to win this iron to give to my mom!! She’s a major presser. ? She’s getting older and needs a lighter iron. We quilting buddies!! Thanks for considering me.

  126. Been wanting to try an Oliso iron for a long time . A mini would be so helpful for me in my sewing room Thanks for the chance to win one ?

  127. Turquoise is such lovely color. I’ve wanted a mini iron for a long time

  128. Just got a new machine after 38 yrs, so a new iron would be great. Lots of Quilts planned. Smaller iron easier to use while piecing.

  129. I’d love to win one of the Oliso mini irons because I’ve heard so much about their products but have yet to add one to my studio. This would be the perfect start!

  130. I love my original yellow Oliso my favorite color is turquoise!! I would be thrilled to win!

  131. I would love this mini iron to use in our new RV as I am taking my small sewing machine on the road. This would be the perfect addition to a smaller sewing space!

  132. I have the large yellow oliso, would love to have have a mini, for smaller piecing.

  133. Dang, those things are cuuuuute!

  134. I own one of the larger Oliso irons, it would be fabulous to have a small one to use for paper piecing, small projects and
    in-the-hoop projects.

  135. I would like be to test out a mini, I always use a full size iron!

  136. I asked Santa for one of these, but alas apparently Mr. Claus didn’t have one in his bag this year! I love the blog and would love one of these little Oliso Mini’s!

  137. I have a small cabinet next to my sewing machine. I recently purchased a small wool pressing mat to place on top of the cabinet. Right now, I get up from my sewing machine, and go into the kitchen to press. The small Oliso would be perfect to use next to my sewing machine, save me steps, and make it easier for me!

  138. Most irons at my house have a life expectancy of about 9 months. I’d love to put this one to the test!

  139. Wow that iron would be great to win
    It’s a great tool to help with quilting

  140. The mini iron would be great for traveling to classes, other trips. I’d also be great to have by me when I’m sewing to press.

  141. Would love have this iron, it would be great for projects or when I go on retreats/sewing classes. Also I would like to replace my old iron (it takes a lot of assistance to help it through).

  142. I would love to have one next to me while doing the Laura Heine Collage quilts.

  143. I have the full size Oliso and love it. It would be great to add the mini for pressing seams and small blocks.

  144. I have the full size one but would love the small one for traveling to retreats.

  145. I have read they are very nice irons,but have do not have a mini iron. Always wanted one.

  146. Would love to have a mini-iron to use with my small personal pressing station that I have by my side at the sewing machine. Perfect for retreats and open sews at our guild!

  147. Oooo! What a cute little iron! I love the turquoise color! It would match the colors in my quilting studio perfectly. I would love to have one because I’m teaching a couple of friends to quilt and it would be nice to have more than one ironing station in my space when they come over. I also have a camper and a travel size sewing machine. The little Oliso iron would be perfect to take along! Thank you!

  148. I love that it has dual voltage because I travel and so handy to have.

  149. I have wanted to try one. It would be lovely for my new pressing area.

  150. This would be convenient to take to my sewing meet! And I love the blue!

  151. I tried an Pliso iro years ago and didn’t like it. I would love to give it another try since I know so many people love them.

  152. I would love to try the mini Oliso iron. Many of my friends have them and love them

  153. I have not tried an Oliso iron yet and my sewing room has all turquoise accents. I would love to win this give away!

  154. I always want have a Oliso, this will be perfect for my littles quilts.

  155. I have a very small space to sew. I can only have a pad that I can iron on. I would love to own the mini Oliso. I’m sure it will be great for big and small projects. ❤️

  156. I live in a small apartment and would really enjoy a mini iron so I wouldn’t have to have the large one out all the time taking up the little space that is left.

  157. Hi Kimberly.

    Having a trigger thumb (ouch), a light weight mini iron would be helpful. I’m thinking this would take the pressure pain off one of my favorite things to do…pressing fabric pieces for quilt making.

    Thank you Kimberly for sharing one of your favs! Happy New Year?

    Cheri P

  158. My mother gave me my yellow Oliso Smart Iron before she died over 6 years ago. I LOVE that iron and know that the mini iron would make a wonderful addition to my sewing room!! Thank you for sponsoring this give-away.

  159. Hi, my current iron is no telling how old and it is need of a younger and petite workhorse buddy to see from across the room.

  160. I make historic reproduction doll quilts and using a smaller iron would make pressing seams much easier. Thank you for your offer. Barb

  161. I have been looking for an iron to take to classes! My birthday is the 19th, so this would make a perfect birthday present for me! Love the colors this one comes in.

  162. I go to quilting at our local quilt store every Wednesday and I also teach classes there occasionally. This little iron would be so handy to bring with me, thanks for the opportunity.

  163. I’ve only had the opportunity to use the larger Oliso irons and would LOVE to try out the mini!! Can’t say enough about how awesome the large iron is and would love to try out the smaller version. <3

  164. What a perfect mini iron to use in the “nest” at my machine for frequently pressing as I stitch projects! So cute! And for taking to classes is also perfect! Thanks Kimberly and Oliso for an amazing giveaway! ?

  165. I love the color of the Oliso turquoise mini iron! This mini iron would be perfect for sitting next to me on my mini pressing station when piecing, or for taking with me to classes, etc.

  166. What a great addition to your sewing room…

  167. I dint live in Hs ir Canada, I am from Sourh Africa
    But I have such a story to tell about the oliso
    I asked a friend to get me one while she was visiting
    US and could not wait for her return!
    I was si excited!! The day I got it Zi called my friend to come and see my new iron!!
    I plugged it in and poof spark and bang and that was the end of my iron!!
    I plugged it into s 220v and could only take 110v!!
    Cried my eyes out and then we nearly died with laughter!!

  168. I would love to win an Oliso mini iron! Both me and my daughter quilt. This iron would be perfect for her to take to her dorm with her sewing machine since the rooms are small and one has a very limited amount of space. She likes to have her machine with her and quilts as a way to de-stress from college classes. This would allow her to have an iron that she can press her piecing.

  169. I’ve tried the large Oilso and like that you don’t have to pick it up each time you take a break in ironing. I’ve recently been having trouble with my shoulder and would love to see if this would help.

  170. I am so excited to see Oliso make a small iron! I have a large one and love it. I haven’t been quilting much this year, but now I am well with a new liver and am so ready to delve into my beloved hobby. Thanks for the giveaway.

  171. I would love to own a Oliso Mini iron for many reasons.
    1. I’ve recently begun making more small quilts and my regular iron is just too big ?.
    2. My 70th birthday is on January 16th and this would be a wonderful birthday gift. LOL
    3. Seriously though, Oliso is a great iron for a quilter to own.
    Congratulations to whoever the winner is. Use this iron well.

  172. Would be so nice to have by my sewing machine instead of having to go to the other room to press/

  173. I’ve heard a lot of good things about them and would love to get the chance to try one. Plus, turquoise is my favorite color 🙂

  174. I would love to own an Oliso Mini to go with my Oliso Major. Love the awesome colors!!

  175. I’d love to win this. Sounds like a fantastic little iron

  176. I often thought a mini iron would be useful when pressing quilt seams. Love those colors too.

  177. First off, blue is my favorite color. Both my Mother and Mother in law were excellent at ironing. Everything was always pressed with such love and care. They’re both gone now and I do my best for the family but will never be quite as good. At least this iron would make me feel special and just maybe improve my ironing game.

  178. I would love to win this little iron because it would be perfect right next to my sewing machine for a quick, precise press. Plus…it’s soooooo cute!

  179. Love the Oliso brand. Use my mom’s all the time. Could certainly use a mini in my sewing room as part of my quilting sewing station. Love the torquoise!

  180. Because I sew on my dinner room table, this Oliso mini iron would be perfect for me. I could move it to the side for a quick meal and get right back to sewing.

  181. I really like being able to pivot to the side to press when I sew. I have a TV tray with wool mat next to my machine as space is limited and an Oliso Mini would be the perfect thing to get those seams flat!

  182. Awesome iron! Love all the colors. Fun giveaway.

  183. My not so reliable mini iron stopped working, I have heard many great things about Iliso Irons and appreciate this opportunity to possible win one. Thank you

  184. Great giveaway. A new iron would be wonderful.

  185. I would Louie to win this because I’ve always wanted an Oliso! I just have a hard spending money to replace something I already have…I have a small iron but it’s a $12 Walmart one.

  186. I would love to win the Oliso Turquoise Mini Project Iron ? I also have the original Oliso Yello Iron which I absolutely love ♡ Recently I was awarded Social Security Disability and I’m on a very limited income. I could save for the Oliso Mini Project iron, however that would take several months to scrounge enough money for this great tool for my small projects. Thank you for this opportunity ?

  187. My big yellow one has been wanting a little sister for awhile now! I’ve loved the big one from the start, but a smaller turquoise one would be perfect for all those mini blocks/quilts that seem to be my go-to much of the time. Thank you for sharing this mini iron with all of us!

  188. Thff egg Oliso mini iron would be a great item added to my sewing necessities at quilt classes. So pretty too. Love it!

  189. Would B love to own this iron. Never had one. They look wonderful.

  190. I’d love to have an oliso iron??. I use small travel irons I find at thrift stores for my projects. I’m pretty hard on them but a good iron and the clapper my dad made are the secrets to my happy quilting?

  191. I would love to win a new mini iron because my small travel iron used at my quilting station for the post ten years overheated and scorched my fabric and ironing pad. Once I realized it was “dead”. I feared plugging it in again. With being locked up with a Covid, I haven’t shopped for a new one.

  192. I’m in need of a new iron in general. As I research, I struggle with the price for some. Winning the mini would be a great way to be introduced to the brand. Also, I love to go to retreats or just to a friends house to work on projects so this would be great to take along!

    And, Tuesday is my birthday! So this would also be a great gift!! ?

  193. Yes, please!

  194. I have been interested on these irons for years but never was able to purchase one. The mini would be great for a small iron to press pieces as I assembled a top. What a great opportunity.

  195. I would love to win this iron! I have such a small space for sewing (my kitchen table) so the mini would be perfect. I mostly make small quilts & donate to closest NICU and to our local pound.

  196. I would love to get this great iron for my modern quilts that I love to make! I have used the bigger Oliso iron andoved that.

    Thank you,
    Rosemarie Blok

  197. I have given several Oliso’s as gifts but never treated myself to one. The mini Oliso would be the perfect size for teaching my granddaughter to sew and quilt and to learn to handle an iron that is more her size when visiting Grandma’s sewing/quilting studio. Naturally, Grandma would have to “practice” on her own small and even larger quilts.

  198. Would love to have one to take to classes.

  199. This would be the answer for my paper piecing!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  200. I’ve been wanting to try an Olisio, and wouldn’t this be super cute aside my Featherweight when we are RVing!

  201. It would be WONDERFUL to have a small iron with the same features as the larger ones. What a blessing if I am the lucky recipient. Have a wonderful week.

  202. An Oliso would be the perfect addition. it would be nice to have a small but dependable iron to take to retreats or just use at home. The color is so perky!
    Thank you,

  203. This iron would be perfect for traveling to quilt classes

  204. I would love to use the Oliso mini iron. I’ve never used a mini but think it would be great for so many small task.

  205. I am having shoulder and wrist issues and a bigger iron is painful to use. This would be the perfect iron to replace my OLD mini iron that has given up the fight. Thank you so much for offering this to us!

  206. My mom and I love these irons. We need one so we can both take classes.

  207. I would love to win the Oliso iron. I would share it with my daughter. Thank you for making this offer.

  208. I would love the mini, I would use for my small items, like doll costumes. I can’t wait to see you bom blitz for 2022.

  209. I’d love to be the lucky winner of that little turquoise beauty because I just can’t decide myself which color to get. They’re all so beautiful. Winning one would really be so delightful.

  210. I’ve heard that that Mini Oliso has MIGHTY power! Pick me pick me! I want a MIGHTY MINI!!!

  211. My favorite color is blue too and winning a mini iron would be perfect size to use when traveling in our travel trailer and sewing classes. Thank you for the opportunity to let me enter. I so enjoy watching your Done Before Dinner projects and quilt block tutorials.

  212. I love working on small projects and this would be perfect! Did I mention that blue is my favorite color? ?

  213. Would love to win. Such an excellent brand

  214. This would be a great addition to my ever growing sewing room. Just when I thought I had everything I now realize I need one of these cool irons!

  215. I would love one of these pretty irons!

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