Overwhelmed by global support! (And a few other things.)

I’m truly humbled….

…by your unbelievable show of support for my missing quilt!

How can I begin to express my sincere gratitude for all the wonderful comments and emails I’ve received from so many in the past few days? Truly, I have been touched deep down in my heart by your words of comfort, support, and sincere concern. You all have encouraged me in so many ways. You linked your blogs to mine; you posted comments on message boards. And at the suggestion of several of you, I went to the www.lostquilts.com website and posted my quilt there.

Literally, your messages spanned the globe. I heard from lovely people as far away as New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Costa Rica, Germany, Sweden, and France. I’m sure there are even more foreign countries represented in the comments left after my last post. Oh, how I wish I had time to personally write to each and every one of you! But since that isn’t possible, I want you to know that if you left a link to your blog along with your comment, I am in the process of visiting EACH and EVERY blog. I want to get to know you. And by the end of this weekend, I hope to have stopped by your blogs to read about each of you.

http://z.about.com/d/webclipart/1/0/H/3/0tk6.gif - 6.2 K

Thank you. Sincerely, and truly heart-felt  from me to you. THANK YOU!

And the winner of the giveaway is….

It seems evident that many of you already love quilting with precuts or are really eager to try them. Good for you! I just know you’ll love them as much as I do, because I really heart precuts! If I was independently wealthy, well honestly, I’d send each of you a book. I really wish I could! But since I can’t, I have to pick just one winner. So to be fair, my 11 year old son and I wrote each of your names down on a piece of paper and put them all into a hat. (Well, actually it was a bowl.) And he chose a winner. The winner of an autographed book, Jelly Roll Quilts & More, is:

 Andra (and her 11 year old daughter). Check out her blog. (Fun note: Andrew thought it was pretty neat that the winner he drew from the hat has a daughter who is exactly the same age as him!) Congratulations, Andra! Contact me at moc.omnieylrebmiknull@ylrebmiK to send me your address and I’ll get the book sent right out to you!

Readers’ Show and Tell

I have to thank you all of you who took time to send me photos of your quilts made with Jelly Rolls, precut fabric packs, and even strips from your stash! I enjoyed seeing them so much I want to share them with everyone! In no particular order, here they are:

Amy Craig’s very first quilt!

Made by Carol Lewis

Made by Peggy Crawford

Now, if you sent me a photo of your quilt but you don’t see it here in the readers’ quilt show, it is because the file size of your photo exceeded 2MB. Unfortunately, my blog server doesn’t support file sizes larger than 2MB. Sorry I couldn’t share them, but I enjoyed seeing them very much!

Again, I want to thank each and every one of you who offered your support over the loss of my quilt, and also for the many good wishes you sent on the release of my new book! Believe me, at the end of the week I can honestly say there was much more good that happened because of you all than the bad thing that happened over my stolen quilt.

Be sure and stop back in a day or so. I had the privilege of stopping at a really wonderful quilt shop the other day, and I have some great photos to share. See you soon!


  1. We may not he able to travel down the road and sit around the quilt frame with our sisters, but we can sure support each other over the internet. Isn’t it amazing?

    Boy do I love those pictures! I have now read the book cover to cover (!) and trying to decide which project to do first. DH has a few favorites he’d like me to try. Let me ask you a question: when you combine precuts, like a jelly roll and a layer cake, do you do both from the same fabric line or do you mix & match?

    • Hi Pat! So glad you liked the book to read it cover to cover! That sure makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside! 🙂

      Good question about combining precuts, Pat. For the purpose of the book, whenever I combined precut packs (such as a charm pack and Jelly Roll, etc.) I used matching fabric packs. However, having said that…..you could certainly mix it up a bit and combine “like” packs — or packs that compliment each other (for example, lines from the same designer, etc.) Or, use a Jelly Roll AND combine it with 5″ squares from your scrap bag. I say, use up those scraps! The more you have going on in the quilt will add visual interest and texture! Go for it, girl!

  2. I was trying to leave you a comment in the other post in the one you said about your missing quilt, I couldn’t because a duplicate comment was detected, I just found a link and maybe it’s going be to helpful for you:
    I’m going to have my fingers and toes crossed, until this quilt appears, and also for the giveaway you’re having as well!!!, going to be that person’s concience!!!

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