Past mystery quilts revealed

Quite a few of you have downloaded the first installment which includes the supply list for my brand new, free mystery quilt pattern. How exciting! I’m so glad you’ve decided to join me for Fridays with Kimberly! In keeping with the mystery quilt theme, I thought it might be fun to have a little “Show and Tell” today. Many of you have been introduced to my dear and supremely talented friend, Birgit Schuller, from Germany. If not, click here and here to find out more about her._MG_1375

Even though Birgit is very busy with her longarm quilting business and working on her award-winning, show-stopping quilts for international contests, she always takes time to make my mystery quilts, and I’m very honored. I thought you might like to see photos of three of these mystery quilts, including two patterns which are currently still available to download online (but only until September 30th); Halls of History and Rhein Wein. I just love the way Birgit has pieced and quilted these beauties – her quilting is innovative and suits the designs beautifully! Enjoy the Show and Tell slide show today!

2008 Mystery Quilt front Halls of History

Halls of History, the 2008 free mystery quilt pattern. Birgit added a row to extend the size.

Halls of History Front detailed quilting

Quilting details on front of Halls of History. Don’t you just love the exquisite quilting in the background areas?

Halls of History back details

Quilting details on back of Halls of History. The back could pass for a whole cloth quilt by itself!


Rhein Wein. Birgit added extra blocks to change the layout and make the quilt square. Beautiful!


Quilting details on back of Rhein Wein. You could spend hours looking at the thoughtful details. Amazing!


Quitling details on front of Rhein Wein make this quilt sparkle with so much visual interest.


Another mystery quilt designed by me; made by Birgit. The photo just doesn’t do this quilt justice. In person, the colors explode with exuberance!


The back of this quilt is a n absolute knock-out. Check out those gorgeous, perfect feathers!

Thank you, Birgit for sharing your talent with us through this cyber show and tell!

Many of you have been oh-so-kind to send me photos of your completed mystery quilts or quilt tops in the past. I hope you’ll forgive me, but in the midst of moving plus transitioning all my data to a new laptop computer earlier this year, some of my photos files are missing or misplaced in other virtual file folders. Fear not; they are not lost in cyber space! But the folder I kept them in got “auto-archived” or some such computer thing, and my notes with the information such as “whose-name-went-with-what-quilt” is no where to be found. Sigh.

I’m going to attempt to post the mystery quilts from photos you friendly readers have sent me in my next posting — at least as many as I can put my hands on by then. In the meantime, if any of you out there have made one (or more!) of my mystery quilts, would you mind sending the photos to me again? Gosh, I sure hate to bother you but I’d be so grateful if you would. Send them as .jpg attachments to: moc.omnieylrebmiknull@ylrebmiK. I’ll get them posted ASAP for you all to enjoy!

And don’t forget: I’ll send a special surprise to the first three people who email me photos of their completed mystery quilts or quilt tops from this newest free mystery quilt: Anvils Are Beautiful. Woo hoo! I hope you’re getting ready for the first clue which will be posted this coming Friday, September 11th!

Stop back soon to see the next batch of mystery quilt photos. Cheerio, everyone!

  1. Birgit’s quilting is astounding. I hope everyone checked out the older posts where you show pictures of her unusual long-arm quilting space. I need to send you pictures of my Mysteries — of course MINE aren’t quilted (I’m going to make some long-armer rich one day when I finally get around to sending them out).

    • Pat — I’m sure Birgit will be delighted when she reads your comments about her. And send those pictures on over, and I’ll share them with everyone — they will love your color choices as much as I do!

  2. Kimberly,

    From now on, I’ll refer to you as my personal PR manager! Every single sentence you write about me and my work makes me blush. Thank you so very much! And Pat – thank you for taking the time to check out all those detail pictures Kimberly made me send her. With my quilting I always try to enhance the piecing pattern without overpowering it. Most tops talk to me during the quilting process and I feel pretty safe to follow their lead… But still, it’s one thing for me to think that it works – and a completely different one for others to share this opinion. Therefore, THANK YOU, ladies!


  3. Hello? Hello? Is there an almost birthday girl in the house, or is that a mystery too?

    • Well, there will be a birthday gal in the house tomorrow! Woo hoo — can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring! 🙂

  4. Hi Kimberly,

    Welcome back and Happy Birthday! (I think I read Pat’s post correctly). Just wanted to let you know that the QHC is no more 🙁 We are going to miss you in this neck of the woods (Lancaster, PA) Always, took your mystery quilt classes at QHC . You already have a couple of my pix of prior year mystery quilts you took at this years show. I’ll be sure to send this years when its done being quilted.

    • Hi Darlene; it is GREAT to hear from you! I’m was so bummed out to hear about QHC ending — what a loss. Rita Barber will be missed! Hopefully, I’ll be able to teach in Lancaster for AQS in 2011. They asked me to teach in 2010; but I already have a commitment for those dates. But I’ll hopefully be in your neck of the woods again soon! Keep in touch, and do send photos!

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