Perfectly pretty Pineapple Punch pattern!

  1. Wow it’s larger that I thought! Looks beautiful! I love the vibrant colors!

  2. OMG. Gorgeous and big. Looks big anyway. Love it.

  3. This is so beautiful!!! Love the colors they are so happy!! And gosh we need happy right now!!! Love it.

  4. Loved this in our guild quilt show in February! Happy to be able to get the pattern.

  5. This is a beauty and was hanging in the 2020 South Bay Quilters Guild show. It was spectacular!

  6. Love this pattern and colours

  7. I love your vibrant colours, it’s gorgeous!

  8. I seen it a long time ago in some picture. I followed you waiting on pins and needles waiting for this pattern. I bought the back issues of AGS magazines(Jan ,March) and got the last one(May) with my membership. I wanted this pattern so bad . I was afraid it would of gone away if I didn’t get all the issues.So I joined AQS again just to get this pattern.Love the colors and I love anything tropical.It will be one of my most favorite wall hangings going into my new house ! Love Love Love it .Thank you Kimberly so much !!

  9. Another classic. Pineapple sign of welcome. It is absolutely beautiful.

  10. Beautiful! ???

  11. What a fun quilt and great smile.

  12. Do you have mystery quilt patterns I can use with my quilt guild? I would like to put the instructions in our monthly newsletter. I would like to break the pattern into six sections or months. I have not done this before.
    Thank you,
    Rita Isbell

  13. Does anyone know the size of this quilt?

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