Pleasantville Show and Tell UPDATED

Many of you know about (and hopefully follow) my regular column, Kimberly’s Korner, in American Quilter Magazine. In 2016, AQS featured my original series quilt, Pleasantville, which appeared in conjunction with my column. I was overwhelmed by the excitement of the readers to follow along and make their own versions of this row by row design! Many of you graciously sent photos of your own version of Pleasantville. In fact, the good folks at AQS previously did a follow-up in their “On Point” digital magazine, but I thought it would be fun to have a “show and tell” of the photos I received from you of your quilts here. Each one is truly special and exquisitely beautiful. I’m very happy you chose to share your quilts with me so I can share them here. The maker’s name is shown below the photo. There were two photos for which I could not locate the maker’s names. (Sorry!) So if you see your quilt’s photo and it isn’t labeled properly, please let me know. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Since this post, I’ve received more photos of beautiful Pleasantville quilts! If you would like to share YOUR version for me to post here, please send photos to me at: moc.omnieylrebmiknull@ylrebmiK. Here are the new photos: 

Sheila Youngberg

Lynn Eccleston

Evelyn Fudge

Evelyn Fudge

Jane Hilliard


Betty Jordt

Caroline Nihiser

Francis Partain is a prolific quiltmaker in her 90’s. She still makes many quilts and gifts them to family. Her quilts hang in the community where she resides for all the residents to admire and appreciate. This one is a special gift for her son!

This is Francis presenting the quilt to her son on Mother’s Day for his birthday! What a special treasure. God bless you, Francis!

Terri Lynn Lukshaitis

Terri Lynn Lukshaitis

Shirley Kirchner

Nancy Osterman

Nancy McGlothin

Marty Gigler

Elsie Ridgeley

Unknown maker’s name — contact me if this is your pretty quilt.

  1. Wow! I love them all. I would show mine but I don’t know how to send pictures.

  2. Fantastic colors. Same pattern, with so many variations.

  3. I enjoy seeing what different people design, colorwise, with the same pattern. Lovely results! Such talented Quilter’s!

  4. Kimberly,

    Could you tell me which issue contained this beautiful quilt a long? I am now a member and receive American Quilter Magazine, but this issue must have been a previous issue. Perhaps I can order the past issue from AQS.

    Thank you.

  5. Kim, I am submitting my picture which is from my Massachusetts guilds challenge. YOU said to use your stash and I did. There are 12 doing it, and our show and tell is in July, 2017.I am also in Manatee Patchworkers in Bradenton Florida, so this is a well traveled quilt.

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