Quilts, classes and creative fun at QHC!

Boy oh boy, are we ever having F-U-N at the QHC Show in Lancaster! The students in my classes are absolutely wonderful and we are having the BEST time ever! It has been a complete creativity recharge for everyone, (especially me) and the special events, such as the quilted wearables fashion show which was organized by my good friend and quilt artist extraordinaire, Diane Herbort, have been spectacular!

Rather than tell you all about it, let me share it with you in pictures. (Photos of the fashion show will come in the next post…..) Enjoy!

 One of my students, Darlene, surprised me with her outstanding version of “Wild At Heart” (my original quilt which was featured in the February, 2009 issue of McCall’s Quilting Magazine). She said she had a ball using the EZ Hearts Cut Tool to make this gorgeous wall hanging. You should see the creative embellishments. Well done!

 Ianthe (L) and Bea (R) met in my mystery class on Wednesday and then sat together on Thursday in my Flying Geese Crossing class. They had so much fun it seemed like they have been friends for years!

 The gals in the Flying Geese Crossing class were ‘feeling the love’ as their flying geese units flew together without any stress using the Easy Star and Geese Ruler!

 Sweet smiles and a day of stress-free stitching….

 Robin, who has taken my classes previously, brought a “show and tell” to the Ooh La La Corset class — her finished Bermuda Triangles quilt top from last year’s class! All I can say is WOW — those colors are FABULOUS!

 My sample quilts for the Ooh La La Corset class. You may remember the pink and black version from the February, 2008 issue of McCall’s Quilting Magazine. For this class, I recently made the smaller blue version and had just as much fun embellishing my “girls.”

 Nancy has taken my classes in previous years, and I was delighted she returned for not just one, but two classes this year! We spent Thursday together in the Flying Geese Crossing class, and she returned on Friday to make this elegant lady in the Ooh La La Corset class. Love the pearls and embellishments!

 Have a closer look….notice the open cutwork design along the right side? This gorgeous piece of fabric was a remnant Nancy had in her stash for years. She embellished her corset with beautiful satin loop trim, silk ribbon flowers, decorative machine stitching and pearls. Ooh la la – tres’ magnifique!

 Carolyn redesigned the corset to be a bikini gal, which more closely related to her focus fabric. Her new design is tres chic!

 We utilized the decorative stitches on our Bernina sewing machines to the fullest advantage. Here, Carolyn is using decorative stitches on her bikini lady, including a tatoo!

 This picture just makes me giggle. This gal’s got it!

 With a twinkle in her eye, Barbara strategically placed extra girly embellishments — embroidered pasties and tassels! (BIG smile)

 Patricia used silks and quilted metallic fabrics to make her corsets elegant and extra special!

 Robin really added dazzle, lace and fancy beaded trims to her corsets. She is planning to redecorate her bathroom to match her corset quilt. Send me photos, Robin…..

 Yours truly in between our classroom “good girl” and “bad girl.” All in the spirit of fun, of course!

 Bea has taken several of my classes throughout the years. Here, we’re sporting our matching jean jackets with quilting motifs in embossed denim on the back.

After a day of teaching, I met two new “friends” (students) at the local Olive Garden. Kate (L) and Linda (R) recognized me in the waiting area and told me they are signed up to take my mystery quilt class on Sunday. Can’t wait!

Stop back at the blog….more updates coming soon!

  1. Hi Kimberly!

    That’s me with the “Wild at Hearts” quilt at the top of this page! Wow you posted that so fast! Thank you so much! I feel honored to be included not only on this page but also on the April 2nd post. I was the one holding the Mystery quilt from 2 years ago. Thank you for being such a great teacher! Your classes are always relaxing and just plan fun!! I’m not a blogger but will keep checking out your site and blog. Can’t wait to see new book and tools! See you next year at the QHC!

  2. Oh this is real good fun. I’ve said before and I’ll repeat – LOVE all those corsets. Looks like the whole gang enjoyed themselves, too! What beautiful pieces everyone came up with!

  3. Hi Kimberly, I was bold over when I saw my work on your blog! It reminded me of what I great time I had in your classes, Flying Geese and Ooh, La La, at QHC. I appreciated how you made your classes so much fun–yes, I have to giggle too when I look at that picture! You were so open and receptive to everyone’s ideas. When I wanted to change your corset design to match my focus fabric, you dove right in helped me make it happen! Thank you for being a great teacher and an inspiration to all who take your classes.

    Carolyn Riley

  4. Hi, Darlene! You have no idea how tickled I am that you brought your Hearts quilt for “show and share” at class the other day. Thank you, thank you! It is so cute, and I think you really need to keep trying to teach that class where you live. The ladies need to discover just how much fun it is to embellish those hearts! 🙂 Can’t wait to see what you’ll bring back to show next year. I love having you in class so I’ll be looking forward to seeing you again! Take care — and do keep in touch!

  5. Hi, Karendianne! I’m so glad you stopped by and left a comment! We did have a ball in class with the corsets; everyone was SO creative and we talked and laughed and had a great time. Thanks again for leaving a comment. I always enjoy hearing from you!

  6. Hi Carolyn —

    Oh, I’m so glad you found my blog and I’m tickled that you liked the photos I shared of your girly bikini gal! She is just precious, and I am so happy to took the creative “bull by the horns” and designed your own block. Wonderful! You did such a great job with all the embellishments and trims — I especially love the tattoo! I can hardly wait to see what you’ll do with the other blocks. Promise to send me a photo when you get them done, all right?

    Happy embellishing, and do keep in touch!


  7. For those of you who are hesitant about taking a class like this, take a lesson from Ianthe, who is shown in one of Kimberly’s pictures, sitting next to Bea. Ianthe came to Kimberly’s classes barely able to use her sewing machine, but she really wanted to learn. She felt very self concious about her level of experience and her abilities, but she dove right in anyway. With a lot of patient help from Bea, a lot of encouragement from Kimberly, and a gutsy attitude, Ianthe perservered. I was in a class on Sunday morning with her, (not a Kimberly class), and the difference betweeen Ianthe on Wednesday and Ianthe on Sunday was amazing. I hope she keeps up her quilting and comes back next year!

  8. Pat —

    What a lovely story to share with everyone. Thank you!

    Ianthe was such a neat lady — such a kind, sweet heart and so eager to learn! I wish every student could be like her — with an open mind and heart and willing to try new things outside of her comfort zone! Whenever I teach a class, I end up learning so much from the students — and I come back exhilarated and ready to experiment and try new and different things. This year’s QHC show was not exception. I’m already thinking ahead to next year’s classes and a new mystery quilt….

  9. Hello, maybe you can help me. I have been trying to find the pattern for the Ooh La La Corset quilt. My understanding it was in the Feb. 2008 Issue of McCall’s Quilting Magazine. I’ve called McCall’s and they told me that they don’t have and records of it.
    Can someone please help me.

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