P1000403It is raining today. A lovely, soft, summer rain. The house is quiet except for the calming piano music I have playing in the background. The kitties are napping. My faithful little dog, Divot, is lying at my feet. It is serene. It is peaceful.

While I typically love bright blue skies and sunshine, the overcast, gray light filtering into my studio suits me just fine today. It has been a non-stop, whirlwind summer full of traveling, being on the go and accomplishing so much. So the calmness, the quiet, this time for reflecting is just what I need.


My husband, son and I just returned from a wonderful cruise to Alaska where I taught classes for Quilt Seminars at Sea. We enjoyed ourselves immensely. The weather wasn’t as nice as our previous two trips to Alaska. In fact it was cloudy, overcast, and sometimes rainy on this trip. Rather than be dismayed by lack of brilliant sunshine and warm temperatures, I embraced the grays. The pewter colors. Blues. The mossy greens. The occasional “pop” of unexpected color. And all the lovely hues in between. There is beauty in all circumstances. And it is a daily choice we must make to see the beauty through the clouds.

During my quiet times on the cruise ship, I reflected on these things. A lot.








a misty mountains in juneau


I remind myself that there is not only beauty through clouds but peace and calmness of spirit and mind even amidst busyness and hectic times. But we must choose it.

And that’s what I’m reflecting on today. How about you?



  1. Having a day to reflect on the beauty all around us is a blessing in itself. Enjoy and refresh.

  2. this is so beautiful! I dont have a lot of time to sit in a quiet home ,have small kids …thank god there is quilting were I can enjoy a few moments and forget the mess they make 🙂 xx

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