Sashiko stitches by Machine? You betcha!

UPDATE! If you missed the Facebook LIVE event today, you can watch the video by CLICKING HERE. 

Have you been following along on the Facebook Janome Sewing Machines and Janome Sewing Classroom pages? If not, you’re missing out on so many fabulous FREE classes and tutorials! Since early April, when stay at home orders were issued for most of the US, the talented Janome educators and I have been producing LIVE events to share tricks, tips and tons of techniques to help you learn to use your Janome machines and all the amazing features and presser feet which are available!

This coming Monday, July 20th, at 3pm EST, I’ll be sharing another FREE LIVE event on the Janome Sewing Machines Facebook page. Join me to learn how to do Sashiko stitches by machine!!! I’ll also have a fast and fun DONE BEFORE DINNER project to share where you’ll be able to practice those Sashiko stitches to create a cute little candle mat — perfect for your home or for a quick gift for someone special!

So mark your calendars and set your alarms to join me and Cheeto in my studio this coming Monday. See you there!

  1. You folks do a great job!

  2. Would I have that on my Horizons 8900 pqc

    • Yes, there is a special stitch on your machine that can be manipulated to look like a Sashiko stitch! So join me on Monday and I’ll give you tips on how to make these adjustments on your machine!

  3. I am setting my alarm

  4. My alarm is set. Cheeto is smiling.

  5. I just quilted my daughter’s quilt on my Janome 15000 with the Japanese Sashiko design! It turned out beautiful, but I would not recommend it again for a quilt because the machine actually makes THREE rounds over each stitch and it really is a lot of thread and stitching. But a small project would be gorgeous! I would love to post a photo of this finished quilt, but I don’t see a link for that?

    • Great information to know, Karen! Thank you for sharing. Unfortunately, WordPress does not allow for photos to be posted in the comments section here on my website. But if you are on Facebook, I hope you’ll share a photo of your daughter’s quilt on your page and tag me! I’d love to see it!

      • Kimberly, I have the Janome 15000 and I stay so confused about thread. My dealer tells me not to worry about the thread, but should I always use the Janome bobbin thread for embroidery, or can I use any thread? Also, what brand is best for this machine for embroidery? I think that is my biggest obstacle to getting the best results to my embroidery. Thanks!

        • Hi Karen –

          Wow — there is just SO much to learn about needles and thread, but you’re on the right track simply by asking questions! I’ve been embroidering all day with my 15000; I LOVE it for embroidery! You will too. Let’s see if I can help.
          I buy prewound bobbins for embroidery. I prefer prewound cotton bobbins of 60wt thread, but you can also use polyester. BEST results would be to use 60wt thread in the bobbin. Thread any heavier than 60wt (such as 50wt or 40wt) will NOT give you the best results. I love Sulky embroidery thread — RAYON. Check out the Sulky website and see what all they have. There are other good brands (and some NOT so good!) but start with Sulky. You can ask your dealer about these threads and it’s great to support your local shops first. BUT if they don’t carry them, look for online sources. I prefer Rayon thread to Polyester. I’m sure other teachers and perhaps your friends will tell you that Polyester thread works just as well. But for me, personally, I get the BEST results with Rayon thread. If you can find a set of Sulky Rayon threads, that’s the way to go I think. Check out this link as a starting point:
          And don’t forget stabilizer! It is the least glamorous part of embroidery and probably the MOST important. You almost cannot OVER stabilize! You should use a tear away stabilizer for anything fabric or fiber that does not have stretch and a permanent or cut-away stabilizer for any fabric that is stretchy. Hope this helps – and remember to HAVE FUN.

          • Kimberly, I am so distraught. When I bought my 15000 in October 2019 I was beyond excited. I wanted to quilt my own quilts using the quilting hoop. But, the day my dealer brought. my machine to set it up for me, the bobbin holder jumped out of place, on the first sewing and broke the needle and froze up the machine. He took it back and ordered me a new one. I’ve had this one 9 months and it has been in the repair more than in my house. Every time I try to embroider, the bobbin holder jumps out of place, then breaks the needle and freezes up the machine! The dealer says it’s fixed and it just keeps doing it! I have not gotten to enjoy this machine at all! I got it back yesterday for the first time in a month, and I set it up to embroider a llama design and it embroidered OK for about 3/4 of the design than all of a sudden the bobbin made a clanking sound, the machine stopped, the needle broke and the machine froze up. Today my dealer has gotten approved from Janome to replace it YET AGAIN. But, now, after reading some forums about this, I am very leary of getting another one. It seems this bobbin jumping is a problem and some people say Janome has known about it for 4 years! Many other people seem to be very upset and frustrated about it. My warranty is up in October on the second machine. I’m afraid that they will not warranty this new one for another year. Have you ever had this problem with your machine? I really love the things this machine is supposed to do, but so far it hasn’t done them for me. I just spend $600 on a new heavy table thinking that would help, that maybe my table wasn’t stable enough. But, that did not help either. Thanks.

  6. Why was my comment deleted?

    • It wasn’t deleted, Karen, but I read through and approve all comments before they post directly to the site. You will see your previous comment posted.

  7. could you please include instructions on how to access the facebook classes? I really wanted to watch the Sachiko class but I am not very computer literate. Is it too late?

  8. Where can I watch a rebroadcast of this class? I didn’t read my email the last few days and I missed this class. I am so interested in this too ! Darn it …

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