Setting the record straight

A few things have happened on social media recently which have concerned me and rather than lose another night’s sleep over them, I think it best to openly address those issues here. 

A few days ago, I happened to come across all four of our kitties on top of our formal dining table all at the same time. It was so unusual to have all four of them together that I grabbed my phone, snapped the photo and posted it to Facebook. I was just so tickled to get the photo of them all in one place, it didn’t occur to me some folks would not take kindly to this. This led to several FB “friends” openly shaming me — which I do not appreciate in the least. 

First of all, allow me to set the record straight. That particular dining table is not a table where we normally eat; it is used only for special occasions, for game playing, or Thanksgiving dinner. And the table cloth on the table is washed regularly (several times a week) and is for the purpose of protecting our solid oak, Amish-made dining table from scratches and wear. There’s also a custom table pad underneath it — or any table cloth at all times. We have another room with a different table where we eat our meals and although I don’t owe anyone an explanation, we don’t allow the cats on that table. Plus, anyone who is a true friend or who knows me personally knows I’m a complete neat freak and keep an immaculate home free from dirt, dust, and clutter. This shaming, on my post where I was sharing the love and joy of four kitties who are our family members, upset me to the point where I finally deleted the post. In hindsight, I should have simply and quietly unfriended the people who did the shaming. 

I also posted an honest review of Janome’s Continental M7 sewing machine the other day. Most folks were kind and wrote lovely comments but there were a few who questioned my motives or inferred I might have an ulterior motive. I would like to set the record straight. I am not actually a Janome employee. Yes, I do represent them as their National Spokesperson for which I am sincerely and humbly honored. This title is something I cherish and work very hard to ensure I continually represent the company with dignity and honor. I want them to be as proud of me as I am of them and all they stand for. They did not ask me to write and post the review of this sewing machine nor was I compensated monetarily for writing it. My integrity is exceedingly important to me. I will never endorse or promote anything I do not truly believe in. In this day and age, a man or woman’s word may not seem to be worth as much as it once was. But that’s not how I was raised and that’s not who I am. My word is everything to me and I stand by everything I do, say or write. Always. Every word I wrote in my review is genuinely how I feel for this sewing machine. And I believe anyone who spends any amount of time sewing on an M7 would agree with me. Period. 

These two incidences have caused me to step back and evaluate. Normally, I can let things roll off me like water off a duck’s back. I don’t engage in slander or pot-stirring, or putting anyone or anything down on social media. EVER. But this time? I feel the need to stand up and speak out about these two recent events. I will continue to post things which bring me joy in hopes of sharing a smile, a giggle, or inspiration with you. Those things include my family, our pets, quilts, sunsets, and flowers. If you don’t agree, simply scroll on by or unfriend me. But to post shaming comments? They are not welcome. 

Thank you for your understanding. 

  1. Well said…it is no ones business where your kitties go. Personally I thought the picture was adorable. I know you are an honest caring person. Big hugs.

    • Oh how sad for those who thought they needed to speak out negatively! They need something or someone to show them ways to think better of themselves so they do not feel a need to act the way they did. I feel sorry for people like that.

      Please *do* let the water roll off your back! You have nothing to feel bad for, guilty for, shameful for sharing, or anything else but happy and joyful! You rock! And I loved the pic of the kitties! Absolutely the best little ones to love on and enjoy. Please put the picture back on your wall! Hugs to you!!

  2. Hooray for you & those of us that value your friendship on these socials!
    You are filled with integrity and happiness from cats is something I miss in my life! I live through YOU!

  3. Love your kitties. Thanks for all you do!!

  4. Very well said Kimberly. I saw the shaming, nasty post and was appalled and very upset for you. I prayed for you and continue to do so. Please know that there are many (myself included) that have your back and truly love you. Be well my friend. Hugs and Prayers sent ???

  5. Oh my, Kimberly. I’m so sorry that someone would do that. I missed seeing the kitties but read all about the sewing machine and enjoyed it. I’ve never seen one so was nice to hear about it. Please don’t let a few people like that upset you so. There are thousands of us out here who appreciate you.

  6. I was taught to stop and think before speaking, and that goes double for posting comments online! You had nothing to apologize for, and if anyone had issues with your decisions, the proper way to air them would be one-on-one, privately, as a friend, not in the public forum! It amazes and distresses me that everyone seems so ready to judge everyone else thee days, usually without knowing all of the facts. You are a kind and generous woman who shares your life and your talent freely with others, and I for one have benefited from your willingness to do just that. Please don’t let these folks get to you. Scroll past their foolishness just as they should have scrolled past your photo and post if they found them in some way wanting. Most of us love your cats, and spend plenty of time chasing our own cats off of our own tables! As for your opinion of the M7, thank you for sharing! I have one, too, and am still trying to bring my own skills up to where I can make the most of it. Your videos have helped me do that. Be well, and know you are admired, respected, and appreciated. Period.

  7. Well written. I loved your picture. It is fun to see all of them together.

  8. Those of who follow you regularly know that you love your kitties and frequently post cute pics of their antics. Those who shamed you have no understanding of family love of our pets nor should they be questioning how you live and love. As far as those that question your integrity, jealousy is a motivating factor in their thinking. Frankly, it’s none of their business anyway. Stay true to yourself. You got this and we have your back.

  9. Hear, hear!! Well written and thought out.

  10. I am so sorry this happened to you. Your home your rules. You fur babies are free to roam and explore. Your opinion on a sewing machine is just that your opinion. I have opinions on the machines that I use. This does not make us bad people. You have a kind heart. Don’t change who you are. Hit the delete button. LOL

  11. Kimberley, I am so sorry this has happened to you. You are a kind and generous teacher and FB friend who has graciously chosen to open your virtual door and share your family and home with us. Your photos of your fur babies are always welcome and appreciated. Your posts are a light in a dark time and I love and appreciate your enthusiasm in everything you do. Please don’t let the haters stop you from being who you are.

  12. Oh, Kimberley, I am so sorry to hear what you have been through. I know you to be a kind, generous, thoughtful person. Sadly in this time of being able to say anything and face no consequences has made bully’s or those who are nasty feel they can say anything.
    Be proud of yourself and who you are. You are a wonderful person and are worthy of all the support that those of us who can call you a friend.
    Karen – a friend from the near north

  13. TY for addressing these issues SINCE they bothered you. Yes Kimberly Einmo, you are a woman of your word & a woman of integrity. If you read my posts, I realize you are a busy woman, I am now terminally ill with cancer. I enjoy seeing your pets – in your sewing room or on Dining Table – so please continue to put a smile on my face. Continue your posts of CA scenery & sunshine as I won’t be able to travel there again. And…post your quilts as my sewing is now limited to each day’s strength. You are who God created you to be; not who others expect you to be. God Bless You ❤️

    • There are just some people who have to give their negative opinions no matter what the subject.
      If a blogger presents a behavior that I find hard to accept, I stop reading. I don’t see it as my job to push my opinions on them as I could be wrong.
      Missed the photo but appreciated the depth of your Janome review.

  14. Oh Kimberly, how upsetting those comments must have been. They reflect poorly on the people who made them. Please keep sharing your honest opinions and your photos as you stay true to yourself because that’s the woman I admire.

  15. So sorry you had to ‘set the record straight. Some people can just be so petty and for what ever reason….think their opinions matter. You keep being the beautiful person you are. I love those kitty pictures…and am a long time Janome fan…keep a smile on your pretty face!

  16. Well said! Even though you shouldn’t have to explain yourself! I loved the pic and thought nothing of it, sad that people today have nothing better to do but be negative Nancy’s. Keep doing you! You have a beautiful family and soul! ❤?

  17. Bravo to you! Love your classy response. I will be honest – I’m not a cat person (more of a dog person) but I LOVED that way cute photo of your kitty family all together! Keep them coming!!!

  18. Your integrity is your hallmark, and you are truthful, honest and generous to a fault. When someone is posting an opinion to social media, it can unfortunately make them an open target, and when, like you, you wear your heart on your sleeve, people seem to think they have the right to take advantage of you. What you do in your home is your business, and I too was appalled at the viciousness of some of the responses to seeing your beautiful cats on your table. I must admit it’s not something I would do, but it’s your business entirely what you do. I’m so very, very sorry you felt the need to take down the post, but I definitely understand. I would have too, and I would have cried too, at such very nasty responses. They were absolutely vicious, and completely unnecessary. I think most of us, particularly your real friends, know you well enough to know your word is absolutely your word.

    Trust, honesty, integrity. If ever those three words could sum up a person, it would be you. We loves ya Kimberly, so chin up kiddo and don’t let em get you down. ??

  19. Thank you for posting about your feelings. I think “social media” has caused great numbers of people to be unsocial. I can’t imagine them saying hurtful thinks like that to your face and under the guise of anonymity, can get away with it. This world has become a hurtful place. I love your kitties. Your experience with the machines only helps those who care to listen and learn from your knowledge.

  20. You’ve got my support. I thoroughly enjoyed both of those posts. People who engage in shaming are truly saying more about themselves than they are about the person they’re trying to shame. You did absolutely nothing to be shamed about and they need to find more important things to worry about in their lives.

  21. Kimberly
    I for one know that you are the most caring person I know. You love your kitties and your pup. I so enjoy seeing the pictures you post as they show your love for them. You are always sincere and loving. Don’t let the negative speakers. (easier said than done I know). Please keep posting pets, sunsets and flowers as they radiate your inner being. Blessings.

  22. I love cats and I love your cat pictures. You can let your cats walk /lay on anything you want and it’s nobody’s business. All this negativity and bashing is what is wrong with today’s society. I don’t usually comment on any negative but it just pisses me off you felt you had to write the above. Ok I’m done venting.

  23. I’m so sorry those people were so awful to you. I love your cat photos and didn’t even notice the table. I noticed those responses, though. Many people are just mean these days. They are without manners. My cats are on my table. I could explain, but I know you won’t judge even without an explanation. Much love to you and try not to mind those folks too much. They are just rude and, unfortunately, never learned to be better. Love to you, your family, and the four kitties!

  24. Love your cats and your stories. I appreciate that you share your life and your quilting journey. Thanks for all you do to celebrate quilting and quilters. Take care and enjoy those kitties. Warmest regards, Anna

  25. I appreciate you opening your life and sharing your opinions on social media. I would never have the courage to do that. This last pet video gave me great joy and I encourage you to continue. And please do unfriend the nasties. Life is too short to entertain that kind of negativity in your world and I personally block them to not honor the drama they are trying to invoke.

  26. Amen to your post. I hope you continue to post things and pictures that make you happy. I life to see and read things that bring people joy.

  27. I loved the picture of your kitties!! And mine do get on table that we do not eat on either!
    I love all your post and some people never leaned the if you don’t have something nice to say keep your mouth shut!
    Thanks for your post and sharing your wonderful life with us!!

  28. Dear Kim,
    People these days do not care what they say! You are a wzrm hearted, generous, outstanding quilter and person! Do not let anybody say otherwise.
    It is a tough job keeping kittens off of counters and tables when they are young. It is a joy to have kittens and cats!
    I so enjoy all your quilts and your generous help and classes. Your comments and review of the M7 was wonderful and Janome is very lucky to have you! Please continue being who you are! We l8ve you!

  29. I’m sorry that you even had to address such comments . It’s a strange time in the universe and too many people are unhappy and have nothing better to do than talk smack about a beautiful person. Stay strong – you are appreciated !

  30. I loved the kitty photos. I know who you are. You are kind, generous, funny, helpful and always well intentioned. I hope you can keep focusing on those strengths and blessings. I also love that your compassion and caring compelled you to write this post. But seriously. You are good and enough as you are. ?

  31. Mothers have stopped teaching their children how to speak kindly. What is appropriate to say.
    I am so sorry, you are obviously a kind person so it is hard not to take this to heart.
    Know they are few.
    The majority just love you.

  32. I love the kitties! That was a great picture!

  33. Kimberly, please know that your posts are always welcome! I’m so sorry that you lost sleep and were made to feel badly about sharing “you”. Why people think their nasty comments are welcome anywhere is beyond my comprehension. But, unfortunately, that’s the world in which we live. Social media provides us with much information and sharing of ideas. The negative side, which is becoming more and more prevalent, seems to be people who think they can say anything and not hurt anyone in the process. Pretty sure most people wouldn’t say nasty things in person…at least I hope not. Please don’t stop sharing and caring…and just unfriend those who are not kind.

  34. Thank you for sharing but I’m sorry that these situations arose in the first place. Thank you for being you (and posting kittens). I missed your Janome review. I will have to look for it. Please take care of yourself during these unruly time. I have become quite adept at block and delete.

  35. Good for you- though any of us who know you or have taken a class from you don’t feel like you owe us an explanation. Shame on people for criticizing you or questioning your integrity.
    I’m sorry you had to deal with this.

  36. It never is a surprise to me how people react to things. I think your posts and your animals are wonderful!

  37. Well said and bravo for you for sticking up for yourself. It’s time that we all start standing up to the social media shaming. We don’t tolerate bullying of our children, why is bullying and shaming becoming more and more prevalent among adults??

  38. Proud of you for standing up for yourself. It is important. People should e happy the kitties are safe and have such a loving home.

    As for m7 review I don’t understand that either. You are a spokesperson so naturally you love the machines.

    Keep being the person you are. Haters unfortunately will always be around

  39. Thank you for expressing your thoughts on this matter.
    I love seeing your posts, your pictures and teaching us. I am a true blue Janome user and what you show for the M7 I can use most on my 15000.
    Keep doing what you are doing.
    Many kudos for speaking out.

  40. I am so sad and sorry that you had to endure such hatefulness over such an adorable photograph. I thought it was purrfectly wonderful. Hateful words on social media are so uncalled for. The very idea that you had to address this hurts my heart. And I read every word of your review because I have all Janome machines and I would love to upgrade. Keep doing what you are doing and shed yourself of those who judge and blame…………

  41. I’m so sorry you had to address this. I thought the photo was adorable. Anyone with cats knows they kinda go where they want. I love your posts, your kitties, your openness and your integrity.

  42. Shame on them! You have the best cats in the world and I am very partial to Cheeto!

  43. I certainly hope your sleeping better with that off your mind. It was well said and from the heart. Unfortunately some people think fb groups etc are just for them to fluff their feathers. MOST of us are here to learn, and enjoy other people who share our interests.

    You’re an excellent instructor. Obviously a great housekeeper (my sewing room NEVER looks like yours. You love and share your pets with someone like me whos lost her friend, and is now too old to ensure I’ll be here long enough to care for a new puppy properly.

    You deserve better. I love your classes (when I can find them and my glasses). Keep up the good work you are needed.

  44. You know jealousy rears it’s ugly head in many ways. Nasty or snide comments are some of those ways. So is ignorance. In my eyes you, Mr. Kim, your kitties and pups are helping bring smiles to many, including me. I look forward to seeing the latest fur baby shenanigans. Stay safe and blessed be.

  45. Well said!! People can be so darn mean. Just keep on doing what you do. Keep the posts & photos coming!!

  46. Your posts are wonderful and an inspiration. Unfortunately there are just too many people out there who are so unhappy with themselves and their lives that they feel the need to be hurtful to others. Please do not let this affect you. Please just laugh and say, “It takes all kinds” because, unfortunately,it does. The sewing world is so enriched by you that you shouldn’t think of this again. I know it’s difficult not to let these things hurt, I’ve been there. But you really have to be sad for these people and let yourself laugh at this crazy world.

  47. So well said. The internet has brought out so many ugly people. You do not need to apologize. It’s your life. I always enjoy your pictures and your Janome expertise is so helpful. Keep doing you!!!

  48. You know Kimberly, you don’t owe anyone an explanation. I have seen instances of shaming someone on social media when an individual doesn’t know all the facts or worse, doesn’t understand the circumstances of a particular situation.

    Those of us who know and care for you don’t need explanations or reasons. Because we know you. And those that don’t are missing knowing a remarkable and generous person!

    I read your reviews with interest knowing you are giving an honest opinion of a machine or product. It just means that I trust you enough to believe you have the integrity to tell the truth in an open, honest and non judgmental manner. I have never known you to be malicious. I truly believe you tell it like it is. But you are always kind and helpful.

    I hope you can put the negativity behind you, realize that you are admired by many, and that your actions don’t need to be justified. And your kitties are the luckiest kitties ever!!!

    Blessings from your “First Groupie”…..Brenda

  49. There seems to be alot of shaming going around, I for one appreciate your posts, your friendliness and openness, please don’t listen to other people just like to criticize and put people down, thank you for being you

  50. They surely don’t have house cats! They are the cleanest pets in the world! As for the comments about you motives regarding the M7, sounds like they are ignorant of the fact that as Janome spokesperson that is your job! Delete and block! The two most effective tools on social media. Even if they are family! Delete and block! Take control of your posts!

  51. I won’t use a lot of flowery words and compliments. I will just say, I think you are great, I look forward to everything you write about, and the pictures you post. I have never doubted your honesty.

  52. My dear Kimberly, I feel so sorry for the people who never learned two important lessons. 1. If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. And 2. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
    Your response was both classy and sincere. My best to you and Kent, ALWAYS!

  53. Oh my, I missed the post. You have no idea how it endears you to my heart that you love your kitties so much. I find that it is the most unhappy people that act so rude. I volunteer at my County Shelter where one can see it all. I do believe that we can have insight to a person by the way they treat animals. I can see the genuine person you are just watching you interact with Cheeto. Know that you are appreciated.

  54. I am sorry to hear that Kimberly, You always make me smile at your posts and I love reading them and seeing the pictures. Please continue to post them and NEVER let anyone make you feel you were wrong for what you do. That was very rude on their part to say anything. It’s your house and your table. I am considering buying an M7 because of your wonderful posts. There are more of us who love you and will continue to follow you. It’s sad that some people have nothing better to do than try to bring others down.
    Please don’t let that worry you for another minute!!!!
    Keep on being the amazing person you are!!!

  55. Honey, if you want to eat with kitties on the table, that is no ones business but yours. And I personally am not a real cat lover but I absolutely adore and look forward to pictures of that adorable Cheeto lounging on your M7
    And re: that review, I thought it was a wonderful review. I’ve had mine since February and I cannot think of one negative thing to say about it.
    I think this country is loosing its mind with all the negativity and just plain nastiness. I read your blog because it always brings a smile to my face.
    Try not to ket the turkeys get you down!

  56. Love you Kim! Hang in there! Some people get on social media and lose all sense of civility. It’s sad.

  57. My heart breaks with this: not only for you but all of us. Social media brings people into our lives like never before. If we choose to open it to others ‘just be respectful, polite and open minded. If something upsets you please leave : the person inviting has not MADE you come in: you choose to, then choose to leave.
    I’ve followed you for quite a few years now: (I get perfect points because of you) & sister if someone is attacking you they’re attacking me.
    Don’t change plllllllease

  58. I love your posts one and all. Some people can only feel good about themselves if they can put others in a bad light. They are not worth the heartache you are feeling. I have been following you for a number of years and can tell that you are a warm and caring person. I love hearing about your family and your pet family. Be kind to yourself.


  59. You always brighten my day with your beautiful pictures and words. Please keep them coming. I find it helps me when I pray for the people who attack others. God’s peace is a wonderful thing.

  60. You don’t owe anyone an explanation, just keep on being you and delete the anchors in your life.

  61. I am appalled that people should chastise about your kittens on a table no matter what it is used for that is a shame you can’t enjoy your pets plus tables are cleaned and taken care of frequently. Sorry you were upset

  62. Oh, Kim,
    Thank you for the gifts of your joy, love, and creativity. Thank you for who you are and your hope that we will all learn. Kitties on the table? Absolutely! An occasional dog on the bed, yup. Unfriend anyone who tries to take your courage away from you. No pie for them, Kim. NO PIE!

  63. Dear Kimberly
    I am not a cat person ( they scare me! Yes I know it is stupid but….!)but I en joy every post with them ! I often laugh and show the pictures to Joseph ! You take a picture of the cats on the table ,so what???? It is your house and as I stayed once in your house I know that it is perfectly clean ! I am tired of bad comments on the web or anywhere else! My uncle died in July and as we where taking care of him ,(giving him lunch,diner) we have been accused to kill him! This has been a chock for Joseph and me even if nobody else proposed to help us!!
    I know it is difficult not to listen to bad people but you don’t deserve any of these ! I know how you are generous and a good person!!
    Love you

  64. Hi Kimberly, I’m so sorry you have been attacked by ignorant people. Please know that there are many of us who care and admire you for your kindness, generosity and honesty by sharing your knowledge with all of us. You are an awesome person and I feel so lucky to learn from you. I always look forward to watching your videos and seeing pictures of your kitties (Cheeto) helping you through the projects. Wishing you peace and happiness, Sandra

  65. Hi Kimberly

    Dang I missed your photos of your fur babies, I am sure they were lovely.

    It sounds like the “Keyboard Warriors” have been at it again !!! It never ceases to amaze me how people feel entitled to make comments on Facebook that they would never have the nerve or courage to say to someone’s face, If they didn’t like or agree with what you were saying why did they read it and not just skip over it?

    Please do not let the Keyboard Warriors prevent you from being you, remember you only have to answer to yourself, (well maybe Mr Kim and Cheeto too ?) so, continue to:

    Post pictures of what makes you happy, sad etc – true friends will appreciate them and feel your emotions

    Give you honest opinions on products – anyone who knows you will know they are based on your true experience and feeling about the product and not for personal gain. – indeed I have recently added a few items to my own sewing room based on your comments on them as I trust your honesty and integrity and have been delighted with all of them.

    If someone makes a comment you feel unjustified or upsetting on your facebook page instead of contacting you by messenger to discuss it in private, then just like you would in “real life” friendships decide if they are a person you really want to be friends with and if not press that button and unfriend them. Facebook friends are no different to real life – we meet lots of people who want to be our friends and who we decide to give the opportunity to but we also reserve the right to unfriend those who down the line choose to abuse that privilege

    I have personal experience of you kindness and integrity and feel all the richer for being able to call you my friend.

    Big hugs to you, Mr Kim and Cheeto


  66. I can believe people would have said anything negative about your beautiful fur babies. Apparently they have never owned kittens.
    I think you and your wonderful husband are fantastic people.
    Hope to meet you in person someday.
    Keep up the awesome wirk!

  67. God bless you! Look up the scripture, John 10:10.

  68. Well what can I say – well done. Calling the elephant out and saying it’s not acceptable behavior is the only way civility will resurface.
    Your work with janome is utmost wonderful. Because of you I revisited Janome and well (miss enabler ? I say lovingly) I purchased one lol! And I appreciate your candid review of the machine. It’s wonderful. You are an inspiration.
    Now, as an animal lover and understand kitties- too cute!!! You should see what my gang does. Would have those shamers twisting in their graves lol! But you know what- it’s their home too not the shamers.
    So sad that people feel the need to shame one another. Well let us lift you and thank you.

  69. Kimberly, I am SO sorry this happened to you. Facebook is a mean place sometimes. I loved your picture (also have 4 cats and usually one or the other is on a table somewhere). I so enjoy all of your classes and follow your blog as well. I viewed your review of the machine as well and thought it was honest and well thought out as well. Hope you can ignore the grumpie people and just know the rest of us love you!!

  70. So sorry this happened to you. Please keep your photos of your critters coming. They are the cutest!!
    Also thanks for sharing videos on sewing machine. I learn something new by watching. Thank you for being a loving , sharing and caring person!

    People can be so cruel on social media. Please ignore them.

  71. I understood how happy you were to see all 4 in one place – I had 4 cats at one time and they co-existed in separate areas of the house of their own choosing. Our society has forgotten the Golden Rule – I’m guessing that social media feels remote enough to some that they feel they can say anything they want. It’s good that you called them out, shame on them. You didn’t owe anyone any explanation about the cats, and your clarification about your Janome connection was excellent. Put your smile back on girlfriend, you are loved and respected by many. Hugs!!

  72. I saw the picture, thought you were showing off your cats, did not think you placed them there to pose (animals will do their own thing anyway), and left it at that. I no longer have animals in the house, but do not care what other people do in their castles.
    Enjoy your cats.

  73. Your house, your rules. You know I have cats so that with that being said, I wash everything in the kitchen before cooking or baking. When you rescue an animal, they need to feel secure in the house and like you said, getting 4 of them in one spot for photo is amazing. Now with machines, everyone has their favorite machine, thread, fabric, quilt style. Again, it’s your house, your machine. I think everyone needs to take a Negative vibe out of their wheel house and put in a Positive Vibe :PosiVibes: on their page.

  74. Your blog, your Timeline, your life, you get to write about anything you like. If someone comments something that is hurtful, speak to them if they are personal friends, someone you care about. Clear the air. If they are “virtual friends”, unfriend them immediately, no muss, no fuss, no explaining. Poof, they are gone. No one needs such negativity in their life, least of all YOU, sweet friend.

  75. Hugs to you Kim! Step over people who don’t have enough going on in their life that they would need to leave a comment about cats on a table.

    When I ran my business I too was very open and honest about what I was reviewing and why. I worked from my heart and my integrity was everything to me. Providing information from reliable sources is priceless for consumers of quilting goods. We all depend on one another to be honest and share our experiences. Be proud of who you continue to be and stand for your right to speak your mind even when others would cast shadows….step back into the light. XOXO

  76. So sorry to had to read and experience that. You are so sweet and your fur babies are adorable!just delete and move on!

  77. I loved that pic of the kitties! Don’t let the trolls get to you! Unfriend them & move on
    So much hate these days, I’ve become very “picky” about my friends on here. Everyone has a right to their opinion, but that doesn’t mean they have to share it.
    Keep being you! ❤️

  78. Kimberly, I have loved your enthusiasm for your quilting and family since the first class I took on line of yours. I realized you are part of the our proud military family (I am retired AF) which only families that serve, get that bond. I know too that there are always going to be those who try to fault all things, with negativity and social media just magnifies that a lot. I pray for those whose life and experiences have lead them down such a disgruntled path. You have nothing to explain regarding cats or reviews, those of us that follow you; know your authenticity.

  79. I can’t believe the horrible way people act sometimes! So sorry you had this happen to you! I love your babies!

  80. Well I need to get on your Facebook page as I missed your cat post. Sharing the unusual and fun stuff in our lives is how we can stay connected. Feeling like we are on the defense is quite unnerving and takes the joy out of our lives. Sorry you had to experience this… Maybe it is the times we are in when some people are more cynical and unhappy. I wish you well. I will look for you on Facebook.

  81. Love me, love my dog (cats)! With a Golden Retriever sharing our house, dog hair is a condiment! Enjoy your fur babies. Keep sharing pictures and stories. I enjoy all your blogs and appreciate the kind response I got from you when I posted a picture of a quilt I had made from your pattern!

  82. Kimberly having known you for many years, I’m sorry that you had this happen, its unfortunate that these few people haven’t had the pleasure of really knowing you in person. You are indeed a kind and very generous person. As is Mr. Kim. I chalk it up to on their part “The Year 2020”. Maybe one day they will get a chance to meet you and reflect on their behavior. If not just unfriend them.

    P.S. Janome is lucky to have you as a representative. I love my 4950 (just about a year old now) and would have gotten the M7 but my husband just redid the tabletop on my old Janome 6600 table to accommodate the 4950. But I have three friends who got the M7 and love it.

  83. Hi Kimberly. I’m sorry people have to be so critical. .it really is none of their business. I am sorry that. I didn’t get to take a class with you this year at Vermont always a great time..and i wish i had seen the cats on the table. I’m sure it was a cute picture. I especially love Cheeto. Maureen mullen

  84. We have 5 cats and they have the same privileges as we do. My husband is a scholar, a Methodist minister since he was 17, is now 84, and says “you can’t argue with neurotics.” There’s something very wrong with people who don’t love and spoil animals, especially kitties! Unhappy crabby folks.

  85. Well said Kimberly although I agree that you owed no one an explanation! For the record, my cat does occasionally jump on the table we eat on as is the nature of cats. I thought nothing of it and thought your picture was adorable. I have yet to read your M7 review and am excited to do so as I love Janome machines and always like to see others who do as well.

    I think you are a wonderful spokesperson for Janome and represent the brand beautifully! Please continue to be your happy encouraging self and know you are well loved by many!! Hugs!!

  86. Well stated. If it were me, next time I would just delete the shaming and unfriendly the people. Life is too short.

  87. I am so very sorry this happened to you. I know this must have upset you terribly. You are a very clear, honest, and forthright person. Please don’t let a few dumb, insensitive folks steal your joy or steal you from us who so appreciate you! You do Kimberly Einmo well and don’t let a few inconsiderate, rude, jealous folks take you away from your fans. Their comments are a reflection of their own unhappiness and are no hinderance nor consideration to us who have been following you.

  88. Kimberly, I am so sorry that these rude people pushed their nasty views onto your post. It is easy to blame the stress of the situation in our country and the world for the horrible posts, insulting comments seen repeatedly on Facebook. I’m just so sorry it has tickled down to your page. I love seeing your posts. Love to see your family: 2 and 4 legged. I remember our time at Ramstein, your fun classes, your giving me stomach aches due to laughing. You are a very kind and warm woman. Truly appreciated by your true friends and fans on Facebook.

  89. I’m sad this happened to you. I don’t know you personally, but I’ve taken your craftsy classes & watched you on the Janome Facebook group. You are a very genuine person & I love that about you. Don’t let the negative Nancy’s get you down, you are a great & I for one love you!!

  90. I am very disappointed to read about your experience. From everything I know about you, this is very unfair. (I met you in a workshop in Daytona Beach a few years ago.) Please know that you are appreciated for your kind, God-fearing nature by those who have met you, follow your work and know you. We love you and would never shame you.

  91. Dear Kimberly: I missed the kitty post and had no idea that people would choose to respond with any negativity. How petty of them! I am so very sorry to hear about that. And of course I’m sorry I missed the photo op – I KNOW how rare it is to get four animals together in one shot!

    I DID read your review of the Janome machine and I thought it was completely honest and open about the features. Again, I find it disheartening that people would be so unkind as to question your motives! Surely those people don’t know you at all. I know that you have received many comments from your true friends and fans, and I’m just adding my voice in support. You are THE BEST. Keep it up, and yes, unfriend, block, whatever, the naysayers.

  92. I purchased the Janome 9450 this year at the Road to California show. Sadly I have had lots of trouble with it. The lower tension has been very loose, I have taken it in a few times and they have fixed it; unfortunately it just keeps on happening. The bobbin case has been very tricky and I am about to purchase my third case. I watched the utube video and have been ultra careful about placing it correctly. Something goes wrong and the case gets chewed up. I am soooooo frustrated and don’t know what my options are. The nearest Janome dealer is over 2 hours away. Not very convenient! I purchased this machine new, however, it had been used as a class machine for a couple of days during the festival. I just want a machine that works!

    • Hi Jan-

      Oh my goodness; this is NOT how your experience with any Janome machine is supposed to be! I’m so sorry to hear this news. Please, I would like to ask you to reach out to the wonderful folks at Janome Customer Relations. Tell them the whole story, just as you have to me. I’m sure they will be able to help find a solution!

      Their phone number is:



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