Sew…..what have I been up to?


I’ve been working and having fun at the same time recently. Since we returnd home from the Southern Caribbean Cruise, I’ve been busy getting caught up; actually finishing some UFO’s (a major accomplishment for me) and quilting. Oh, what pure bliss! Of course, any time I’m able to spend time at the sewing machine is just happiness all the way up from my toes.

Remember the quick-and-easy BRICKS quilt top I put together from a Hoffman Bali Pop (Candy Cotton colorway) on the cruise while I hung out with the ladies during open sewing sessions?

I knew from the moment I began stitching the blocks that I wanted to quilt it as my “souvenir quilt” of wonderful memories in the Caribbean with Quilt Seminars at Sea. “Bricks” is such a no-fuss pattern designed to show off the fabrics at their best; so I decided to let my machine enhance the design with easy-breezy, complimentary stitching  using movement and flow. I found the perfect stitch:

I choose a beautiful variegated cotton thread and stitched this large, elegant curve centered along every other vertical seam line. 

Then I chose a similar, smaller wavy stitch which echoed the larger stitching on the alternating seam lines.

As you can see, they are very similar stitches — they just vary in width and length.

I added the sleeve and binding yesterday. I simply love how this quilt turned out!

So, what did I do with the few pretty pieces which were leftover after making this quilt you ask? I made a fun little table topper from the leftover 2 1/2″ squares and quilted it using the same small, wavy stitch on the diagonal. Simple. Elegant. EFFECTIVE.

This sweet little quilt was made with someone special in mind. It will be on its way to a lucky recipient this coming week! 😉

Whoops! How did this lovely photo get here? Oh well, just consider it a bonus since y’all are here already.  These pretty posies bloomed this morning in the bushes in front of our house. They weren’t in bloom yesterday. These popped out overnight in all their glory! For all of you readers in cold climates, let this be a harbinger of Spring! Warmer weather is on the way….

Hope you all are well. Why not drop me a comment (I love reading your comments!) and let me know what you’re up to in your sewing rooms these days?

Blessings, everyone!


  1. Wow what a great looking quilt! I love the way you quilted it. I agree, it looks perfect. What backing did you choose?

    I’m quilting a lap quilt on my new sewing machine. Finished the stitch in the ditch tonight and started on free motion. I love doing free motion on this machine! The stitches are so even. Once I get the binding on I have a few wallhangings to make and then I’ve gotta cut fabric for my cruise quilting project I’m taking along.

    I’ve been asked to teach a class on fabric bowl making to the guild in September – you should come! Not sure which Saturday it will be yet.

  2. I just love those Bali Pops. I have been eyeing a few for quite a while, with that Cotton Candy being on top of the list. Although you can get a sense of the colors from looking at the package, there is nothing like seeing the fabrics used in a pattern like Bricks to really show them off. I like that pattern too because it looks like it’s easily expandable.

    Question: did you give the brick placement some thought or was it truely random? I know, “random” for you is still unconciously planned because you have such inate color sense, but I wondered if you laid it out and adjusted placement. The over-all effect is beautiful. Great choice on the stitches too — waves, for the quilt done sailing the waves.

    I am so glad you are sewing again!!!!!

    • Hi Pat! Are you enjoying that beautiful new grandbaby? Kate is just glowing as a new Mom in her photo with the baby…..

      To answer your question, the ONLY consideration I gave to the placement of the fabrics within the blocks was that I did not want any of the same fabric touching itself. And, if truth be told….there IS one spot where the same fabric is next to itself! (Can you spot it? There are two matching rectangles which overlap). Otherwise, it was completely random which was totally LIBERATING when it came to the piecing. I think you need to try it. It is so easy and so F-U-N!

  3. I just love it. I want to try doing one of those at my next retreat next month.
    I had a great time on the cruise, today is the first day I had to do what ever I want to do.(Baby sitting) So I am going up in my sewing room and sew and machine embroidery angels. I belong to an angel group and I got behind on the cruise. So it’s catch up time now.

  4. Hello Kimberley,
    I am so glad for all the nice pictures I found on your Blog. Thank you for the great time I had on the cruise in your class. I loved it.
    Please kontakt me about visiting germany. I see you are in Prag next year.
    I am still dreaming of this exciting trip I had.

    Looking forward hearing from you.
    Take Care

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