Snowflake Stars Virtual Class

Snowflake Stars Quilt

Snowflake Stars by Kimberly Einmo. Quilted by Birgit Schueller

I was privileged to virtually teach an enthusiastic group of quilters this past Saturday on the ZOOM platform. It was an amazing day with so much learning, sharing and interacting across the miles!

There were attendees from all across the USA, including two students joining from Alaska, one from Tenerife, and one from Ireland! There were two sisters in attendance who live over 2000 miles away from each other who took the class to spend time quilting together — all without having to leave their respective homes. There was a sweet young Mom and her beautiful six-year old daughter, plus a friend who has known me since my early teaching days in the early 1990’s. Oh, how I loved seeing and interacting with students and friends I’ve known for years PLUS getting the opportunity to meet so many wonderful new folks, who are now friends, too! There were even some where this was the first virtual event they have attended. It was truly an international and intergenerational affair, and I simply couldn’t have been more delighted (and honored.)

Of course, I couldn’t have done it without Trista Ringer as the moderator. She is so professional and infinitely knowledgeable about the Zoom platform. She was able to answer technical questions and keep everyone on track which gave me the ability to focus on teaching, demonstrating techniques, and answering every question. My sweet husband, affectionately known as Mr. Kim, did an outstanding job with the camera, zooming in with close-up shots and adapting fast on his feet as we went through the day. And, of course, no class in my studio would be complete without the watchful eye and quality control of Cheeto. 

After a full day of being on duty, Cheeto was found snoozing on the job towards the end of the class. But who can blame him?

No one would have ever wished for COVID to happen. But since it has, I feel very fortunate to be moving well into this virtual realm to remain engaged with quilters and friends, to share knowledge and tips and tricks and help them learn from the comfort and convenience of their own studios — at their own sewing machines. 

I’ll definitely be teaching additional classes in the coming months, so be sure to LIKE my Facebook Professional page, Kimberly Einmo Designs, so you’ll receive updates and notifications of my class schedule. 

Thanks to every one of my awesome students this past Saturday. My personal hope and goal was to offer encouragement and try to be be a positive force in a small way to each of them, but it was Kent and me who ended up receiving so many untold blessings from their smiles and kind words! 

I can’t wait until the next Virtual class. You guys ROCK!

  1. It is always fun to take a class with you, Kimberly, even over Zoom, which actually had the advantage of really letting everyone see your super tips and tricks up close! Kent was so wonderful with the camera work, and seeing Cheeto in action was a great treat! It was ALMOST as good as seeing you in person!!! Thanks so much for all your hard work to put together such a super event. Trista was amazing. It was a wonderful event.

  2. Love your classes!

  3. I was so incredibly lucky to have the opportunity of attending this zoom meeting from thousands of miles away on Tenerife.

    As a novice quilter I had never felt confident enough to attempt anything but squares and fairly average pinwheels, but oh my that “Magic Pin” trick you taught had me doing perfect points in no time – worth the cost of the course just for that.

    Your rulers are truly great and made cutting so much easier and your relaxed, patient way of imparting your knowledge made this class so enjoyable.

    Cannot wait for the next zoom class.

  4. I feel pretty sad that I slept through it all…but being in Australia, it was the middle of the night…??? So, reading all the comments from the people who attended, I’m seriously thinking of having an early night and a “pj day” afterwards so that I can join in too. Can I catch up on the first class please?


  5. Kimberly did it again. Reaching out to each person as if they were the only one there. Shortcuts, tips and her beautiful smile and positive personality. I look forward to more of Kimberly in the virtual world.

  6. I love your fabric line and really enjoyed the class, hope to see a mystery quilt come out with using your beautiful fabric line!! Cheeto is such a ham. My cat loves to check out my new fabrics and lie on my machine, too.

  7. Oh my m so sad I missed it because of work! I hope you do it again! I love that quilt! Congratulations on the success and now for many more.

  8. I’m sorry I was not able to join this class. I do hope to be able to take one in the near future as I love your teaching. You are so clear and easy to follow in addition to being kind to all; the best qualities a teacher can have.

  9. I so wanted to join you! But I was actually teaching via Zoom on Saturday myself. I’m a Studio 180 Design Certified Instructor, and I’ve been teaching virtually for about 4 months now. My students love the freedom it gives them – they are in their own sewing rooms with their normal equipment. I’m hoping I can join one of your classes on a future date. Glad to hear it went well.

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