Something fabulous to share….

Hey, y’all. I just have to share this with you:

This photo was sent to me today by a terrific lady named Ellen Ault who wrote the following:

“…I finally finished the Honey Bun Cabins  quilt!  And I must say your Jelly Roll ruler saved a lot of time for many projects!  I pieced the top with Wonderland by Momo [Moda] fabric and let my mom machine quilt it together.  It was a fun project!  Just thought I would share a good quilting result from your book!”

Ellen, thank you so much. I just adore this quilt and love the way you have it displayed on your wall. I really love the little plaque hanging over it:


Thank you for sharing! You made my day….


  1. Wow, what a happy quilt! I love those colors and the quilting. The pattern isn’t bad either (giggle). Ellen is right about the ruler. Other than my Big Un’, which I need for the long cuts, I think that is the most used ruler I own. It’s especially great when breaking down charm squares.

    • You said it, sista! The ruler makes it easy to cut apart charms in a hurry. The more my eyes are going, the more I love using it, too! Thanks for the big plug — I truly appreciate it!

  2. Thanks for sharing! It was fun to make, and pretty easy! I always deem myself as a non-quilter but I am slowly dropping the ‘non’ from my title!
    For those interested, check out my blog to see a strip quilt that I made using Kim’s Jelly Roll Ruler. I swear this shaved HOURS off the quilt! The quilt should be the second entry.


    • Dear Ellen –

      Gosh, you made me blush with all the wonderful things you said about the Jelly Roll Ruler. Thank you, thank you! I checked out your blog and am AMAZED at all the neat and amazing things you’ve made. I especially LOVE the Gonzo quilt! 🙂 Thanks again for sharing.

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